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1976 Lou Corkill deck hand on the Contessa

In 1976 young surfer Lou Corkill worked as a deck hand on Graeme Pateman’s fishing boat Contessa out of Hamelin Bay. Lou lived in a farm house for $10 a week at Karridale with another deck hand Graham Roscoe.

Skipper Graeme Pateman moved from Mandurah to Augusta to continue fishing in mid 70s. More recently Graham did shark research for the State Government after a spate of shark attacks in the south west.

These are Louie’s recollections:-

I knew Graeme Pateman back in Mandurah, he was a cray fisherman on his other boat ‘Trimmer Wheel’. When he moved to Augusta I joined Graeme on the Contessa.

We fished for crays, shark, tuna & scale fish.

Photo: 1976 Refit of Contessa at Fremantle Yacht Club. Graeme Pateman pics

Left: Louie with shipwright building new wheel house on Contessa. Right: Relaunching Contessa after refit.

Photos: 1976 Lou fishing on Contessa. Graeme Pateman pics.

Left: Lou with big Kingie at Boranup. Right: Lou working in salt bin.

Photos: 1976 Lou fishing on Contessa. Graeme Pateman pics

Left: Lou in fashion shades Right: Lou catching herring for cray bait with Mark Atkinson and Graham Roscoe. Hamelin Island in the background.

Photos: 1976 Lou fishing on Contessa. Graeme Pateman pics

Left: Lou diving for snagged pots with Graham Rosco and Mark Atkinson at Deep Dene. Right: Lou on Contessa.

Photos: 1976 Lou fishing on Contessa. Graeme Pateman pics.

Left: Louie and Graham Rosco setting pots at the back of Hamelin Island. Right: Lou dhuie fishing Hamelin Bay.

Photos: 1976 Lou fishing on Contessa. Graeme Pateman pics.

Left: Lou going dhuie fishing with Graham Rosco and Mark Atkinson. Right: Lou night fishing on Contessa.

I surfed off the boat at Hamelin Bay, Deep Dene, Conti and Boranup. I also surfed some unnamed surf spots between Conti and Marg’s.

At other times Skipper Graeme dropped me off the cray boat and I paddled into waves at Cow Bombie & Margaret River Bombie. You can only paddle into the bombies when the swell is 10ft plus.

During this time I also surfed ‘A’ frames at Boranup Beach with WA surf legends Terry Jacks, Terry James and Jeffery ‘Re’ Marshall.

Photos: 1990s Boranup beach ‘A’ frames. Pics by Jeff ‘Re’ Marshall and Terry James.

Hamelin Island can be seen on the left in Re’s pic.

Photos: 2003 Boranup beach ‘A’ frames. Pics by Jeff ‘Re’ Marshall.

US ex patriot Leon Thomasian was the lighthouse keeper on the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse at Augusta. Our boat crew used to hang with Leon at the light house and listen to him jam on his guitar. 

Coming soon a SDS story on Leon ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ Thomasian.

Photo: 1976 Lou and Leon in the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse at Augusta. Graeme Pateman pic.

After finishing fishing I headed back up north surfing at Red Bluff with Billy Gibson and then started fishing at Port Samson. I ended up working at Argyle diamond mine and Leinster nickel mine.

Click on this link to view Longboard Lou’s Surf Adventures


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South West Marine Life images by Ian Wiese – Series #4 Sea Birds

While photographing dolphins, whales, sharks and surfers I often see sea birds and photograph them. My knowledge of sea birds is fairly rudimentary, but I am slowly learning.

In order to increase the SDS web site hit rate I will start with some images which also have sharks in them! Recently I witnessed a massive migration of wedge tailed and flesh footed shearwaters past Sugarloaf Rocks with up to 1,500 shearwaters an hour passing heading south. On one day there were large schools of baitfish, and these attracted the shearwaters, together with albatrosses, gannets, crested terns, silver gulls and whaler sharks, probably bronze whalers. They were 1.5 – 2km out to sea so the quality is not great.

Image #1. Shearwaters and other sea birds feeding on bait fish.

