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1950s Social Butterflies

In the ’50s pioneer surfers socialised at cabarets, keg parties, pub sessions and enjoyed weekends away at Rotto, Mandurah and down south.

They come from a regimented SLSC Club environment and were happy with their new found freedom.

This a collection of images showing WA surfers socialising in the 50s.

Photo: 1956 City Beach surfers hanging on the steps of City Beach tea rooms. Some of the boys are wearing their Bear suits aka WW2 flying suits. John Budge pic

Includes Ian Scott, Don Roper, Ray Geary and Ian Chapple.

Photo: 1956 Travelling WA boys wearing flying suits at Luna Park in Melbourne. The boys were in Melbourne for the Olympic Games and to watch the USA surf team give a surfing demonstration with Malibu surfboards. Jim Keenan pic.

L-R unknown, Dave Williams, K Jones, Jim Keenan, R Howe and Graham Killen.

Photo: 1958 City of Perth SLSC clubbies/City Beach board riders. John Budge pic

L-R Bernie Huddle, Tony Harbison, Artie Taylor, Dave Williams, Colin Taylor and Bruce ‘Moonshine” Hill.

Photo: 1950s SLSC surf boat race at Leighton. John Budge pic.

Photo: 1957 Bruce ‘Moonshine’ Hill with balsa Malibu at Miami Mandurah. John Budge pic

Photo: 1958 Day trip to Avalon Point at Mandurah by City Beach Board Club. Brian Cole pic.

Photo: 1958 Rotto trip by Auster monoplane. Brian Cole pic

L-R Don Roper and pilot Barry ‘Joe’ King next to monoplane.

Photo: 1958 Rotto trip – the boys playing on an old bomb at the salt works. Brian Cole pic

L-R Brian Cole and Owen Oates.

Photo: 1957-68 Kevin Merifield Subiaco Football Club. Weekend News image courtesy of Kevin Merifield.

Kevin played 213 SFC games & 4 State games and is still surfing Down South.

Photo: 1950s City Beach Board Club members celebrating their 1st Reunion at Pagoda Ballroom South Perth. John Budge pic.

L-R John Budge, Colin Taylor, Jo, Alma Greenwood, Artie Taylor, Mark Wakefield, unknown, Sandra, Barry ‘Stretch’ Gallon, unknown, Ray Geary and Helen.

Photo: 1958 the boys enjoying a cleansing ale in the beer garden at Caves House Yallingup. Brian Cole pic.

L-R Barry ‘Joe’ King, Artie Taylor, Don Bancroft, Dave Williams, Ian Scott, Tony Burgess, Ken Hamer others unidentified.

Photo: 1958 the boys having a ‘flako’ at Yallingup with portable record player and Brian Cole hollow ply Malibu surfboard. Brian Cole pic

L-R Colin Taylor, Dave Williams, Keith Kino and Bruce ‘Moonshine’ Hill.

Photo: 1950s Colin Taylor with a good catch of fish down south. John Budge pic.

Photo: 1950s Hammock with an ocean view on beach front at Yallingup. John Budge pic.

Coming soon 1960s Social Butterflies.



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