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‘The Dazzling Young Riders’ Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward images #2 Cottesloe Beach

Greg Woodward was a WA surf photographer and writer from 1966 to 1974.

He photographed in Perth, Mandurah and Cape Naturaliste and contributed photos and articles to the then brand new OZ surf magazine called ‘Surf International’.

Click on this link to view Greg Woodward surf photographer profile published 26 April 2017.

In May this year, Greg held an exhibition of his beach life photos. The exhibition titled ‘The Dazzling Young Riders’ was held at Nyisztor Studios, 391 Canning Highway Melville/Palmyra from 6-21 May 2017.

There were approximately 80 images in the exhibition, about a third of which were guys surfing. The rest were beaches, waves, bikinis, sunbathers and a few portraits.

Greg has kindly allowed Surfing Down South to display some of his 1960-70s photos.

This is the second instalment of images from Greg’s exhibition.


1966-76 Cottesloe Beach images by Greg Woodward.


Photo #1. 1966 Ian Cairns (Southern Surf Riders Board Club) competing in a surfing contest at The Isolated, Cottesloe.


Photo #2. 1966 Ian Cairns competing in a surfing contest at The Isolated, Cottesloe.


Photos #3. 1966 Unidentified surfer at The Isolated, Cottesloe.


Photo #4. 1967 Cottesloe surfer Eleanor Proud (dec’d) modelling for Greg Woodward article in Surf International magazine.


Photo #5. 1968 Craig Bettenay (City Beach Board Club) surfing on a modified coolite at Cottesloe.


Photo #6. 1972 Body Surfer at Cottesloe.


Photo #7. 1973 The Pylon at Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #8. 1973 crowd at Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #9. 1973 strolling on the promenade at Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #10. 1974 Sunbaking at Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #11. 1974 Cottesloe pavilion and beach.


Photo #12. 1974 Cottesloe Beach frolic


Photo #13. 1974 picnic on Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #14. 1974 High heels on Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #15. 1974 no surf day at Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #16. 1974 picket fence at Cottesloe.


Photo #17. 1974 Cottesloe pavilion.


Photo #18. 1976 Windsor outdoor cinema at Nedlands.


Photo #19. 1972 coming storm at Cottesloe.


Greg is now retired and lives with his wife Anne in Perth.

Click on this link to view The Dazzling Young Riders’ Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward images #1 Scarborough Beach 

Coming soon ‘The Dazzling Young Riders’ Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward images #3 Trigg Beach.


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2017 YBR Single Fin Theory contest images by Loz Smith

Yallingup Boardriders (YBR) 18th Single Fin Theory event was held Saturday 7 Oct 2017 in blustery conditions at Injidup car park.

Competitors rode their own pre 80s original single fin surfboards or chose from a quiver of retro single fin surfboards made available for the event by Margaret River’s Bill Gibson.

The standard of surfing was high and the boys were competitive.

Congratulations to Chris ‘Chapstar’ Chapman, Aaron ‘Tony’ Carr and Paul ‘Antman’ Paterson for running the successful community based event.

Retired Pro surfer Taj Burrow won the event from Marty Chandler, Tim Hawken and Antman.

Click on this link to view Viv Davidson’s article Taj trims to victory in single fin in the Busselton-Dunsborough Mail Oct 11.

Many thanks to SW surfer/photographer Laurie ‘Loz’ Smith for sharing his photos of the 2017 event.

1. Surf Contest Injidup Car Park

Photos #1: Contest officials and spectators.

Top: (Left) Rainbow over Injidup bay. (Right) spectators on the viewing deck

Bottom: (Left) contest officials in tent. (Right) Judges view of surf line-up.

Photos: #2 Antman ripping in all weather conditions

Photos #3:  Contest winner Taj Burrow.

Top: (Left) Taj selecting a Sunrise Surfboard by Dappa from Bill Gibson’s vintage surfboard collection. (Right) Taj with Dappa board on the steps at Inji.

Bottom: (Left) Taj floater (Right) Taj snap.

Photo #4:  Kyle Edwards air drop.

Photo# 5 Danny ‘Dog’ Paterson executing a difficult headstand manoeuvre.

