70s photographs

1970s Blackie the dog by Ian ‘Prive’ Morris

In the mid 70’s I was working as a brickie with Peter ‘Mac’ McDonald and Darren ‘Buggsy’ Edwards at Yallingup. Buggsy now trains Police in self-defence!

Photo: 1975 Prive’s bricklaying team and others on Peter Dyson’s property at Northcliffe. Peter Mac pic.

L-R Chris ‘Greeny’ Green, Hans Kopp, Ian ‘Prive’ Morris, Daryl ‘Buggsy’ Edwards and Peter Mac.

We were building John ‘Dandaragan’ Robinson’s house on Wardenup Crescent and a stray dog found our brick laying team. We called him Blackie cos’ he was black.

We used to throw bricks into trees and Blackie would climb the tree – amazing like – it’s a rare dog that climbs trees – and bring the brick back down. Blackie entertained us during smokos…and brickies need entertainment!

Photo: Mid 1970s Yalls Blackie the dog fetching a brick in a tree.  Prive pic.

On a weekend trip, Bruce King, Sharon ‘Shaz’ Day (now Barratt), Steve ‘Blue’ Nicholson, Mark Rudenberg & I drove to Perth in my blue HR panel van (shagging wagon). Blackie came for the drive and entertained us on the trip.

We drove on South West Highway and had a beer / middy at every pub en route. We also decided to souvenir a glass or ash tray at every venue. By the time we got to Perth we were pissed. We ended up at the White Sands pub in Scarborough and souvenired small liqueur bottles from the bottle department. We then proceeded to drink more at the Sunday Session.

Photo: 1972 Sharon Day & Blue Nicholson leaning on Prive’s blue panel van at Yallingup. Prive pic

Blackie & I separated when I travelled overseas with Graham ‘Guru’ Lesley. From there-on Bob Monkman took on Blackie.

Photo: 1975 Guru with original family at Komala Indah Losmens in Bali. Prive pic.

Apparently after a few months, Blackie found another owner and left Bobbo.

Blackie chose his owners, reminiscent of the famous Red Dog up north.

We used to have a lot of fun with that dog, back when we were bricklayers!


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