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1960s The Banned Band – Peter Dyson

In the mid 60s Peter ‘Dyso’ Dyson of Dalkeith was a member of the Yallingup Board Club and lead singer in popular Perth band ‘The Banned’.

The Banned band formed in 1965/66 and played at Perth’s top night clubs including Pinocchio’s, Top of Town, Whisky a Go Go and the Top Hat in Northbridge.

These are Peter’s ‘The Banned’ recollections and images.

It started with the Hale School Army Cadet Band. We spent time practising at the Northam Army camp & took our guitars and played pop tunes afterwards. It led to the formation of the ‘Rock n Roll’ band called The Banned.

We used to do School dances, Junior Farmers Balls & Surfers Cabarets.

The Banned was a back-up band for top Perth bands that had won the Battle of the Bands Competition held at The Capitol Theatre in Perth. E.g. Johnny Young and the Strangers.

Image: The Banned 1965 line-up. Image courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1965 The Banned review - PD image IMG_0044

Photo: 1967 The Banned photo shoot L-R Bob Darling, Graham Flintoff, Syd Armanasco, Peter Dyson and Rob Parker. Photo courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1965 The Banned group pic with Peter Dyson - PD pic IMG_0046

Photo: 1967 Peter ‘style master’ Dyson lead vocalist in The Banned decked out in eye catching striped pants. Photo courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1965 The Banned lead singer Peter Dyson - PD pic IMG_0048

Photo: 1966 The Banned in concert with Peter Dyson on lead vocals (2nd from right). Photo courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1965 The Banned on stage - PD pic IMG_0033

Photo: 1966 The Banned performing at school dance. Peter Dyson pic.

L-R Leon Pericles, Bob Darling, Peter Dyson, Syd Armanasco & Bob Parker.

1966 The Banned Band at school dance vocals Peter Dyson - PD pic 0043

Photo: 1966 The Banned social pics (Left) Peter Dyson on vocals. Right (Top) Mike Byrom (Young Blaydes band), Peter Dyson & John ‘Ned’ Franetovich (Bottom) Mike Byrom (Young Blaydes band), Peter Dyson, Graham Flintoff & John ‘Ned’ Franetovich.  Photos courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1965 The Banned Band 6 collage_photocat

I owned a VW Kombi van and used it for surfing and transporting the band to gigs. There were times when the band practiced in the van while driving around the streets of Dalkeith.

Photo: 1960s Peter & his school mates with his Kombi van & surfboards at Hale School. Photo Peter Dyson.

1960s Hale School Peter Dyson's Kombi & boards - PD pic IMG_0034

‘The ‘Banned’, a collection of young fellows who must be the State’s equivalent to The Shadows – see music review below.

Image: 1967 Banned Band music review. Image courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1965 The Banned Band review IMG_0047

They sing, they play, and their sole aim is to entertain – not grow long hair and slump about creating images and smashing noise-level meters – see music review below.

1966 The Banned review by West Coast mag - PD image IMG_0049

In one weekend at a Junior Farmers Ball in Esperance we made 600 pounds, enough to buy a block of land on the hill at Yallingup.

Image: 1966 The Banned playing at the Esperance Show Ball in the RSL Hall. Image Peter Dyson.

1966 The Banned playing Esperance Show Ball promo - PD image IMG_0047

Images: 1966 The Banned memorabilia – Courtesy of Peter Dyson.

Top: (Left) The Banned playing at Hellfire Club. (Right) The Banned manager John ‘Ned’ Franetovich’s business card.

Bottom: The Banned played at Yallingup Board Club’s Swell Nite held at Dalkeith Hall.

1960s The Banned Band 4 collage_photocat

Image: 1966 ‘Thank you’ letter to The Banned from Methodist Ladies College. Image courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1966 The Banned thank you note from Methodist Ladies College - PD pic IMG_20160509_0003

In the 70s The Banned wound up and I worked in the family business.

In the early to mid ‘80s I got back into the music industry in Bali (Kuta) and formed many bands. One of the bands, the ‘Crazy Horse Band’ is still a top band in Bali and I get to do ‘Guest Spots’ and sing with the band.

Back then Bali drummers carved drum sticks out of bamboo because music equipment was unavailable.






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