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1963 Dave Aylett and The Times music video

In the 1960s Cottesloe surfer Dave ‘Davo’ Aylett was a talented singer/songwriter in Perth’s fledgling music industry.

Photo: 1960s Davo (right) surfing Isolated reef near Cottesloe. Davo pic.

Davo AylettIn the early 60s I was being schooled by music producer Martin Clark. He wanted me to write stuff and had an influencing effect that may have been not so cool. The Times were going to be my backing group in U.K. Not all my ideas. I think Martin thought of himself as another Brian Epstein.

In late 1963 I made a music video on 16 mm film as a promo for Martin Clark. It features Perth band The Times backing me with one of my very ordinary, but I think funny acts.

I wrote the lyrics, music and did the arrangement. The song was called Settle Down. The clip was a very raw primitive version that was produced in one sitting.

Click on this video link to view the music clip (run time 1:52 min).


Musicians Left to right: Terry Walker (guitar), me (singing), Jim Sheridan (drums) and right Tony Tyler.

I like the old fashioned count down in the beginning, the out of sync miming and Tony Tyler’s enthusiasm.

While we were performing the demo both Martin Clark and some recording expert were in the control room. They were dancing around and encouraging us to dance and smile.

I was used to having my guitar when I performed, but I was advised to just sing and make some movements with my hands. This clearly didn’t work for me. I didn’t like the label of lead singer. I wanted to be part of a group. Hence the Young Blaydes.

Tony stole the show. He was so into doing exactly as he was being told. He was a sweet little guy, happy all the time and wanting to please everybody. He did have a great voice. He sang a lot of Elvis songs really well. Terry Walker was an excellent musician. I was told he went to NSW and became a session musician doing advertisements and stuff. I’m not sure what happened to drummer Jim Sheridan.

After The Times left for England I made changes to fine tune the lyrics.

Lyrics, music and arrangement was my specialty. I fine-tuned the lyrics and arrangement of that song after the clip was done. The lyrics were changed to “You will have to change your ways, or pack your bags and be on your ways. Cause l’m not the type of guy to run after you. I’ll settle down if you do too.” There were other changes to that song.

Nothing came of it all when The Times returned to Australia after getting as far as I am told South Africa.

Young Blaydes band

Later in the 60s Davo become a vocalist in The Young Blaydes band.

Image: 1960s Young Blaydes performing at the Top of the Town night club in Perth. Music magazine image courtesy of Davo.

Images: 1960s Young Blaydes memorabilia courtesy of Davo.

Click on Young Blaydes band to view more information on Davo and the band.



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