Photo #6 Annual group photo – Inji car park.

Photos #7 Inji car park capers.

Top: (Left) Adz and Todd (Right) Antman, Alfie, Dave, Isaac unidentified x 2

Bottom: (Left) Aaron, Ding, Marty, unidentified. (Right) Bill Gibson and unidentified bloke who doesn’t feel the cold.

Photos# 8 Inji car park capers contd.

Top: Garth Mullumby, Toby (from Burleigh Heads) and Micko.

Bottom: (Left) Tim Hawken’s son with Damon Eastaugh. (Right) Tim Hawken with his son.

Photo #9 Finalists photo shoot pre final.

L-R Marty, Antman, Taj and Tim

Photos #10 Finalists leaving the water after the final.

Top: Marty and Antman

Bottom:  Taj and Tim.

2. Presentations Caves House Yallingup

Prize presentations were held at Caves House Yallingup.

The 40 contestants won sponsors prizes worth more than the entry fee. Even if they lost in the 1st heat, they still won a prize. The most unique part is that the winner doesn’t necessarily win the top prize, as all competitors go into a Lotto style draw to collect their prize. Finalists won addition prizes. Chapstar’s custom made single fin was the most sort after prize.

Photo # 11 Chappy finishing the prize Chapstar single fin surfboard.

Photos #12: Contest prizes and winners

Top: (Left) Contest prizes (Right) custom trophies made by Luke ‘Skully’ Sutherland

Bottom: (Left) Bill Gibson won a bike. (Right) Alfie Carter won the Chapstar surfboard.

Photos #13: Winner and grinners

Left: winner Taj with trophy

Right: grinners Mark McKinnon, Jason Simpson and Danny ‘Dog’ Paterson.

Yallingup Boardriders thanked the local Surf Industry and community for supporting the SFT event.

Click on these links to view more YBR Single Fin Theory material.

2015 YBR Single Fin Theory contest published 1 Nov 2015

Yallingup Boardriders Club Facebook page


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1988 Yallingup Malibu Surf Classic social images by Jo Felton

The annual Yallingup Malibu Surf Classic (Yal Mal) has been running continuously since 1985.

In 1988 the contest was held in good waves at Yallingup and SW surfing legend Bob Monkman won the first of his four Yal Mals.

On the Saturday Night a Mal Function was held at Yallingup Hall.

Contest presentations were held at the Sunday Session in the beer garden at Caves House Yallingup.

Image: Cover of 1988 Yal Mal contest program.

Dunsborough’s Johanne ‘Jo’ Felton attended the ’88 Yal Mal and provided these social photos of the Mal Function and contest presentations.

Part 1. Mal Function held at Yallingup Hall.

Photo #1 Revellers enjoying drinks.

L-R Jenny Felton, Tania Hills, Maxine and Kenny Gimm and Alan Cough (dec’d).

Photos #2 Revellers

Mark Hills (age 22)“In 1988 I was so busy opening Hillzeez Surf Shop at Yallingup Beach (in the former Bali Hai Surf Hut) I don’t even remember attending the Mal Function.

Top: (Left) Deb Hills (Right) Prive dancing with Annie Malcolm and Gina Panonne. In the back ground are Ross Thompsett in yellow t-shirt and Robin Stevens

Bottom: (Left) Mark and Deb Hills with unidentified. (Right) surf photographer Kevin ‘Twiggy’ Sharland (dec’d).

Photos #3 Revellers.

Top: (Left) Brian Felton (dec’d) Jo’s dad trying to co-ordinate his feet on the dance floor. (Right) Mark Hills and unidentified revellers.

Bottom: (Left) Natalie Fuhrmann and Rob Stevens. (Right) Karen and Ron Baker.

Photos #4 Mal Function workers and revellers.

Yallingup residents Tony Chandler and Garth Hammond were barmen at the Mal Function.

Evan Hammond – I was there. I recall my dad and Tony having a great time drinking one for one with each other”. 

Top: (Left) Barmen Tony Chandler and Garth Hammond (dec’d). (Right) The stage set up with sound equipment.

