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1980s Bali Photo Gallery by Ric Chan with comments from Peter Neely #2

Perth based photo-journalist Ric Chan started going on surf trips to Bali in the early 80s. In 1985 he was lured to Bali to help set up and run Cheaters Night Club in Kuta’s entertainment strip, near the famous Peanuts Club.

Ric lived in Bali until ’91 and then returned to his native NZ after his wife Sami passed away. Ric and his sons Taron & Tao settled in NZ’s North Island.

This is a glimpse of Ric’s 80’s Bali photo gallery and a taste of quieter times in Bali.

Ric ChanPeter Neely is an old mate who was in Bali when I was there.

Peter runs the web site INDO SURF and LINGO  www.indosurf.com.au  and has provided background comments on some of Ric’s Bali pics.

Photo: 1983 Steve Koehne socialising with locals at Sri Lanka surf break at Nusa Dua. Ric Chan pic.

Ric Chan – I think it’s Made Kasim with the babe, I dont remember who the dood with his head down was. Steve might recall. I don’t recall shooting any Bali shots from a boat, but it appears I must have done!


Photo: 1983 busy Sri Lanka surf break at Nusa Dua. Water shot by Ric Chan.


Photo: 1983 fun waves Sri Lanka surf break at Nusa Dua. Water shot by Ric Chan


Photo: 1983 Steve Koehne and Ric Chan enjoying an agua in warung at Sri Lanka. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1985 fashion shoot with the locals. Ric Chan pic.

Ric ChanThe babe is Pam Brabants


Photo: 1985 Wayan’s Haven shop Legian Kuta. Ric Chan pic.

Peter Neely – It’s a charming “vintage” b&w shot, even with an offering on the ground. But it’s not a shop I know, looks like a tailors shop maybe?

The single fin painted surfboard would probably be worth a bit these days though? 😉


Photo: 1980-83 aerial image of Canggu Beach Bali. Ric Chan pic.

Peter Neely – Wow, what a difference to these days, most of those palm groves replaced with villas, bars, boutiques and hipster cafes.


Photo: 1980 Balinese fisherman & water buffalo. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1981 Balinese women in procession at Kuta. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1982 Bali surfer Gede Narmada with Nev surfboard at Kuta Reef. Ric Chan pic.

Peter Neely – Gede was one of the first Balinese to regularly surf Padang, big Sanur and Nusa Dua.  Gede (“G’Day”) started Uluwatu Surfshop on Jalan Legian on the “outskirts” of Kuta (these days between Poppies 1 and 2).


Photo: 1980 Bali surfer Gede Narmada surfing Kuta Reef. Peter Neely pic.

Peter NeelyGede was in the first pioneer generation of Balinese surfers, yet he wasn’t born in Kuta like all the others. Originally from Gianyar on the north-east coast, in 1969 aged just 14 Gede push-biked 20km from the main city of Denpasar when he first heard about western hippies teaching Kuta kids how to surf. He sat transfixed on the beach watching stoned naked tourists frolic in the surf, then he borrowed boards and got right into it. He soon made friends with Made “Joe” Darsana and shared his surfboard, taking turns, often the only two Balinese surfers in the water at Halfway. Gede soon became one of the first true big wave Balinese surfers, a brave standout at big Padang-Padang.


Photo: 1980 Balinese fisherman Jimbaran Bay. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1980 fish markets Jimbaran Bay. Ric Chan pic.


EditorRic speaks fluent Indo and some Chinese dialects. On a recent trip to the South West he charmed the ladies in the Chinese Restaurant at Dunsborough with his Cantonese language skills.

Coming soon 1980s Bali Photo Gallery by Ric Chan with comments from Peter Neely #3

You can inquire on the SDS web site and view Ric’s previous Bali photo galleries.





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