1977 Arty Sherburn first WA surfer to win an Australian Title – Updated 10 May 2017

Update 10 May 2017. See Arty Sherburn’s comments below.

Hi Jim, thank you for the article on the 1977 Aussie Titles. It brings back some fond memories.

If I remember correctly, Australia experienced its first Pilots Strike just prior to us departing.

WASRA and our Team Manager, Tony Harbison organised at very short notice a number of Hire Cars in lieu of the cancelled flights. We all met on a Wednesday morning at Trigg Point Car Park (great to see some of Ric’s Photos covering the departure) and left in convoy (sort of!) at about 11am. I remember in our vehicle(a Falcon Stn Wgn) we had Tony Hardy, Peter Davison, Blair Mikeljohn and myself. We shared the driving except for Pete who was a Junior Grom in the back whose main contribution to the journey was continually asking “are we there yet Dad?”

Thankfully the Nullarbor section was mainly sealed and we drove continuously stopping only for fuel, something to eat and the necessary “lightening of the load so to speak”. We must have thought that all the road maps were out of date because we all seemed to have a different idea of  of the short cuts and “this way is quicker” routes. As the Titles started on Saturday we were under the pump to get to Sydney by Friday so we decided to head north from South Aust up through Cobar, fuel up and beat the rest of the Crew into Sydney.Great idea except by thetime we got to Cobar (what a God forsaken place!)the town was closed including the Servo and we were out of Fuel! We had our first sleep for the trip on the forecourt of the Garage waiting for them to open, and from memory it was about about as comfortable as the floor of the Dunnie’s at Yall’s on a winters night in the early 60’s. Finally we arrived at our destination, a Caravan at North Narra Beach at around 2pm Friday, after leaving Trigg about 48 hrs earlier.

We all had a surf and were  ready for the Contest to start the next morning. Not the sort of Pre Competition preparation I would recommend but we got there on time.

Thankfully the Pilots Strike ended and the Association were able to fly us back after the Contest.

Regards Jim, keep up the good Work with the Site. Arty Sherburn.


1977 State Team Departure

The West Australian Surf Riding Assoc (WASRA) arranged a media event at Trigg Point car park prior to the departure of the ‘77 State Team to the Australian Surfing Titles in NSW.

Surf photographer Ric Chan was there to record the Team’s departure.

Photo: 1977 WA surf team members and officials at Trigg Point car park. Ric Chan pic.

Photo: 1977 WA surf team officials & sponsors at Trigg Point. Ric Chan pic.

Photo: 1977 WASRA President Tony Harbison speaking to the media at Trigg Point. Ric Chan pic.

Photo: 1977 WA judge Greg Laurenson & competitor Colin Earle at Trigg Point. Ric Chan pic.

Photo: 1977 Media and sponsors at State Team departure. Ric Chan pic.

Photo: 1977 Sponsor’s representatives at State Team departure. Ric Chan pic.

1977 Australian Surfing Titles held in NSW

Contest heats were held in stormy conditions at Warriewood, Palm Beach & Collaroy. The finals and grand finals were held in near perfect 6-8ft Narrabeen lefts and rights.

WA’s Arty Sherburn won the Senior Men’s division of the Australian Surfing Titles.

He avenged his second placing in the same event the previous year and became the first West Australian surfer to win an Australian Title after 14 years of National competition.

Photo: 1977 WASRA President Tony Harbison presenting the National Senior Men’s Title trophy to Arty Sherburn (WA) in Sydney NSW. Photo courtesy of Arty Sherburn.

Arty’s surfing mate Barry Young finished 6th in the Senior Mens and WA’s Ross O’Brien came fifth in the Kneeboard division.

In the Open division WA surfers Tony Hardy and Bruce Hocking made it into the second round semi-finals and Chris Fulston was unlucky to miss out on a berth in the final.

WA judge Greg Laurenson was rated the fourth best judge at the Titles.

