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1963 “The Midget” goes Hawaiian…and wins World Title

Cottage restoration

Local craftsmen are restoring Peter and Robin Bothwell’s historic Hammond cottage on the hill at Yallingup.

The architect is the Bothwell’s daughter Lucie.

Craftsmen include Steve Russo, Rich Myers, Bevan Carr, Loz Smith & his son Jimmy.

Loz:You can’t build memories into a new house, so Spook kept the old one”.

Photos: Dec 2016 restoration work on the Bothwell cottage at Yallingup. Peter Bothwell and Loz Smith on site. Jim King pics

Discovery of historic article

The craftsmen renovating the Bothwell cottage found a 1963 Australian Women’s Weekly magazine under the old linoleum flooring.

The magazine dated March 6 1963, includes an article on former World Surfing Champion Bernard ‘Midget’ Farrelly from NSW.

The article written by Kerry Yates appears in the magazine’s Teenager’s Weekly supplement.

The header reads….

“The Midget” goes Hawaiian…and wins World Title

Bernard Farrelly, the 18 year old Sydney boy who recently won the International Surfboard Riding Championships in Hawaii, became a film star at the same time.

Image: 1963 article on Midget Farrelly, courtesy of Australian Women’s Weekly & Kerry Yates.

Sadly the first world surfing champion Midget Farrelly passed away August 6, 2016 age 71.

Many thanks to Loz Smith for providing this historic material.


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