60s photographs

Surfmobile Saturday – 1967 Choko’s VW sedan

Scarborough surfer Rod Slater and his surfing mates David ‘Buttsy’ Purcell and Choko shifted down south in 1967 to go surfing.

Rod took this photo of Buttsy with Choko and his Vee-Dub sedan in Yallingup Beach car park in 1967. Surfside Store holiday accommodation units, Valley Road and an undeveloped Yallingup hill can be seen in the background.

1967 Yalls Buttsy and Choko with VW in car park

VW’s were as good as 4wd’s on dirt tracks back in the day.

In early 1968 the boys couldn’t afford to live in the South West any longer and returned to the big smoke to work and raise funds for their next surf trip.

Thanks for the pic, Rod

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