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1974 Ian Cairns ‘Professional Surfer’ Profile

In 1974 WA’s most spectacular and successful surfer Ian Cairns embarked on a career as a Professional Surfer.

Ian produced a ‘Professional Surfer’ profile documenting his background and surfing achievements and sought sponsorship from the establishment.

This article contains images of Ian’s ‘Professional Surfer’ folder containing his profile, media articles and a pamphlet on his signature surfboard design. Thanks to Barry Young of Yallingup for sharing this material with Surfing Down South.

Image #1 1974 Cover of Ian’s Professional Surfer profile.

Image #2 1974 Page 1 of Ian’s Professional Surfer profile.

Image #3 1974 Page 2 of Ian’s Professional Surfer profile.

Image #4 1974 Back cover of Ian’s Professional Surfer profile.

Image #5 1974 Ian’s “The Hawaiian Model” surfboard pamphlet.

Image #6 Ian’s surfing media articles.

Ian’s professional surfer profile bore fruit locally. In 1974 the Bond Corporation sponsored his surfing activities. Ian publicised surfing as a part of Bond Corporation’s huge resort development called ‘Sun City’ on the Yanchep coast north of Perth. See Doug White’s surf column below.

Image #7 1974 Doug White’s Wave Length column courtesy of The Sunday Times.

In 1976 Ian was runner-up in the World Surfing Championships and joined up with 1976 World Champion Peter Townend QLD and Mark Warren NSW in The Bronzed Aussies. The BA’s were a talented surfing troupe created to further the cause of professional surfing. They were the first group of commercial surfers in the early days of professionalism.

Ian won major surfing contests in Hawaii including the Smirnoff Pro event at Sunset Beach from Hawaiian Jeff Hakman in December 1973, the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship in 1975 and World Cup events in 1976 and 1980.

Ian’s Biography by author Wayne Murphy is due to be published in 2018.


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  1. Kevin Barr

    City Holden made it easy for Ian Cairns read the sign on the yellow Holden Torana fastback that they sponsored Ian with for the 1975 Australian Titles. The first surfer that I knew of with a car sponsorship.

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