Bottom: (Left) unidentified and Mark Hills. Karen Lloyd in the background. (Right) Deb and Tania Hills.

Part 2. Contest Presentations held at the Sunday Session in the beer garden at Caves House Yallingup.

Jo Felton – “El Toro Tequila sponsored the event. At the presentation the finalists were provided with the sponsors Lick-Sip-Suck t-shirts and El Toro boardies. All the guys were great mates, so I yelled out “better drop your pants and put on your new gear.” The crowd cheered and the boys being good sports dropped their daks and I jumped in and had my photo taken with them.”

Photo #5 Jo with Yal Mal Finalists.

L-R Dave Campbell, Ron Baker, Jo, Twiggy, George Simpson and Dave Sheen.

Photos #6 Finalists changing into their El Toro sponsor outfits.

Photo #7 Ian ‘Mitch’ Mitchell sitting on George Simpson with the other finalists looking on.

Photos #8 Contestants and spectators at the presentation.

Top: (Left) finalist Ron Baker collecting his award. (Right) Karen Baker and Belinda with Ron Baker.

Bottom: (Left) Belinda with Tania, Deb and Tash Hills and others. (Right) Scotty Richardson with Mark Hills.

Many thanks to Jo for sharing her photos.

Click on this link to view Yallingup Malibu Classic since 1985 published 2 December 2016.

The 2017 Yallingup Malibu Classic will be held 2 and 3 December at Yallingup Beach.


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1974 Ian Cairns ‘Professional Surfer’ Profile

In 1974 WA’s most spectacular and successful surfer Ian Cairns embarked on a career as a Professional Surfer.

Ian produced a ‘Professional Surfer’ profile documenting his background and surfing achievements and sought sponsorship from the establishment.

This article contains images of Ian’s ‘Professional Surfer’ folder containing his profile, media articles and a pamphlet on his signature surfboard design. Thanks to Barry Young of Yallingup for sharing this material with Surfing Down South.

Image #1 1974 Cover of Ian’s Professional Surfer profile.

Image #2 1974 Page 1 of Ian’s Professional Surfer profile.

Image #3 1974 Page 2 of Ian’s Professional Surfer profile.

Image #4 1974 Back cover of Ian’s Professional Surfer profile.

Image #5 1974 Ian’s “The Hawaiian Model” surfboard pamphlet.

Image #6 Ian’s surfing media articles.

Ian’s professional surfer profile bore fruit locally. In 1974 the Bond Corporation sponsored his surfing activities. Ian publicised surfing as a part of Bond Corporation’s huge resort development called ‘Sun City’ on the Yanchep coast north of Perth. See Doug White’s surf column below.

Image #7 1974 Doug White’s Wave Length column courtesy of The Sunday Times.

In 1976 Ian was runner-up in the World Surfing Championships and joined up with 1976 World Champion Peter Townend QLD and Mark Warren NSW in The Bronzed Aussies. The BA’s were a talented surfing troupe created to further the cause of professional surfing. They were the first group of commercial surfers in the early days of professionalism.

Ian won major surfing contests in Hawaii including the Smirnoff Pro event at Sunset Beach from Hawaiian Jeff Hakman in December 1973, the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship in 1975 and World Cup events in 1976 and 1980.

Ian’s Biography by author Wayne Murphy is due to be published in 2018.


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1964 East Coast surf trip by Ernie Potter

In 1964 a large contingent of WA surfers headed to the East Coast of OZ to watch the first World Surfboard Championship and surf it’s fabled right hand point waves.

It worked out well, Australia’s Midget Farrelly won the inaugural World Surfboard Championship held at Manly and the WA representatives Alex Kochanowitsch and Barry King got as far as semis in the Australian Surfboard Championships.

Image: 1964 Surfboard Title to Farrelly article with results. Image courtesy of WA Newspapers.

City Beach surfers Ernie Potter, Charlie Roper and Peter Davis drove over the Nullarbor to NSW after the surfboard championships.

They joined up with Terry Jacks, Peter Docherty, Brian Cole, Jim Keenan, Cliff Hills, Keith Campbell, Dave Aylett and a pod of other WA surfers who had made the trip.