The black birds are shearwaters (wedgetailed and fleshfooted), the white birds on the water with dark wings are a mixture of black browed and shy albatrosses or if they have a yellow head they are Australasian Gannets, while there is an Indian yellow nosed albatross and a crested tern flying in this image.

Some years ago I was passing the ibis nesting place near Port Geographe and saw this white bellied sea eagle feeding on an ibis. Watching on were some more ibises and a whistling kite. This is a massive bird nearly as large as a wedge tail eagle.

Image #2. White bellied sea eagle.

After the eagle left the kite moved in to finish the remains, but he was interrupted by an ibis. The two took to the air and an aerial dogfight ensued. The ibis was cumbersome and the kite quickly moved into position above and behind the ibis, who by this time was looking worried.

Image #3. Kite and Ibis in aerial dog fight (Sequence 1).

Ibis #4. Kite and Ibis in aerial dog fight (Sequence 2).

The ibis is about to learn a lesson (and lose some feathers).

Image #5. Osprey with fish (1).

Image #6. Osprey with fish (2).

Image #7. Osprey with fish (3).

One of the more common birds on our coast is the Australasian Gannet. These young birds are brown but the mature adults are mostly white with dark bands on the wings (twitchers will shudder at that description!). When they dive like this they can hit the water at 100km/hr.

Images #8. Australasian Gannets.

When there are strong winds albatrosses, giant petrels and shearwaters will appear riding the winds. The albatrosses and petrels in particular glide over the water never needing to flap their wings. They bank and wheel and are almost always close to the water. Usually they are a fair distance out, but occasionally one will come close to shore.

Here is a giant petrel at Pt Picquet. They are the scavengers of the ocean.

Image #9. Giant petrel.

This is an Indian yellow nosed albatross at Pt Picquet.

Image # 10. Indian yellow nosed albatross.

This is an artic skua at Pt Picquet (dark bird). They chase and harass other birds (such as the crested tern in this photo) and get them to drop their catch.

Image # 11. Artic skua.

Nankeen Kestrels are often seen along the coast. They are a resident species. This one was at Kilcarnup.

Image # 12. Nankeen Kestrel.

Finally there are the moths. This one is a Tiger Moth

Image # 13. Vintage Tiger Moth.

Keen SW surfer Steve Millington runs Tiger Moth adventure flights from Busselton Airfield.

Click on this link to view or purchase Ian’s prints Ian Wiese’s Photography blog.

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1973-74 Steve ‘Horny’ Campbell’s Queensland surf trip

South of the river surfer Steve ‘Horny’ Campbell started getting lifts down south when he was age 15. By 1968 he was surf addicted and driving down south every weekend.

During the late 60s and early 70s Horny joined other WA surfers on the long trip across the Nullarbor to surf good waves on Phillip Island in Victoria.

Click on this link to view Horny’s 1960-70s Phillip Island surf trips published 14 June 2017.

In 1973 Horny headed north from Phillip Island in Victoria to Queensland. These are his comments and happy snaps of his East Coast surf trip.

In 1972 I drove my Yellow Kombi across the dusty Nullarbor to Phillip Island in Victoria with my Busselton girlfriend. When winter came along in Victoria my girlfriend and I headed north for warmer waters. In 1973 we surfed Byron and Lennox in NSW on route to Queensland.

Photo: 1973 ‘The Pass’ surf break at Byron Bay. Steve Campbell pic.

Photo: 1973 Lennox Head point break. Steve Campbell pic.

In Lennox there was young bloke who towed toys around the streets behind a wheel barrow. We called him Stop/Start because he was always stopping & starting. The toys included Tonka toys, graders etc. You can see his toys being towed along the road in this pic.

Photo: 1973 young bloke with his wheelbarrow and toys at Lennox. Steve Campbell pic.

In Queensland we stumbled on Caloundra and made it home. I worked as a sparky and my girlfriend got a job in a bank. I celebrated my 21st birthday at the Caloundra pub. We stayed in Caloundra for two years.

Photo: 1973 Horny’s Caloundra rental house. Steve Campbell pic.

