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1960s Southern Surf Riders shack story by Dave Simmons

In the 1960-70s Dave Simmons was a talented Cottesloe surfer and a member of the Southern Surf Riders Club.

Dave’s comments & story follows:-

Hi to Sue-Lyn, Pete Bothwell, Barry Day, Barry Young, Artie Sherbs & Boz. I was kindly invited to the last Southern Surf Riders Reunion, but you know me, I kind put my foot in it – typical of me. Tell Artie I ended up getting very disillusioned with the surf scene as it is this days and not long after that reunion I gave it away – never thought I would! That’s up until now. I really must, for my health’s sake get right back into it. Just made myself a 5’10 Ted Spencer ‘spoon’ just like the old days. All this shark business frightens the hell out of me. I’ll have to save up for a Katana Surf Safe shark deterrent.

Photo: 1978 Margaret River Rowing Regatta. Dave Simmons is on the right in printed shirt. Ric Chan pic.

1978 Marg River Regatta Dave Simmons cropped1 - Ric Chan 065

My old buddie Giles Gieger I miss. Giles quite often came around to where Mum, me and Liz were living in Walter St. Claremont for a ride down to the Isolated in my old FJ. I was always practicing Classical Guitar out on the back lawn and Giles would turn up for a cuppa and a chat before we headed off.

I heard a story he’s married a Balinese orchestral violinist or something and that he was an Opal Merchant or something.

Photo: 1970 State Titles at Yallingup L-R unknown, Skullcap, Giles, Rod Slater & Steve ‘Sheepdog’ Cockburn. Ric Chan pic.

1970 Yalls State Titles Skullcap, Giles, Slater & Sheepdog - R Chan img400

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Southern Surf Riders shack

The old Southern Surf Riders Club had a shack at Prevelly in the late 60s. I was staying there with Giles Gieger, Ian ‘Cairnsy’ Cairns, Arty Sherburn and the crew.

Photo: 1966 Southern Surfriders at Halls Head Mandurah. Back: I Cairns, J Collis, P Stephens, D Ellis, J Rousell. Front: G Smith, M Jones, A Cook, J Jones, A Sherburn, E Warner, J Law, M Layzell – Mick Layzell pic

My beautiful picture

Cairnsy and a few of us got a really bad case of Gastro. I think all he was eating was Corn Flakes with no milk for weeks. We all ran out of the cash that our Mum’s gave us. Cairnsy ended up in the Margaret River Hospital, if my memory serves me correctly.

Photo: 1968 Cottesloe Beach L-R John ‘Jacko’ Jackovich, Ian Cairns & Arty Sherburn. Rod Taylor pic.

1968 Cottesloe Beach Jacko Surf Team. Jacko, Ian Cairns & Arty Sherburn - Rod Taylor pic.IMG_001

Anyway one morning, we were laying there moaning out loud like sick dogs. A newly in love couple intending to get married, they must have been friends one of the members or something, decided to make themselves a lover’s breakfast in the midst of the typically disorganised messy squaller inside the shack. Back then, that was par for the course if you were down there to SURF. And to surf … WE WERE.  As the couple began preparing their breakfast, I think it might have been Giles let forth with a huge groan bellowing his detest for the lousy way he felt that morning, as did all of us.

“Arrgggghhhh  F_ _ k !”  Giles groaned.

The young lady turned to Giles and growled very angrily.  “I BEG YOUR PARDON!!!”

Cairnsy replied. “You heard ‘im…., he said   F_ _k.”

Everybody cracked up. Even though about the only laughs we guys were having right about then – were at the ground.

Dave Simmonds.

PS There is another Dave & Giles surf trip story in the pipeline


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