WA Surfing Identities – Then & Now images #3

This is a collection of Old and New images of WA surfing identities from various photographers.

Series #3 contains images of the following surfers:-

  1. Murray Smith
  2. Barry Day
  3. Tom Collins
  4. Melanie Redman – Carr
  5. Ian ‘Prive’ Morris
  6. Jim ‘Lik’ McKenzie
  7. Norm Bateman
  8. Peter Dyson

Murray ‘Muzz’ Smith – retiree Yallingup/Exmouth

Left: 1970 Muzz building surfboards in old laundry at Prevelly Park, Margaret River. Jim Breadsell pic

Right: 2013 Muzz and Peter ‘Spook’ Bothwell chatting in bus stop at Yallingup Beach. Jim King pic.

Barry ‘Baz’ Day – retiree Halls Head suburb of Mandurah.

Left: 1972 Baz competing in State Surf Titles held at Yalls. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2008 ‘Aloha’ Baz relaxing at Quindalup. Loz Smith pic.

Tom Collins – retired surf photographer Karridale

Left: 1972 Tom Collins on Kalbarri surf trip. Tom Collins pic.

Right: 2013 Tom and Pat Collins with Jim King at Karridale. Jim King pic.

Melanie Redman-Carr – school teacher Yallingup

Left: 1988 Melanie (age 13) at Yallingup. Redman family pic.

Right: 2017 Melanie with son Wyatt at Yallingup. Jim King pic.

Ian ‘Prive’ Morris – retiree Dunsborough.

Left: 1976 skinny Prive on surf trip to Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka. Prive pic.

Right: 2017 Prive on retiree seat at Yallingup. Jim King pic.

Jim ‘Lik’ McKenzie – retiree Dunsborough

Left: 1960 James ‘Lik’ (14) camping under melaleucas at Yalls with Murray Smith in hammock.  James ‘Lik’ pic.

Right: 2004 YalMal 20th celebrations Bowtie & Boardies ball held at Surfside. L-R  Peter Dyson, Julie Angel & Jim ‘Lik’. Loz Smith pic.

Norm Bateman – architect Trigg.

Left: 1975 Sandie and Norm Bateman modelling in Ocean Wet Suits promotion at Trigg. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2014 Surfing WA 50 Year Anniversary held at Margs. L-R Ric Chan, Norm Bateman, George Simpson & Ric Gath. Jim King pic.

Peter ‘Dyso’ Dyson – retiree Bali.

Left: 1965 Peter Dyson lead singer of popular Perth band ‘The Banned’. Peter Dyson pic.

Right: 2015 siblings Nina Jones and Peter Dyson at YBC reunion held at Caves House. Loz Smith pic.

Some of the crew have worn well, others are a little weathered. They may not be as polished in the water these days, but most of them are still surfing & having fun!

Enquire on Surfing Down South web site to view previous Then & Now images.

Coming soon WA Surfing Identities – Then & Now images #4.


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