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1980s Bali Photo Gallery by Ric Chan with comments from Peter Neely #5

Perth based photo-journalist Ric Chan started going on surf trips to Bali in the early 80s. In 1985 he was lured to Bali to help set up and run Cheaters Night Club in Kuta’s entertainment strip, near the famous Peanuts Club.

Ric lived in Bali until ’91 and then returned to his native NZ after his wife Sami passed away. Ric and his sons Taron & Tao settled in NZ’s North Island.

This is a glimpse of Ric’s 80s Bali photo gallery and a taste of quieter times in Bali. (This blog also contains some 80s Bali pics by Jim King.)

Ric ChanPeter Neely is an old mate who was in Bali when I was there.

Peter runs the web site INDO SURF and LINGO www.indosurf.com.au and has provided background comments on some of Ric’s Bali pics.

Photo: 1980 Cookie & Made Kasim at Kuta. Ric Chan pic.

Peter NeelyIt’s “Cookie” with Made Kasim. I’m sure they’d love to see this old photo from their early teen years.

Photo: 1980 Balinese surfer at Legian beach break. Ric Chan pic.

Photo: 1982 unsealed Jalan Legian Kuta. Jim King pic.

Photo: 1983 Joe’s Surf Shop in Kuta. Jim King pic.

Peter NeelyThis Joe’s surf shop pic will possibly be of interest one day, as it was the first “surf shop”, although there’s no surfboards visible? And I don’t think this is the first version of his shop?

Photo: 1980 Halfway surf break Kuta Beach. Ric Chan pic.

Peter Neely -This is why we surfed Halfway Kuta virtually every afternoon! Even the hot surfers would hit Uluwatu in the morning, then surf Halfway into the sunset. Long peeling rights and lefts over a forgiving sand bottom.


Photo: 1980 Balinese goofy footer at Kuta. Ric Chan pic.

Peter NeelyIts little Froggy.

Photo: 1985 Ubud market day. Ric Chan pic.

Photo: 1985 Medewi wave line-up. Photo taken from the point pre-tourist development. Jim King pic.

Photo: 1985 Medewi coast road. Waiting for transport. Jim King pic.

Photo: 1985-86 Bali Sami Chan relaxing on the verandah Jimbaran Bay. Ric Chan pic.

Photo: 1983 Bali fisherman. Ric Chan pic.

Peter NeelyThis image is of JIMBARAN BAY FISHERMEN with their outrigger dug-out boats. Maybe Ric remembers why there are 2 tripods filming there? They look professional?

Ric Chan – Nah it wouldn’t have been my camera gear. I used a 600mm and a 1000mm lens. Never anything as short as that 200mm.

Photo: 1980 Shark fishermen Jimbaran Bay. Ric Chan pic

Peter NeelyI remember seeing dozens of these hammerhead sharks brought into Jimbaran bay every morning. But I never saw any in the surf.


Photo: 1980 Bali sunset Jimbaran Bay. Ric Chan pic

Coming soon 1980s Bali Photo Gallery by Ric Chan #6

You can inquire on the SDS Web & Facebook sites to view Ric’s previous Bali photo galleries.





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