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How I got the nickname HOG by Steve Hannett

How I got the nickname HOG.

I was hanging around with photo/journalist Ric Chan in the 70’s, we had gone on a few surf trips to Margs, he was doing all the photo/video work and I just had to go surfing.

All these trips involved a lot of driving and lots of tall tales in respect of large swells ridden and saucy girls seduced. Ric was quite the story teller, however I had never actually seen him surf, apparently according to him he ripped!

Photos: 1970s Ric Chan photo/journalist. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

(Left) 1970 Yalls Ric Chan surf photographer State Titles. (Right) 1975 Ric Chan selfie at Marg River.

1970-75 Ric Chan surf photographer collage_photocat

One day we decided to wag work and go to Lancelin aka Lanno, he was going to leave the camera in the car and catch a few and bust a few moves. For those who have not been to Lanno, it’s a 15 – 20 min paddle out to the line-up, no boat, just start paddling.

We finally get out there and its 4-6 ft, no guys and smoking, I am really keen to see Ric ride a few as I had repeatedly heard of his ability (from him).

Photo: 1976 Steve Hannett surfing Hole in the Wall at Lancelin. This image appeared on the Limited First Edition poster for West Coast Surfer magazine in 1980. Ric Chan Pic.

1976 Lancelin Steve Hannett - Ric Chan img789

At this age, I was competing in the state comps and had 10 years hard graft at Trigg Point, where as everyone knows usually has 30 -50 guys in the break. If you can’t paddle, you don’t get a single wave….I usually caught a few!

Ric is struggling to catch waves and I just seemed to jag the right spot every time a set came in. Much to his disgust, most take offs were either a turn around and stand up job or two deep paddles and go.

After two hours he is starting to get tired and shitty. We are sitting next to each other on the take-off spot and he looks straight at me and says You are such a BLOODY WAVE HOG !! How about letting me have one.”

That name soon got shortened and repeated every time we went surfin, I still told everyone Ric carved and so did he. HA HA

Steve ‘Hog’ Hannett


Photo Gallery

1970s Steve ’Hog’ Hannett images by Ric Chan.

Top: (Left) 1977 Hog surfing Trigg Point. (Right) 1978 Hog down south

Middle: 1979 Hog surfing North Point

Bottom: 1976-77 Hog surfing Margs

1970s Steve Hannett images #4 collage_photocat

1970s Ric Chan images courtesy of Ric Chan

Top: 1970 (Left) Ric surfing State Titles at Yalls. (Right) Ric with his Jaguar sedan at Scarborough.

Middle: 1970s (Left) Ric appearing in Jeans Advt. (Right) Ric appearing on ‘I’ve Got a Secret’ TV Show.

Bottom: 1976 (Left) Kung Fu Ric. (Right) Ric surfing the Spot at Yanchep.

1970s Ric Chan image #8 collage_photocat

Hog’s still surfing and windsurfing and Ric’s still taking pics and telling tall tales….


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