Growing up in Cottesloe in the 60s by Dave Aylett

In the 1960s Dave ‘Davo’ Aylett lived with his mum and dad in a block of flats his dad built in Marine Parade Cottesloe. Dave surfed the local breaks and played in the popular Young Blaydes Band.

Photo: 2016 Belvedere Apartments in Marine Parade Cottesloe. Davo’s dad built these apartments. Dave Aylett pic.

2016 Belvedere Appts Cottesloe Dave Aylett IMG_0492 size 800x600

These are some of Dave’s recollections of growing up in Cottesloe.

The most beautiful woman in the world.

I lived with my mum and dad in a block of flats dad built at 120 Marine Parade Cottesloe. It was very early 60s. Before I opened the front door I looked over the balcony railing. What a vision! Driving a bright red 57 Chev convertible was this ample chested gorgeous woman. I nearly fell over the balcony trying to get a better angle when she disappeared into the parking spaces 2 flights down. Like some sort of crazed animal I descended then abruptly nonchalantly strolled as this vision became real. Her lips moved and words came out something like.” Will my car be alright here?” I burbled something in response and she rode the lift upstairs. Just to get another look I rocketed up the stairs. She drifted from the lift and said to me. “You must be David”. Once again I burbled something. She smiled and went in her front door. That was TANIA VERSTAK ! I was IN LOVE and suddenly heartbroken when I was told she had married Peter Young. They were tenants of dad’s.

Editor’s note: Tanya Verstak was Miss Australia in 1961 and Miss Universe in 1962.

Photo: 1961 Tanya Verstak Miss Australia. Web image photographer unknown.

1961-Tania-Verstak_Miss Australia ex web2

Embarrassing moments.

I lived over the road from the beach. My friends and I must have thought we were pretty cool as we big mouthed on the beach. Someone said. “Get a load of this!” We all turned and looked. IT WAS MY MUM, with a glass of water in one hand and some pills in the other, awkwardly negotiating the sand dune heading my way. Oh GOD. I’d forgotten to take the antibiotics I was taking for a rather nasty case of reef poisoning. BOY, did I cop it from my mates. Every now and then someone would say, “I think I see your MUMMY” and I would duck. This incident topped my dad coming down the beach with an apple saying “have this son, it should tide you over till dinner!” I copped it for that too.

Photo: 1960 North Cottesloe Beach. L-R Glen Smith, Cliff Hills, Rob Birch & Graham Booth in front of the North Cottesloe surf club. Tania Hills is in the background. Cliff Hills pic.

1960 North Cott Beach Glen Smith, Cliff Hills, Rob Birch & Graham Booth in front of Nth Cottesloe surf club - C Hills.002

More embarrassment

I once had a Morris Minor with many faults one of which was the hand brake. Mine was the first of the overhead valve pre the Morris 1000, which had a one piece screen instead of a split screen.

One night up in Kings Park I was making out with this chick when things begun getting serious.

I was parked on a gentle rise coming onto the road and as we shed our clothes we retired to the back seat. The transition from the bucket seats to the rear bench was tight. Next I knew there was a gentle bump and the darkened car suddenly was ablaze with light and car horns were erupting. My little Morris was broadside across the road and I heard raucous laughter as I made my way to the driver’s seat nude from the back seat where my companion hid. From that time on I found parking facing downhill into the curb was the answer.

Photo: 1955 model Morris Minor 2 door sedan similar to Davo’s wheels. Web image photographer unknown.

1955 model Morris Minor similar to Dave Aylett1

This was like my old Morris. Horrible car, probably one of the worst I owned.