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1971 Deep Purple concert at Beatty Park Aquatic Centre – images by Ric Chan

In 1971 the British hard rock group Deep Purple first visited Australia as part of a ground breaking, sell-out package tour with Free and Manfred Mann, supported by local Santana-inspired Latin-rock band Pirana.

The tour played four states in as many days, breaking all previous attendance records for rock shows in Australia.

The tour played to a capacity crowd for one night in Perth at Beatty Park Aquatic Centre on 6 May 1971 before heading over east.

Deep Purple Line-Up

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Rock_World_Tour

Photo-Journo Ric Chan was there to capture the action for the Independent Newspaper and surfer/music buff Tom Blaxell was there to enjoy the music.

Tom Blaxell – This was truly an awesome line up for little ole Perth. Deep Purple were of course the big attraction though and they fully outshone the fore runners Free and Manfred Mann.

Images #1 PIRANA – local support band. Ric Chan pics.

Tom Blaxell – Good work Ric. My biggest memory of you was at the Deep Purple gig at Beatty Park. Smoke over the Water, you laying down next to the pool straining to get a water shot and me thinking you were going to fall in knocking some electrical gear in with you and getting electrocuted.

Image #2 DEEP PURPLE – with swimming pool in foreground. Ric Chan pic.

L-R.  Jon Lord keyboard, Ritchie Blackmore guitar, Ian Gillon vocals, Ian Paice drums, Roger Glover bass.

Images #3 DEEP PURPLE – Richie Blackmore guitar. Ric Chan pics.

Image #4 FREE – performing. Ric Chan pic.

Images #5 FREE – Paul Rodgers vocals. Ric Chan pics.

Images #6 FREE – Andy Fraser guitar – Andy started his career at age 15 with John Mayall and The Blues Breakers. Ric Chan pics.

Image #7 MANFRED MANN EARTH BAND – with Manfred on the left on keyboard. Ric Chan pic.

Images #8 MANFRED MANN EARTH BAND – members.  Ric Chan pics

Left: Australian Mick Rogers on vocals and lead guitar with drummer Chris Slade.

Right: Chris Pattendon bass guitar and vocals.

Many thanks to music aficionado Tom Blaxell for identifying the musicians and providing comments on Ric’s concert images.




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  1. Wayne Leggett

    Great stuff, this, especially as I was AT this concert. One thing, though. The gutarist in the pictures is Roger Glover, Deep Purple’s bass player, NOT Ritchie Blackmore.

    • Hi Wayne. Which photo caption is incorrect. Is Image #3 Roger Glover and not Richie Blackmore?

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