Contest Results:

Open: 1. Col Smith (Sydney) 2. Col Smith (Newcastle) 3. Andrew McKinnon (Vic)

Junior: 1. Chris Bryne 2. Tom Carroll 3. Steve Wilson (all NSW).

Senior: 1. Arty Sherburn (WA) 2. C Coulsen (Vic) 3. G Black (Qld).

Kneeboard: 1. Peter Crawford 2. J Waterworth 3. G Wilson (all NSW).

Women: 1. L Goebels (Qld) 2. V Burke (NSW) 3. G Couper (Vic).

WA surf journo Randell Owens covered the National Titles in his West Coast Tubes surf column in the Sunday Independent Newspaper on 29 May 1977.

Image: 1977 Randell Owens’ coverage of the National Surf Titles. Courtesy of Arty Sherburn.

Photo: 1977 WASRA Annual Award Presentation at Karrinyup Tavern. Adrian Wilson is presenting an award to Arty Sherburn. Tony Harbison is the MC in the background. Ric Chan pic.

Arty is now retired and lives in Cowaramup in the South West. He is still a talented surfer.




1977 Hang Ten WASRA Schoolboys Surfing Champs at Trigg

Updated 11 December 2016 thanks to Stephen Koehne.

Colin Earle entered all 3 age divisions, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19, winning U/15 and U/19 and placing 2nd in U/17. I think they changed the rules after that event.

The Nationals were held in Jan 1978 at Victor Harbour and Middleton Beach, South Australia. Colin was only able to surf in one division and picked U/15 as it was the division he was most likely to win. Steve and Ant Corrigan were power-houses from Bondi and Queenslander Joe Engel dominated and won the U/19 at the Nationals. Dave Mac was on that state team in U/15 too. Dave’s dad and Bill Girdwood were team chaperones.


The 1977 Hang Ten WASRA Schoolboys Surfing Championships were held at Trigg Beach in average surf conditions. There was a large pod of WASRA officials & celebrity surfers in attendance to watch the junior talent.

Contest results are unknown, but it is understood Colin Earle won the under 17 age division.

Surf journo/photographer Ric Chan was there to capture the action in & out of the water (mainly the latter).

Photo: 1977 Contest official Ken Trainer on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Contest spectators L-R Bill Oddy, John Shanahan & Greg Laurenson. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 unidentified competitor surfing Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Trigg Beach L-R unidentified, competitor Colin Earle and spectator Steve Hannett. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 contest judges & officials on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic


Photo: 1977 Bill Oddy reflecting an image of photographer Ric Chan in his sunnies. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Contest trophies U/15 & U/17 divisions. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 unidentified spectator Trigg car park. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 contest official Arty Sherburn on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Colin Earle with contest trophies on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 WASRA official Bill Girdwood on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 WASRA officials Peter Dyson (vice President) and Tony Harbison (President) presenting trophy to Colin Earle and other winners on Trigg Beach.


If you know the results of the ’77 Hang Ten WASRA Schoolboys Surfing Championships, let us know.



1960s WA Board Clubs – Part #1 History

There was a strong Board Club culture in WA in the 60s. You had to be a member of a Board Club and be affiliated with the West Australian Surf Rider Association (WASRA formed 1964) to compete in State Surf Riding Championships.

1960s Board Clubs (This list may be incomplete).

Casuarina (Bunbury)
City Beach
Indiana (Bunbury)
Miami Surfinks
Mid Way
North Coast
North End
Sand n Sea
Southern Surfriders
Surfers Inc.
Surfers United (Albany)
West Coast
West Girls

Editor’s note: From 1953-57 Ray Geary and his surfing mates were members of the City Beach Board Club. It may be WA’s first board club and was the fore runner to the City Beach Surf Riders Club formed in 1961.

Images: 1976 Arty Sherburn’s WASRA membership card. Images courtesy of Arty Sherburn.