The WA boys had a great time socialising and surfing east coast waves from NSW to Queensland.

These are Ernie Potter’s holiday photos from the ’64 East Coast surf trip.

Ernie- Murray Gill, the guy sitting to my left in the following photo went on to become a very well-known and successful WA artist. A few years, ago after a long battle with the city council, he opened “Juanita’s Bar” one of Perth’s first “small” bars on Rokeby Road in Subiaco. It’s been a runaway success. Could go on a lot more about this. Google him. He’s a very interesting guy.

Photo: 1964 Sydney pub. Ernie Potter pic.

L-R Ernie Potter, Murray Gill, Percy Davis, Rob McFeat, John Moore and Sue Marriot.

Photo: 1964 L-R front row Percy Davis, Charlie Roper, Sue Shinkle, unknown, Ernie Potter and unknown at Chatswood Hotel in NSW. Ernie Potter pic.

Peter (Percy) DavisGreat memories of City Beach days and living in Tasman Street, Dee Why with Ernie, Charlie, Keith Campbell and a heap of guys from NSW. Thanks for the ride.

Photo: 1964 Percy Davis on Halvorson Boat Hawkesbury River NSW. Ernie Potter pic.

Photo: 1964 Dee Why Point NSW. Ernie Potter pic.

Photo: 1964 Terry Jacks, Ernie Potter and Peter Docherty with Terry’s Holden panel van at Byron Bay NSW. Ernie Potter pic.

Photos: 1964 Clark’s beach at Byron Bay NSW. Ernie Potter pics.

Left: The boy’s shack on beach.

Right: view of headland at Byron Bay.

Photo: 1964 Peter Docherty playing his guitar at Byron Bay NSW. Ernie Potter.

Photos: 1964 beaches at Byron Bay. Ernie Potter pics.

Left: Terry Jacks with his Malibu board.

Right: unidentified surfer at ‘The Pass’ surf break.

Ernie – The photo on the right shows Terry Jacks with a young lady, who is in fact his sister Jan. Jan and a friend (Dorothy Tolson) were both members of the City of Perth surf lifesaving club along with a lot of guys who made up a large percentage of WA’s early surfers. Jan and Dorothy went on a working holiday to, I think, Dunk Island. We caught up with them while at Byron Bay. A couple of months later we caught up again and the four of us made the drive back to Perth.

Photo: 1964 Cape Byron NSW. Ernie Potter pics.

Left: Terry Jacks with resident goat.

Right: Terry Jacks with his sister Jan.

Ernie – Keith Paul was a very good surfer from Queensland and went on to become Australian Open Mens Surf Champion in 1968. If you look at the dark fin on the board above Terry’s head in the following photo, there is a decal that was given to all who attended the meeting in 1964 at the old Ozone Hotel on Adelaide Terrace where the WA Surf riders association was formed. The decal was for use on boards, car windows etc. I still had mine unused in pristine condition which I gave to Mark Lane at Surfing WA in 2004 for their archives. (It may wind up in a surfing museum someday). How do you manage to keep stuff like that for so long???

Photos: 1964 Northern NSW. Ernie Potter pics.

Left: Terry Jacks, Peter Docherty and Keith Paul (QLD) with Terry’s panel van at Brunswick NSW.

Right: Peter Docherty humping into northern NSW town all set to hitchhike back to Dee Why.

Ernie – In late 1963 or early 1964, I bought a .22 rifle off Brian Cole. When Charlie Roper, Peter Davis and myself took off for the East I took it along. (Charlie also had his .22). Getting a gun back then was like buying an ice cream over the counter. Anyway, when Terry Jacks and I were up in Queensland, some rotten bludger broke into Terry’s panel van and amongst other things stole my wallet leaving me in dire financial straits. They didn’t find the rifle and I sold it to Keith Paul (I think for 5 quid) to relieve the pressure a bit. Shortly after we left Queensland and returned to WA.

Photo: 1964 Hire surf cats at Kirra Qsld. Ernie Potter pic.

Ernie – Looking back they were great times and a lot of humour.