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1982 Surf trek to the Taj Mahal

In 1982 Scarborough surfers Russell Quinlivan and Charlie ‘Dingbat’ Palella spent some time surfing the waves in India; having bumped into each other at another surf spot whilst travelling separately throughout South East Asia.

While in India, Russell had his photo taken with his surfboard at the Taj Mahal. Missing photos include the surfboard floating along the Taj Mahal ‘water feature’

Photo: 1982 Russell Quinlivan with his surfboard at the Taj Mahal. Charlie Palella pic.

It is not known exactly where the boys discovered waves whilst in India. Russell mentioned surfing at other places such as Nias and Sri Lanka on that same trip.

Sadly Russell passed away in Busselton in 2015 and we are not aware of Charlie’s exact whereabouts.

Many thanks to Peta Quinlivan for sharing the image which she recently received from Charlie via post. Ironically, Russell had been trying to locate the photos of his board at the Taj Mahal for several years prior to his death.


4 comments on “1982 Surf trek to the Taj Mahal

  1. G’day Derryn, yeah mate we found some surf. Beach breaks mostly, nothing over head Highs though. Just surfing anywhere is a buzz,but when you get an audience on the beach it’s weird. Goa is known for it’s beach breaks , nothing special but cool just being there. I reckon Google surf India youtube mate and judge for yourself…ok ? Kovalam is cool too. You gotta remember that was 1982, just a blip ago..

  2. Russell (“Quinny”) and I certainly had a great time on that trip. Anyone who claims to have known Russell would tell you that he was an incredible guy who knew how to have fun. We had a fantastic time, and I can say that the memories are full of Happy times eg the time he woke me in the middle of the night in Arugam Bay Sri Lanka to tell me there was a cobra in our Hut, “yeah sure Russ, was my response. Go back to sleep mate” . Indeed, he was right, as the compound owner’s dog had killed a 5 foot cobra, and was proudly displaying said snake to all…
    That pic at the Taj was hilarious, as the locals kept asking what Russ was doing with a “boat” in the middle of India.He tried to explain what a surfboard was, to muted whispers and curious stares from the crowd that had gathered.
    So to the memories that are clouded in so much smoke ! Innocent and Fun times with a guy who loved surfing so much, as the pic says.

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