1970s WASRA membership card Arty Sherburn collage_photocat

Regular intra & inter club competitions provided the platform for surfers to compete and gain contest experience and rise to National & International levels, if talented enough. WA’s Ian Cairns was invited to compete in the 1970 World Surfing Titles held at Bells & Johanna beaches in Vic.

Rivalry between the Clubs was fierce in surfing competitions and social footy matches.

Successful clubs held fund raising social functions and were sponsored by local surfboard manufacturers and business organisations. They provided members with Club outfits (parkas, board shorts, t-shirts) and membership cards.

Warrain Board Club in conjunctions with media sponsors held an annual Paddle Through Perth board paddling race.

Images: 1965-69 Paddle through Perth images. Images courtesy of Len Dibben & surf journo Doug White & The Sunday Times.

Top: (Left) 1965 Paddle race contestants leaving Barrack St jetty. (Right) 1969 Doug White’s Wavelets report on ’69 paddle race.

Bottom: (Left) 1968 Paddle race contestants passing under Narrows Bridge & heading to Crawley Bay. (Right) 1968 Surfboard Manufacturer Len Dibben presenting 3rd place award to Kim ‘Dish’ Standish with Don McDonald in background.

1965-69 Paddle Through Perth images 3 collage_photocat

Most of the clubs were located in the metro area, however there were country clubs at Albany, Bunbury & Yallingup.

Some metro board clubs had the foresight to acquire Club shacks in the SW. West Coast,

Yallingup & Dolphins board clubs had club shacks at Caves House Yallingup.

Photo: 1962 West Coast Board Club shack with Laurie Burke’s FB Holden & the Ghost’s Holden panel van out front. Photo courtesy of Brian Cole.

1962 Yalls WCBC shack L Burke's FB Holden & Ghost's Holden panel van - Brian Cole pic img268

Photos: 1964 Board club shacks at Yallingup. Photos courtesy of Ernie Potter.

(Left) Dolphins shack. (Right) Yallingup & West Coast club shacks.

1964 Club shacks at Yalls Ernie Potter pics collage_photocat

North End, Southern Surf Riders & Southside board clubs had club shacks at Prevelly Park Margaret River.

Photos: Margaret River board shacks. Photos courtesy of Bill Mitchell & Murray Smith

(Left) 1964 Southside shack foundations. (Right) 1967 North End shack.

1960s Club shacks Margaret River 1 collage_photocat

Within the Club environment there were also Surf Teams sponsored by Surfboard Manufacturers. While sponsored Surf Teams were recognised, the individuals still competed for their Club in State Rounds.

Photo: 1965 Len Dibben Surf Team at Leighton Beach. Photo courtesy of Len Dibben.

L-R Rod Slater, Dave Richards, Jeff Jowlett, Steve Farbus, Teena Christon, Peter Stephens, Art Sherburn & Doug White.

1965 Len Dibben surf team Leighton Beach L-R Rod Slater,Dave Richards,Jeff Jowlett,Steve Farbus,Teena Christon,Peter Stephens,Art Sherburn,Doug White-Len Dibben pic 01

CLUB HISTORY (in alphabetical order)

City Beach Board Club 1953-57.

In 1953 Ray Geary (age 16) from Wembley started the City Beach Board Club with Graham Killen, Johnny Budge, Brian Cole and some keen surfing mates. Ray and the boys were former members of City Beach Surf Club. The owner of City Beach Tea Rooms gave the Club approval to dig out sand below the Tea Rooms and make an enclosure for Club meetings & surf board storage.  The Club had no President or Treasurer and did not hold surf competitions. Club members just surfed and had fun. Club members paid one-pound per year to cover costs of padlocks & chains etc on the enclosure. Ray was a sign writer and printed City Beach Board Club logos on t-shirts & trench coats for members.

The club folded in 1957 when club members started travelling to SW & NW waves.

Photos: 1954 Beach display article and Ray Geary, John Budge & other CBBC boys at City Beach. Images courtesy of Mandurah News, Ray Geary & John Budge.


