70s photographs

1970s Margaret River People & Places images by Ric Chan

Photo-Journalist Ric Chan captured these Down South pics during the ‘70s. His images feature people & places from the Margaret River region.

Photo: 1973 unidentified gentleman having a cuppa at Margs. Ric Chan pic.

1973 MR Aust Titles img529

Photo: 1975 Locals attending Margaret River Rowing Regatta held on the banks of Margaret River near Wallcliffe House. Ric Chan pic.

1975 Marg River crew - Ric Chan img774

Photo: 1976 Syd Tate’s Farm House at Rosa Glen. Ric Chan pic.

1976 Marg River Syd Tate farm house - Ric Chan 001

Photo: 1975 social pics Syd Tate’s place at Rosa Glen. Ric Chan pic.

Top: (Left) Marina. (Right) Trinity Tate

Bottom: (Left) Ric Chan & camera equip. (Right) Syd Tate.

1975 Margs Syd Tate 3 collage_photocat

Photo: 1975 Beach people at Margs. Ric Chan pics.

(Left) Shaun Atkinson & girlfriend Judy Punko (Right) Ric Gath.

1975 Marg River Shaun Atkinson & Ric Gath collage_photocat

Photos: Marg River people pics by Ric Chan.

Left: 1975 unidentified & Tracy Ewen at the beach. Right: Trevor’s new board.

1970s Marg River 2 collage_photocat

Photos: 1975-76 old farm houses & sheds at Margs and Witchcliffe. Ric Chan pics.

1975-77 Old Farm houses 2 collage_photocat

Photo: 1976 Tony Hardy & family at Margs. Ric Chan pic.

1976 Margs Tony Hardy 3 collage_photocat

Photo: 1973-76 Surf mobiles at Margs. Ric Chan pics.

(Left) 1973 Ric Chan’s gold coloured Kombi. (Right) 1976 Chris Reynolds’ chariot.

1973-76 Margs Ric Chan & Chris Reynolds surf mobiles collage_photocat

Photos: 1976-77 Marg River beach scenes. Ric Chan pics.

1976-77 Margs Beach pics 4 collage_photocat

Photos: 1979 Steve ‘Hog’ Hannett’s tent site at Prevelly Park. Ric Chan pics.

1979 Steve Hannett tent site Prevelly collage_photocat

Photo: 1982 Sharon Walters & Steve Koehne hunter gatherers at Rosa Glen. Ric Chan pic.

1982 Rosa Glen Sharon Walters & Steve Koehne - Ric Chan img904

Photos: Then & Now Marg River Settlers Tavern images by Ric Chan.

Top: 1977. Bottom: 2016.

1977-2016 Settlers Tavern Marg River then & now #2 collage_photocat

Photos: Then & Now Marg River main drag images by Ric Chan.

Top 1977. Bottom 2015.

1977-2015 Marg River main drag Ric Chan 2 collage_photocat

Coming soon 1970s Margaret River Surfing Images by Ric Chan.



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