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1978-82 Oceans Bali Who pro surfing competition held at Trigg

Oceans Surf Shop

Oceans Surf Shop in Perth City sponsored the Bali Who pro surfing competition at Trigg from 1978-82.

In the late 70s Bill Girdwood took over Oceans Surf Shop from Gary Grierson and promoted the annual Bali Who pro surfing comp held at Trigg Point.

Gary Grierson: I got out of Oceans Surf Shop and moved to Margs in 1977-78. Oceans later became Star Surf Shop with the late Dave Kennedy at the helm.

1978 Bali Who pro surfing comp

On 11th March 1978, Waterman’s Bay surfer Shaun Atkinson won the inaugural Bali Who pro surfing comp held in fun waves at Trigg Point. There was a strong field including Damon Eastaugh, Wayne Stevens & Norm Bateman.

Shaun Atkinson – When I won in 78′ I was awarded a trip to Bali, 2 weeks accommodation, plus clothes, board bags leg ropes etc so it was quite substantial.

Independent Newspaper journo/photographer Ric Chan was there to record the action in ’78 contest.

Photos: 1978 Bali Who contest winner Shaun Atkinson surfing Trigg point. Ric Chan pics.

Photos: 1978 Bali Who competitors surfing at Trigg point. Ric Chan pics

Top: Norm Bateman left & right.

Bottom: (Left) Wayne Stevens (Right) unidentified.

Photo: 1978 Bali Who pro surfing comp official & compere Bill Girdwood at Trigg. Ric Chan pic.

Editor: In 1983 Bill Girdwood stepped into the President role for Surfing WA when elected President Adrian Wilson had to withdraw for work reasons.


Photo: 1978 Bali Who contest official Bill Girdwood acknowledging head contest judge Greg ‘Pants’ Laurenson. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1978 Bali Who contest officials & finalists at award presentation on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.

L-R. Bill Girdwood, Wayne Stevens, unidentified, unidentified, Shaun Atkinson, Norm Bateman & Damon Eastaugh.


Photos: 1978 Bali Who finalists receiving awards at Trigg. Ric Chan pic.

Top: (Left) Shaun Atkinson (Right) Damon Eastaugh

Bottom: (Left) Wayne Stevens (Right) unidentified.


Shaun Atkinson: Don’t know why I had to wear budgie smugglers : ) ????

Photo: 1978 Bali Who contest winner Shaun Atkinson receiving his award and acknowledging sponsors. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1978 Bali Who pro comp spectators on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.

Spectators include former WASRA President Ken Trainer (1976) applauding in white t-shirt in centre of pic.


1982 Bali Who contest

Shaun Atkinson: When I left for Bali in 78, I travelled overseas for two years through Asia & Europe with very little surfing. I came back & lived in Freo & Northbridge for a couple of years with very little surfing & went to live back down south & got back into surfing. I decided to try & have a go at the Bali Who again…. I won the Bali Who again in 82′ and it was a good time to go to Bali.

You weren’t allowed to re-enter the pro comp for 4 years if you won it. From what I can remember the 82′ comp was the largest of its kind with over 360 competitors. The FM stations were all over it. It was the first competition where you could win significant prizes.

Images: 1982 Bali Who Surf Classic catalogue and Media coverage. Images courtesy of Shaun Atkinson.

Left: (Top) promo for The Bali Who 82 and The Pro Invitational. (Bottom) Prize Lists for Bali Who 82 and Pro Invitational.

Right: Randall Owens Shaun’s off to Bali coverage of 1982 Bali Who contest in his West Coast Tubes column. Image courtesy of Independent Newspaper.

Dunsborough’s Peter ‘Squiz’ Yeomans (age 18) was a finalist in the Bali Who 82 contest.

Peter Yeomans: I rode a Murray Smith 5’9“ twinnie with channels and placed equal 3rd in the final, which was held in onshore conditions. John Shindig and Paul Cunningham were hotties at that time.

Shaun Atkinson: I’m not sure who won the Bali Who pro surfing comp in the intervening years 1979 -81, but I remember a guy by the name of Chris Matters won it one of those years.

Editor: If you know the results of the 1979-81 Bali Who contests, please let us know.

Shaun Atkinson is an artist (painter) and has been exhibiting nationally and internationally since 1975. He has travelled extensively, living abroad both in Europe and Asia. Shaun exhibited his paintings in Bali 2002 & 2004 and produced a catalogue on the Sea Temple show.

Shaun now resides at Margaret River and you can see his art work at Jah Roc Galleries in Margaret River.






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