City Beach Surf Riders Club Inc. since 1961

City Beach Surf Riders Club Inc.(CBSR) was formed in 1961 by Peter Docherty & Viv Kitson (18 year old students ex Floreat). CBSR’s Barry King (Juniors) and Zac Kochanowitsch (Mens were WA’s first State Champions in ’64. In the late 60s Whisky-a-Go Go nightclub sponsored CBSR. The club is still operating today.

Images: CBSR memorabilia courtesy of Ron Moss & King family.

(Left) 2000 CBSR life membership Ron Moss.

(Middle) 1967-68 Bruce King with club memorabilia & FJ Holden sponsored by Whisky-a-Go Go night club.

(Right) Mid 1960s CBSR membership card & Competition Team sew-on badge & 1967-68 CBSR Club Calendar.

1960s cbsr memorabilia 6 collage_photocat

Cottesloe Board Club

Dalkeith surfer Peter Dyson was a junior member of the Cottesloe Board club in the early 60s before he defected to the Yallingup Board Club in 1966.

Peter de Bruin – In 1969-70 Cottesloe board club was re-formed by a breakaway group who were former members of Tarni Board club. The first meetings were held at the Quakenbush household (Earl and Guy). I was the first president of the newly formed club.

Dolphins Surf Riders Club

Photos: 1960s Dolphins Surf Riders Club emblem & signed t-shirt. Photos courtesy of Jim McFarlane.

1960s Dolphins memorabilia collage_photocat

Surfari Board Club 1963-66

Surfaris were set up as a purely social like-minded group of Cottesloe surfers in 1963 before folding and dissipating into separate ways in 1966.

Surfari members included Noel Sweeny, John Ventouras, Bill Oddy, John Balgarnie, Ray O’Neil, Trevor Baskerville, Russ Chapman, Trevor Orr, Graeme Copley, Barry Cain, John Pozzi & Michael Bibby.

Noel SweenyIt was great times for us all. John Ventouras, Trevor Baskerville, Russell Chapman, Bill Oddy & I still get together once or twice a year over coffees and loads of bullshit at Lido in Cottesloe.

Miami Surf Board Club

Photos: 1965 State & Club Womens Champ Teena Christon with her trophies and Tom Collin’s 2nd Club Mens Champs trophy.

1965 Miami Board Club Teena's & Tom's trophies collage_photocat

Mid-Way Board Club

Photos: 1964-65 Mid Way Board Club’s Arty Sherburn with his Dibben & Cole surfboard & home-made Mid Way Board Club wettie. Photos courtesy of Arty Sherburn.

1964-65 Arty Sherburn & Mid Way wettie collage_photocat

North Coast Surf Riders Club

North Coast Surf Riders Club was formed by ex Scarborough surfers Robin Sutherland, Greg Laurenson and Mike Wynne in 1969.

Errol Considine – My brother Jeff was the first President of the Club… and he designed the first club logo & cut the silk screen at home for the t-shirts – which were chocolate brown with an orange logo….both very cool colours then. I think Jeff & Gooselegs came up with the ‘69’ thing – naughty boyz!

I remember one North Coast Club comp on a Sunday at Halls Head with perfect 1-2 foot long left handers….it was a big swell and Southerly wind…and bloody freezing – that was before they built the groynes at the nearby mouth of the Mandurah estuary….have never seen waves at Halls Head again!!– Place getters Mike Wynne 1st and Bob Monkman 2nd.

Russell Quinliven, from Scarborough was a Junior member….I remember the boys got Russell (who was about 12 or 13, or maybe 14) really drunk at a club Sunday arvo keg….we took him home to Scarborough in Jeff’s Mini and kicked him out near Luna Park and I vividly remember him.

Photos: 2015 the late Russell Quinlivan modelling the North Coast ‘69’ t-shirt. Photos courtesy of Peta Quinlivan.

2015 North Coast Surfers 69er T-Shirt IMG_001

Tarni Board Club

Tarni and City Beach board clubs held regular inter-club surfing comps and an annual footy match at Yanchep Oval.

