WA Surfing Identities – Then & Now images #5

This is a collection of Old and New images of WA surfing identities from various photographers.

Series #5 contains images of the following surfers:-

  1. Phil Taylor
  2. Tom Blaxell
  3. Tina Daly & Jeanne Abbott
  4. Mark Hills
  5. Laurie ‘Loz’ Smith
  6. Gary Greirson
  7. Peter ‘Rinso’ Wise
  8. Jim Keenan

Phil Taylor – Surf Tour Guide East Coast

Left: 1970 Phil Taylor and Jim King at State Titles Yallingup. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2009 Phil Taylor at Strickland Bay Rottnest. Phil Taylor pic.

Tom Blaxell – Marine dealer Hillarys Boat harbour.

Left: 1971 Tom in his Blaxell Surfboards factory at Osborne Park. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2015 Tom in the Maldives with the first World Surfing Champion, the late Bernard ‘Midget’ Farrelly. Tom pic.

Tina Wilson (nee Daly) & Jeanne Darcy (nee Abbott) – Retirees Geraldton and Mandurah respectively.

Left: 1963 Cottesloe Tina Daly, Jeanne Abbott & Stef Meyer. WA Newspaper pic

Right: 2016 Quindalup Jeanne, Peter Dyson and Tina Wilson. Loz Smith pic.

Mark ‘Hillsy’ Hills – Retail Manager Yahoo Surfboards

Left: 1967 Tania and son Mark in Yallingup lagoon. Cliff Hills pic.

Right: 2016 Mark at Yahoo Surfboards Dunsborough. Mark Hills pic.

Laurie ‘Loz’ Smith – photographer, painter, artist Quindalup.

Left: 1986 Yalls Yal Mal Classic Loz with GL shaped Santosha Malibu – Loz Smith pic

Right: 2016 Yalls Rich Myers with partner Anne and Loz at YBC reunion Caves House – Bruce King Pic.

Gary ‘Gaz’ Grierson – retiree Dunsborough.

Left: 1967 Gary Greirson (age 17) with his FC Holden & 11ft Hawke Surfboard at Melville. Gaz Greirson pic.

Right: 2015 Sam Sadleir and Gary Greirson on retirement seat at Yalls. Bruce King pic.

Peter ‘Rinso’ Wise – Traveller Oz & Indo

Left: 1975 Rinso travelling on the East Coast OZ. Rinso pic.

Right: 2013 Wayne Lynch (Vic) and Rinso at Yallingup. Bruce King pic.

Jim Keenan – Retiree Sorrento

Left: 1960 sea wall Manly NSW.

L-R. Joe Larkin (surfboard & film maker), Chris ‘Batman’ Steinburg, Colin ‘Moose’ White, Brian Cole and Jim Keenan. Jim Keenan pic

Right: 2015 Jim on his daily swim at Hillarys Boat Harbour. Jim Keenan pic.

Some of the crew have worn well, others are a little weathered. They may not be as polished in the water these days, but most of them are still surfing & having fun!

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Coming soon WA Surfing Identities – Then & Now images #6.


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