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Peter Mac’s happy snaps #2

We may have sold Peter ‘Mac’ McDonald a bit short in our recent SDS blog Peter Mac’s happy snaps.

We forgot to mention that Mac is an integral part of the Yallingup community.

He is a member of the Yallingup Rural Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade with Ian ‘Mitch’ Mitchell & Kim ‘Dish’ Standish. He is also a member of Yallingup Residents Assoc and clears beach bins and cleans the beach during holiday periods.

So if you have left thongs, jocks or bikini tops on Yallingup Beach, Peter Mac may have your missing apparel!

Photo: 2014 Mac driving the motorised ‘mule’ on cleaning duties at Yallingup Beach. Loz Smith pic.

2014 Peter Mac Yalls Beach mule IMGP3290

Peter Mac also assists Surfing WA with the setting up of beach equipment at major surfing competitions in the south west.

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