Images: Howard Smith images courtesy of Sunday Times surf journo Doug White and Howard Smith.

(Left) 1969 Howard Smith elected President of Tarni Board Club. (Right) 2011 former Tarni President Howard Smith holidaying in Maldives with Ken Howie on the right.

1969-2011 Howard Smith Tarni & City Beach collage_photocat

West Girls Board Club

In 1963 Cottesloe surfers Tina Daly, Jeanne Abbott & Stefanie Meyers were members of the West Girls Board Club. This was WA’s first all girl’s board club.

Images: 1960s West Girls Board Club members. Left: Stefanie Meyers, Right: (Top) Jeanne Abbott (Bottom) West Girls & others at 1964 (first) State Titles held at Yalls. Images courtesy of Jeanne Abbott & WA Newspapers.


Yallingup Board Club

Yallingup Board Club (YBC) was formed in the early 60’s by a group of mainly Cottesloe based surfers. Colin Cordingley was President of YBC and an inaugural member. Cordingley Surfboards sponsored Yallingup Board Club.

Photos: YBC courtesy of A Orloff Studios Fremantle, Tina Wilson, Colin Morris & Peter Bothwell.

Top: 1964 undefeated YBC Club photo & club parka.
Bottom: 1960s Colin Morris’s YBC membership card & 1966 front door step YBC shack at Yalls on demolition day.

1960s YBC memorabilia collage_photocat

Interest in Board Clubs started to wane during the 70s with surfers moving down south and to other region’s seeking solitude in the waves.

Coming soon 1960s WA Board Clubs Part #2 Photo Galleries




1960s Southern Surf Riders shack story by Dave Simmons

In the 1960-70s Dave Simmons was a talented Cottesloe surfer and a member of the Southern Surf Riders Club.

Dave’s comments & story follows:-

Hi to Sue-Lyn, Pete Bothwell, Barry Day, Barry Young, Artie Sherbs & Boz. I was kindly invited to the last Southern Surf Riders Reunion, but you know me, I kind put my foot in it – typical of me. Tell Artie I ended up getting very disillusioned with the surf scene as it is this days and not long after that reunion I gave it away – never thought I would! That’s up until now. I really must, for my health’s sake get right back into it. Just made myself a 5’10 Ted Spencer ‘spoon’ just like the old days. All this shark business frightens the hell out of me. I’ll have to save up for a Katana Surf Safe shark deterrent.

Photo: 1978 Margaret River Rowing Regatta. Dave Simmons is on the right in printed shirt. Ric Chan pic.

1978 Marg River Regatta Dave Simmons cropped1 - Ric Chan 065

My old buddie Giles Gieger I miss. Giles quite often came around to where Mum, me and Liz were living in Walter St. Claremont for a ride down to the Isolated in my old FJ. I was always practicing Classical Guitar out on the back lawn and Giles would turn up for a cuppa and a chat before we headed off.

I heard a story he’s married a Balinese orchestral violinist or something and that he was an Opal Merchant or something.

Photo: 1970 State Titles at Yallingup L-R unknown, Skullcap, Giles, Rod Slater & Steve ‘Sheepdog’ Cockburn. Ric Chan pic.

1970 Yalls State Titles Skullcap, Giles, Slater & Sheepdog - R Chan img400

Here’s a story you might like……..

Southern Surf Riders shack

The old Southern Surf Riders Club had a shack at Prevelly in the late 60s. I was staying there with Giles Gieger, Ian ‘Cairnsy’ Cairns, Arty Sherburn and the crew.

Photo: 1966 Southern Surfriders at Halls Head Mandurah. Back: I Cairns, J Collis, P Stephens, D Ellis, J Rousell. Front: G Smith, M Jones, A Cook, J Jones, A Sherburn, E Warner, J Law, M Layzell – Mick Layzell pic

My beautiful picture

Cairnsy and a few of us got a really bad case of Gastro. I think all he was eating was Corn Flakes with no milk for weeks. We all ran out of the cash that our Mum’s gave us. Cairnsy ended up in the Margaret River Hospital, if my memory serves me correctly.

