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SW waterman Rich Myers facing down time

Yallingup waterman and ace carpenter Rich Myers is having hip surgery on Dec 14 and will be out of action for some time.

Best wishes to Rich for a successful operation and a speedy recovery.

Here are some happy snaps of Rich in action in California, Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji and South West WA over the past five decades.

Photo: 1970s Rich surfing Zuma Beach California – Rich pic.

Photo: 1979 Rich surfing Puerto Escondido Mexico – Rich pic.

Photo: 1985 Rich windsurfing in Maui Hawaii – Clark Merritt pic.

Photo: 1990s Rich surfing Three Bears north of Yallingup – Kevin ‘Twiggy’ Sharland pic.

Photos: 2000s Rich towed into the last wave of the day at Cloudbreak Fiji by Kobi Abberton – Ben Kotke pics.

Photo: 2016 Rich crayfish catch Dunsborough WA – Rich pic.

Photo: 2017 Rich surfing a solid right at Yallingup – Loz Smith pic.

Photo: 2017 two legends at launch of WA Surf gallery at Aravina Estate – Bruce King pic

L-R Rich & George Simpson.

Rich has been catching as many waves and crays as he can the past few days before he goes into dry dock. He is hoping his partner Anne and friends will take him on outings to the beach during his rehab phase.

Click on this link to view 1980s Ode to Bucky by Rich Myers published 12 March 2016.

Coming soon Mexican Mayhem by Rich Myers



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