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Midge and his old mates

Former City Beach surfer Michael ‘Midge’ Semple regularly surfed in the south west in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

In his early days at City Beach he surfed with the likes of Baz Day, Stewart & Craig Bettenay, Jim & Bruce King, Ross Utting and Jeff ‘Re’ Marshall. He was a popular member of the City Beach Surfriders Club (CBSR).

Photo: 1966 Midge with CBSR crew in front of City Beach Tea Rooms. Jim King pic.

L-R Dave Kennedy, Russell Hately, Bruce King, Brian ‘Browneyes’ Brown, Midge Semple, Robert ‘Digger’ Dolphin, Rob Farris, Kevin O’Dwyer and Norm Bateman.

Photo: 1967 Midge with CBSR crew at Mandurah. Trevor Burslem pic.

A young Midge (standing) being mischievous in Mandurah car park with Steve (Sheepdog) Cockburn, Norm Bateman, Rob Farris, Copper Franks, Kevin O’Dwyer, Peter (Dribs) Collett and others.

1967 Midge Semple & CBSR crew at Mandurah Trevor Burselm pic

Midge has lived in Queensland since the early 80’s and was “lost” to us for over 30 years until WA ex-pat and now Noosa resident Gary ‘Gooselegs’ Vaughan tracked him down in central Queensland 7 or 8  years ago.

Since Gooselegs “found” Midge, he has done a couple of trips back west to catch up with his old mates and do a bit of surfing and fishing down south.

This is a collection of images from Midge’s WA trips.

Photos: 2010 City Beach Surf Riders club reunion. Bruce King pics.

Top: (Left) Kevin O’Dwyer, Steve Cockburn and Midge. (Right) Bruce King, Kevin O’Dywer, Steve Cockburn, Midge, Michael Martino, Rob Farris, Ross Utting, Dennis Franks and David Moss.

Bottom: (Left) Midge, Steve Cockburn, Brian Cleaver, Dennis Franks and Rob Farris. (Right) Dennis Franks, Ross Utting, David Moss, Midge, Kevin O’Dywer, Steve Cockburn and Bruce King.

Photos: 2011 City Beach Surf Riders club reunion.

Top: (Left) Midge with Craig Bettenay (Rob Halliday & Ross Utting in background). Chris Warrener pic. (Right) Norm Kitson, Midge, Barry Day and Brian Cleaver. Bruce King pic

Bottom: (Left) Ron Moss, Dennis Franks, Midge and Bruce King. (Right) Jim King, Ron Moss and Midge. Bruce King pics.

Photos: 2010 Midge at Yallingup. Bruce King pics.

Left: Jim King, Ross Utting, Midge and Ian ‘Prive’ Morris.

Right: Midge.

Photos: 2010-11 Midge in the South West.

Left: 2010 Jeff ‘Re’ Marshall and Midge at Boranup Beach. Re Marshall pic.

Right: 2011 Andy Jones and Midge at Yalls. Bruce King pic.

2010-11 Midge with Re Marshall & Andy Jones Midge & B King pics IMG_001

Photos: 2011 Midge at Yallingup. Bruce King pics.

Left: Barry Day and Midge.

Right: Stewart Bettenay and Midge.

Photos: 2011 Midge relaxing in Dunsborough. Jim King pics.

Left: Ross Utting, Midge and Kath King.

Right: Midge and Bruce King having a cuppa on the deck.

Midge has family on the East Coast and is settled in Queensland.





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