WA Surfing Identities – Then & Now images #1

This is a collection of Old and New images of WA surfing identities from various photographers.

Series #1 contains images of the following surfers:-

  1. Brian Cole
  2. Andy Jones
  3. Gary Gibbon
  4. Jeffrey Marshall
  5. Craig Bettenay
  6. Teena Christon
  7. Rich Myers
  8. Al Bean

Brian Cole – retiree Dunsborough

Left: 1959 Brian with balsa pig board at Coolangatta Beach Queensland. Brian Cole pic.

Right: 2009 Brian with hand crafted King & Cole fiberglass board at Yallingup. Jim King pic.

Andy Jones – retiree Yallingup

Left: 1970s Andy with mates in Nias. Andy pic.

Right: 2007 Andy with Kelly Slater at Yallingup. Andy pic.

Gary Gibbon – school teacher Margaret River.

Left: 1975 Gary with Tom Hoye single fin at Cowaramup. Gary Gibbon pic.

Right: 2016 Gary with Tom Hoye multi fin Claw surfboard at Margaret River.  Gary Gibbon pic.

Jeffrey ‘Re’ Marshall – retiree Augusta

Left: 1971 ‘Re’ bike riding Dunsborough. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2008 ‘Re’ suited up in his Augusta Bowling Club outfit for a bowls tournament held at Dunsborough. Jim King pic.

Craig Bettenay – Indonesia

Left: 1969 Craig with Rick Lobe (dec’d) at City Beach. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2011 Midge Semple and Craig at City Beach Board Club reunion held at City Beach. Bruce King pic.

Teena Christon – retiree Halls Head, Mandurah

Left: 1965 Women’s Day magazine article on State Womens surfing champion Teena Christon.

Right: 2004 Surfing WA 40th anniversary function L-R Len Dibben, Teena and Murray Smith. Loz Smith pic.

Rich Myers – carpenter Yallingup

Left: 1976 Rich with diving catch at Malibu California. Rich pic.

Right: 2016 Rich with diving catch at Yallingup. Jim King pic.

Photos: Al Bean – Surf Industry Dunsborough

Left: 1976 Al at South Point with Gary Greirson surfboard. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2016 Al working in surf factory at Dunsborough. Ric Chan pic.

Some of the crew have worn well, others are a little weathered. They may not be as polished in the water these days, but most of them are still surfing & having fun!

Coming soon WA Surfing Identities – Then & Now images #2.



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  1. Gary McCormick

    Classic…so many memories of the ealry days, great to see Teena. So much respect and my idol growing up as a kid in Miami Bay in 63/64. I was a surfer for life after first seeing her glide through the bay in those early days.

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