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Yallingup beach images by Giancarlo Pieri

Giancarlo Pieri is the father of Chiara Pieri from Shaana Café at Yallingup. Giancarlo and his wife Angela are holidaying in the South West from Italy and looking after granddaughter Shanti during busy periods at the Café.

Giancarlo is a keen photographer and popular with the surfing community at Yallingup.

These are some of Giancarlo’s photos from his South West photo album.

Photos: 2015 Yal Mal contest at Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pics.

Womens and Mens Yal Mal finalists. Mens finalists include son-in-law Alfonzo ‘Fonzie’ Puzzarini, Adam Lane and other Longboard hotshots.

Photos: 2016 granddaughter Shanti surfing Geographe Bay. Giancarlo Pieri pic.

Photos: 2017 daughter Chiara surfing at Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pics.

Photos: 2017 son-in-law Alfonso surfing at Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pics.

Photo: 2017 Sally and Salty Sea Dogs in Yallingup carpark. Giancarlo Pieri pic.

L-R Sally Greirson, Lou Corkill, Baz McKinnon, Adam Lane, Andy Jones and Gary Greirson.

Photos: 2017 girls surfing Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pics.

Top: Chiara Pieri & Jessica Waters.

Bottom: Loza & Doctor Sally.

Photos: 2017 boys surfing Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pics.

Top: Bruce King & unidentified

Bottom: Ross Utting & Jack Medland.

Photos: 2017 Giancarlo and Angela frolicking in the lagoon at Yallingup with the King Bros, Bruce & Jim. Bruce King pics.

A slideshow featuring Giancarlo & Bruce King’s images can be seen at Shaana Café.

Ciao, Giancarlo. Grazie per la felice foto e ricordi.




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