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1960s WA Board Clubs – Part #2 Photo Galleries

Continued from 1960s WA Board Clubs – Part #1 History

1960s WA Board Clubs – Part #2 Photo Galleries (in chronological order)

Photos: City Beach Board Club 1953-57. Photos courtesy of Ray Geary & John Budge.

Top: (Left) 1956 City Beach tea rooms L-R Ian Scott, Don Roper, Ray Geary & Ian Chapple. (Right) 1950s City Beach cadet clubbies Ron Drage, Dave Williams, Cocko Killen & Eugene ‘Mick’ Mickle.

Bottom: (Left) 1956 Ray Geary’s Essex Super 6 at City Beach L-R Barry Gallon, Artie Taylor, Ray Geary, Rob Wakefield & Colin Taylor. (Right) 1950s First Anniversary held at the Pagoda Ballroom in South Perth L-R John Budge, Colin Taylor, Joy, Alma, Artie Taylor, Mark Whittome, unknown, Sandra, Barry ‘Stretch’ Gallon, unknown, Ray Geary & Helen.


Photo: 1961 North End Board Club at Scarborough. Peter Longley, Jim ‘Lik’ McKenzie, Jim Breadsell, W Smith, Geoff Culmsee, B Sales & B Hunt. Photo courtesy of Murray Smith.

1961 Scarborough North End Board Club P Longley, J Mackenzie, J Breadsell, W Smith, G Culmsee, B Sales & B Hunt - MS pic

Photo: 1962 West Coast crew at Caves House Yalls. Des Gaines, Alan Hamer, Dave Williams, Bob Keenan, Ray Evans, Kevin Merifield & Terry Williams. Photo courtesy of Brian Cole.

1962 Yalls Caves House Des Gaines, Alan Hamer, Dave Williams, Bob Keenan, Ray Evans, Kevin Merifield & Terry Williams - BC pic img271 cropped

Photo: 1962 Len Dibben, Rob Birch, Jeff Dalzeil & other Cottesloe boys at Rotto. Photo courtesy of Len Dibben

1962 Rottnest Len Dibben & Cottesloe surfing mates - Len Dibben pic

Photo: 1963 West Coast Girls at Cottesloe. Tina Daly, Jeanne Abbott & Stef Meyer. Photo courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1963 Cottesloe Tina Daly, Jeanne Abbott & Stef Meyer - WA Newspaper pic IMG_001

Photos: 1963-67 City Beach grommets. Photos courtesy of Trevor Burslem, Norm Bateman, Jim King & others.

Top: Charlie Roper & Ernie Potter. Mark Waddell & Rod Bothwell. Barry King, Zac Kochanowitsch & Brian Boynes.

Middle: Ron Moss headstand. Glen Carroll, Ross Utting & David Moss. Barry Day & Colin Moss.

Bottom: Grommets outside Tea Rooms at City Beach.


Photos: 1964 South Side boys. Photos courtesy of Bill Mitchell & Lance Patterson

(Left) Rocky Point L-R Bill Mitchell. Russell Green, Bill McDonald & Peter Oliver.

(Right) Avalon L-R John Tagney, Jock Lawrie, Allan ‘Chubby’ Stiles, & Lance Patterson.

1964 Southside Board Club collage_photocat

Photo: 1964 founding members Miami Board Club. Photo courtesy of Tom Collins.

L-R Derek Hilton, Alan Hilton, Wayne Huxley, (decd) Alan Nicholson.

1964 Seaweed pic L-R Derek Hilton, Alan Hilton, Wayne Huxley. (decd) Alan Nicholson some of the founding members Miami Board Club, Tom Collins NVE00081

Photo: 1965 Yalls Board Club members at Yalls. Photo courtesy of Sonny James

L-R. M Waddell, F Lochowitch, B Oddy, J Pozzi, P Bothwell, T James, C Brent-White, K Woods, G Berry, T Baskerville.

1965 Yalls YBC members - Peter Dyson pic IMG_0034

Photo: 1965 Surfari Board Club members John Ventouras & Noel Sweeny with Noel’s MG-B sports car with custom-made surf-racks at Geraldton’s back beach. Noel Sweeny pic.


Photo: 1966 Southern Surf Riders at Halls Head Mandurah. Photos courtesy of Mick Layzell.

(Back) I Cairns, J Collis, P Stephens, D Ellis, J Rousell.

(Front) G Smith, M Jones, A Cook, J Jones, A Sherburn, E Warner, J Law, M Layzell.

My beautiful picture

Photo: 1966 Steve Mathews Boomerang Board Club. Photo courtesy of Errol Considine.

1966 Steve Mathews Boomerang Board Club Scarb - tv reporter NSW

Photos: 1960s Scarborough Board Club boys. Photos courtesy of Brian Trainer & Gooselegs pics.

Left: (top) 1969 Scarborough Board Club meeting at Scarborough. (bottom) 1969 Club surf trip to Cowaramup.

Right: (top) 1966 Brian & Percy Trainer (inaugural WASRA President) at Scarborough. (middle) 1966 6PR comp Gary ‘Goose Legs’ Vaughan, unidentified & Ian ‘Spydor’ Taylor (bottom) 1967 Scarborough Chuck Morton-Stewart, Greg Vulich, Dave Pearce & Steve Dewey.


Photo: 1967 Gary Greirson (17) from Tangaroa Board Club with 11ft Hawke Surfboard at Melville. Photo courtesy of Gary Greirson.

1967 Melville Gary Greirson age 17 FC Holden & 11ft Hawke Surfboard GG IMG

Photos: North Coast Board Club members.

Top: 1969 Mick Wynne holidaying at Denmark & 1970s Russell Quinlivan at Trigg.  Photos courtesy of Wynne & Quinlivan families.

Bottom: 1973 Errol Considine with Richard Harvey & Ric Chan at Margs & 1977 Greg Laurenson at Trigg Ric Chan pics.


Photos: 1969 Craig Bettenay (City Beach) and Ricky Lobe (Cottesloe) surfing City Beach north side. Left: Craig. Right: (top) Craig & Ricky relaxing on beach. Craig is in his school uniform.(bottom) Ricky. Ric Chan pic.


Photos: 1970 Cottesloe Board Club boys. Left: Phil Taylor at Yalls & Ian ‘Mitch’ Mitchell at Cottesloe. Ric Chan pics. Right: 1972 Cottesloe boys at Trigg. Barry Middleton, Phil Taylor & Nick Golowyn leaning on Barry’s VW sedan. Barry Middleton pic.


Photos: 1970’s Dolphins Board Riders. Photos courtesy of Tom Blaxell & Ric Chan.

Top: 1970s Kevin Merifield at Trigg. 1970 Dave Williams with Mark Paterson at Yalls.

Bottom: 1971 Tom Blaxell at Blaxell Surf Shop Osborne Park. 1972 Dolphins Board Riders footy team at Deanmore Park Scarborough.


Photo: 1973 Surfers Inc member Chris Reynolds surfing Injidup car park. Ric Chan pic.


Thanks for all the Board Club photos.




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