2014 70s photographs

Summer fun at Windmills

Windmills surf break at Cape Naturaliste is a sand bottom fun wave. It breaks on a low swell with off-shore winds and the sand banks are usually best in the summertime.

The surf break was named after an old windmill that operated high on the hill overlooking the waves.

In the late 60s and 70s surfers accessed Windmills via Sugarloaf Road. They parked their cars in a dirt car park on the hill and carried their surfing gear down through coastal shrub to access the waves at Windmills.

It was not an easy climb back up the hill after a late surf, if you lost your bearings you could miss the car park and continue on bush bashing up the hill. There was no coastal walk track back then.

Editor – Windmills was uncrowded in the early 70s. I remember one time I sitting on the beach in my boardies after a surf and an attractive topless girl walked up to me and asked me “if I had the time”……Ha!  The girl sat with me and we had a chat, we were the only ones on the beach and it capped off a nice day at Windmills.

Photo: 1972 Surf photographer Ric Chan with his gold coloured Kombi in the old Windmills car park on the hill. Image Ric Chan.

Beach users now access Windmills surf break on a dirt track from Cape Naturaliste Road. There is a beach front car park with lookout, pathway, eco toilet facilities…………and crowds.

This is a collection of March 2014 Windmills surfing images by Jim King.

Photo: 2014 Cassia Haegele (Exmouth) surfing Windmills.

Photo: 2014 Claire Bevilacqua surfing Windmills.

Photo: 2014 Claudia Goncalves (pro surfer Brazil) and film crew arriving at Windmills.

Photo: 2014 Claudia Goncalves (Brazil) surfing Windmills with water camera man.

Photo: 2014 unidentified surfer ‘poise on the nose’ at Windmills.

Photo: 2014 colourful Floyd Irvine enjoying himself at Windmills.

Photo: 2014 Jay Davies flying at Windmills.

Photo: 2014 Sam Tucker ripping at Windmills.

Photo: 2014 unidentified surfer at Windmills.

Photo: 2014 unidentified surfer at Windmills.

Coming soon Windmills surf break in the 80s by Anthony ‘Ace’ Smith



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