Photo: 1973 Horny’s front yard at Caloundra with view over the beach. Steve Campbell pic.

We used to turn water sprinkles on in the front yard to attract those varmint Cane toads. Then using hockey sticks we would herd them onto the road until cars came along and ran them over. We would see how many we could get crunched in one go. We were animals!

Photo: 1973 Caloundra Beach with Bribie Island in background. Steve Campbell pic.

Bribie Island is the smallest and most northerly of three major sand islands forming the coastline sheltering the northern part of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia.

We used to walk out on the spit (on the left) and paddle across the channel to go surfing on Bribie Island.

When there was no swell in Queensland, we would drive south to Lennox and Byron in northern NSW for the weekend.

Photo: 1973 Eric McCain (WA) and Horny playing on kids swings at Caloundra. Steve Campbell pics.

Photo: 1973 Busso surfers visiting our place in Caloundra. Steve Campbell pic.

John Wright is on the right, others unidentified.

Photo: 1973 Horny and unidentified in Caloundra. Steve Campbell pic.

When we saw big storm fronts/cyclones were going to hit our part of the Coast, we would take time off work and head up the coast to Noosa. We would arrive early before the Maroochy River flooded and passage north become inaccessible. By the time the flooded river receded and other surfers got to Noosa, the swell would be on the wane and we were heading home.

Photo: 1973 Tea Tree bay wave line-up at Noosa. Steve Campbell pic.

I went on a surf trip to Double Island Point (DI) with three other guys in a VW sedan. There no waves at DI, so we decided to drive further north and camp at Rainbow Beach overnight.

We passed a ship just off the beach with Asians standing on the deck waving to us. They yelled out to us, but we couldn’t understand them. So we told them ‘we no understand’ and drove onto Rainbow Beach.

Unfortunately on route, the VW conked out and as there were mossies everywhere, the four of us slept in the VW with a lot of warm smoke! In the middle of the night we heard ‘bang, bang’ on the roof of VW. There were Asians all around car and we told them to ‘piss off’ and went back to sleep. 

The next morning we took the VW distributor apart, fixed the car and drove back along the sandy beach.

That’s when we discovered the ship had been washed ashore overnight and the Asians were seeking our help. Gulp!

Photo: 1973 Horny and mates standing next to the ship wreck near Double Island Point. Steve Campbell pic.

Photo: 1974 Horny’s kombi and unidentified Victorian surfer in the main street of Caloundra. Steve Campbell pic.

Photo: 1974 the dashboard and steering wheel on Horny’s VW Kombi. Steve Campbell pic.

In 1974 Horny and his girlfriend drove the yellow Kombi back to WA and settled in the South West.





WA Surfing Identities – Then & Now images #3

This is a collection of Old and New images of WA surfing identities from various photographers.

Series #3 contains images of the following surfers:-

  1. Murray Smith
  2. Barry Day
  3. Tom Collins
  4. Melanie Redman – Carr
  5. Ian ‘Prive’ Morris
  6. Jim ‘Lik’ McKenzie
  7. Norm Bateman
  8. Peter Dyson

Murray ‘Muzz’ Smith – retiree Yallingup/Exmouth

Left: 1970 Muzz building surfboards in old laundry at Prevelly Park, Margaret River. Jim Breadsell pic

Right: 2013 Muzz and Peter ‘Spook’ Bothwell chatting in bus stop at Yallingup Beach. Jim King pic.

Barry ‘Baz’ Day – retiree Halls Head suburb of Mandurah.

Left: 1972 Baz competing in State Surf Titles held at Yalls. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2008 ‘Aloha’ Baz relaxing at Quindalup. Loz Smith pic.

Tom Collins – retired surf photographer Karridale

Left: 1972 Tom Collins on Kalbarri surf trip. Tom Collins pic.

Right: 2013 Tom and Pat Collins with Jim King at Karridale. Jim King pic.

Melanie Redman-Carr – school teacher Yallingup

Left: 1988 Melanie (age 13) at Yallingup. Redman family pic.