Photo: 1968 Cottesloe Beach L-R John ‘Jacko’ Jackovich, Ian Cairns & Arty Sherburn. Rod Taylor pic.

1968 Cottesloe Beach Jacko Surf Team. Jacko, Ian Cairns & Arty Sherburn - Rod Taylor pic.IMG_001

Anyway one morning, we were laying there moaning out loud like sick dogs. A newly in love couple intending to get married, they must have been friends one of the members or something, decided to make themselves a lover’s breakfast in the midst of the typically disorganised messy squaller inside the shack. Back then, that was par for the course if you were down there to SURF. And to surf … WE WERE.  As the couple began preparing their breakfast, I think it might have been Giles let forth with a huge groan bellowing his detest for the lousy way he felt that morning, as did all of us.

“Arrgggghhhh  F_ _ k !”  Giles groaned.

The young lady turned to Giles and growled very angrily.  “I BEG YOUR PARDON!!!”

Cairnsy replied. “You heard ‘im…., he said   F_ _k.”

Everybody cracked up. Even though about the only laughs we guys were having right about then – were at the ground.

Dave Simmonds.

PS There is another Dave & Giles surf trip story in the pipeline



1960s Miami Bay near Mandurah

In the 60s Mandurah beaches were popular with metro surfers. Local surf beaches included Long Point, Surf Beach, Stewart St, Halls Head, Bitumen, Miami Bay, Geary’s Shack, Avalon Point & Tim’s Thicket.

Veteran surfboard manufacturer Len Dibben remembers fun waves hitting the point and wrapping into Miami Bay.

Len Dibben: “I first went surfing at Miami in 1956-7 with other Fremantle guys. We learnt to surf at Miami & Avalon on wooden hollow boards. There was a crowd of us girl friends to boot. We used to take umbrellas with eskys full of food & surf the little waves inside the reef at Avalon as well as the small point at Miami. When I met the boys at Cottesloe I would tell them about the waves down there, but they were sceptical until one day about 1959, when we organized a surf trip to Mandurah & surfed great waves at Gearys”.

Photo: 1967 Miami Bay car park with Store and Petrol Bowser at rear of car park. Photo courtesy of Len Dibben.

1967 Miami (Falcon) Bay car park - Len Dibben pic

Photo: Early 60s girls & boys enjoying fun Malibu waves at Miami Bay . Photo credit Len Dibben.

1960s Miami Bay Mandurah surfing - Len Dibben pic

Photo: 1963 Arty Sherburn loading surfboards on his parent’s car at Miami Bay. Photo credit Arty Sherburn.

1963 Mandurah Miami Point Arty Sherburn with mum & dad - Arty Sherburn pic

Teena Christon (WA State Women’s Surfing Champion 1965-67) lived and surfed at Miami in the 60s. Her parents built and ran the Miami Store located on Falcon Bay in the 60s. Teena was a member of the ‘Miami Surfinks Board Club’ until it was disbanded in 66.  She then joined the Scarborough Boomerang Board Club.

This image of Teena Christon featured in an article on the Miami school girl surfer in the April 1965 edition of Womans Day Magazine.

Image: 1965 Teena Christon (age 15) surfing Miami Bay. Photo courtesy of Womans Day Magazine.

1965 Tina Christon (15) surfing Miami Bay ex Womans Day article

This image of Graham Walmsley featured in a Tom Collin’s article on WA Surfing in the Spring 1967 edition of Surfing Illustrated Magazine (USA).

Image: 1966 Graham Walmsley surfing Tim’s Thicket south of Miami. Photo credit Tom Collins.

1967 Surf Illustrated Mag - Tom Collins WA article Graham Walmsley at Tims Thicket IMG_07

Photo: 1967 Bruce & Jim King surfing Miami Bay. Photo credit King Family.

1967 Miami Bay surfing - Jim King