WA Surfing Identities – Then & Now images #2

This is a collection of Old and New images of WA surfing identities from various photographers.

Series #2 contains images of the following surfers:-

  1. Bob Monkman
  2. Gary Vaughan
  3. Len Dibben
  4. Crystal Wallace (nee Simpson)
  5. Peter Bothwell
  6. Tony Harbison
  7. Michael Bibby
  8. Tony Hardy

Bob Monkman – retiree Dunsborough

Left: 1973 weekly pig-out in South Africa L-R Bob, Micko Gracie & Peter Mac. Peter Mac pic.

Right: 2014 Yal Mal contest Bob & Peter Mac. Loz Smith pic.

Gary ‘Gooselegs’ Vaughan – Real Estate Sunshine Coast

Left: 1966 Goose & unidentified with trophies at Scarborough surfing contest. In the background is Trevor Burslem’s 6PR surf report VW sedan. Goose pic.

Right: 2004 Surfing WA 40th Anniversary function. L-R Lizzie Nunn, Goose & unidentified. Loz Smith pic.

Len Dibben – Len Dibben Surfboards Booragoon.

Left: 1970 Len skateboarding at North Fremantle. Len Dibben pic.

Right: 2011 Bill Oddy & Len socialising at Surfing Pioneer sculpture ceremony Yallingup. Jim King pic.

Crystal Wallace (nee Simpson) – Yallingup Surf School

Left: 1990’s siblings Jason and Crystal Simpson with fish catch at Gnaraloo surf camp. Crystal pic.

Right: 2014 Crystal with husband Tim Wallace and baby Bam at yallingup. Bruce King pic.

Peter ‘Spook’ Bothwell – semi retired Yallingup.

Left: 1971 pensive Peter at his Yalls cottage. Peter is wearing a pair of yellow slippers the late Terry Jacks brought back from India for him. Peter pic.

Right: 2017 Peter leaving the surf at Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pic.

Tony ‘Harbo’ Harbison – retiree Waikiki WA.

Left: 1977 Tony Harbison media interview at Trigg Point for WASRA Team Departure. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2012 Tony and Kevin Merifield at Yalls for Small Fries contest. Loz Smith pic.

Michael Bibby – retiree Yallingup

Left: 1965 State School Boys contest held at Scarborough. Mike holding trophy for Christchurch surf team. Others include Theo Mathews, Craig Brent-White, G Leyland, Hume Heatley, P Hayes & Ashley Jones.

Right: 2017 Mike post surf in Yallingup car park. Bruce King pic.

Tony Hardy – surfboard shaper Margaret River.

Left: 1976 Tony making surfboards at Margaret River. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2010 Tony and long-time surfing rival Ian ‘Kanga’ Cairns at Margaret River Pro contest. Loz Smith pic.

Some of the crew have worn well, others are a little weathered. They may not be as polished in the water these days, but most of them are still surfing & having fun!

Enquire on Surfing Down South web site to view previous Then & Now images.

Coming soon WA Surfing Identities – Then & Now images #3.



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