Right: 2017 Melanie with son Wyatt at Yallingup. Jim King pic.

Ian ‘Prive’ Morris – retiree Dunsborough.

Left: 1976 skinny Prive on surf trip to Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka. Prive pic.

Right: 2017 Prive on retiree seat at Yallingup. Jim King pic.

Jim ‘Lik’ McKenzie – retiree Dunsborough

Left: 1960 James ‘Lik’ (14) camping under melaleucas at Yalls with Murray Smith in hammock.  James ‘Lik’ pic.

Right: 2004 YalMal 20th celebrations Bowtie & Boardies ball held at Surfside. L-R  Peter Dyson, Julie Angel & Jim ‘Lik’. Loz Smith pic.

Norm Bateman – architect Trigg.

Left: 1975 Sandie and Norm Bateman modelling in Ocean Wet Suits promotion at Trigg. Ric Chan pic.

Right: 2014 Surfing WA 50 Year Anniversary held at Margs. L-R Ric Chan, Norm Bateman, George Simpson & Ric Gath. Jim King pic.

Peter ‘Dyso’ Dyson – retiree Bali.

Left: 1965 Peter Dyson lead singer of popular Perth band ‘The Banned’. Peter Dyson pic.

Right: 2015 siblings Nina Jones and Peter Dyson at YBC reunion held at Caves House. Loz Smith pic.

Some of the crew have worn well, others are a little weathered. They may not be as polished in the water these days, but most of them are still surfing & having fun!

Enquire on Surfing Down South web site to view previous Then & Now images.

Coming soon WA Surfing Identities – Then & Now images #4.



‘The Dazzling Young Riders’ Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward images #2 Cottesloe Beach

Greg Woodward was a WA surf photographer and writer from 1966 to 1974.

He photographed in Perth, Mandurah and Cape Naturaliste and contributed photos and articles to the then brand new OZ surf magazine called ‘Surf International’.

Click on this link to view Greg Woodward surf photographer profile published 26 April 2017.

In May this year, Greg held an exhibition of his beach life photos. The exhibition titled ‘The Dazzling Young Riders’ was held at Nyisztor Studios, 391 Canning Highway Melville/Palmyra from 6-21 May 2017.

There were approximately 80 images in the exhibition, about a third of which were guys surfing. The rest were beaches, waves, bikinis, sunbathers and a few portraits.

Greg has kindly allowed Surfing Down South to display some of his 1960-70s photos.

This is the second instalment of images from Greg’s exhibition.


1966-76 Cottesloe Beach images by Greg Woodward.


Photo #1. 1966 Ian Cairns (Southern Surf Riders Board Club) competing in a surfing contest at The Isolated, Cottesloe.


Photo #2. 1966 Ian Cairns competing in a surfing contest at The Isolated, Cottesloe.


Photos #3. 1966 Unidentified surfer at The Isolated, Cottesloe.


Photo #4. 1967 Cottesloe surfer Eleanor Proud (dec’d) modelling for Greg Woodward article in Surf International magazine.


Photo #5. 1968 Craig Bettenay (City Beach Board Club) surfing on a modified coolite at Cottesloe.


Photo #6. 1972 Body Surfer at Cottesloe.


Photo #7. 1973 The Pylon at Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #8. 1973 crowd at Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #9. 1973 strolling on the promenade at Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #10. 1974 Sunbaking at Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #11. 1974 Cottesloe pavilion and beach.


Photo #12. 1974 Cottesloe Beach frolic


Photo #13. 1974 picnic on Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #14. 1974 High heels on Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #15. 1974 no surf day at Cottesloe Beach.


Photo #16. 1974 picket fence at Cottesloe.


Photo #17. 1974 Cottesloe pavilion.


Photo #18. 1976 Windsor outdoor cinema at Nedlands.


Photo #19. 1972 coming storm at Cottesloe.


Greg is now retired and lives with his wife Anne in Perth.

Click on this link to view The Dazzling Young Riders’ Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward images #1 Scarborough Beach 

Coming soon ‘The Dazzling Young Riders’ Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward images #3 Trigg Beach.