1960s South Side Board Club – History

Smiths Beach surfer Bill Mitchell (an inaugural member of the South Side Board Club) provided this overview of the Club’s history.

South Side Board Club – History.

Bill Mitchell recalls: “The South Side Board Club (SSBC) was formed in 1964 in Jacko’s old man’s back yard in Kensington where he started making boards in 63. We were a bunch of mug surfers (one or two exceptions) but were the best board club footballers in the business. In those days it seemed like a day trip to get to Cott or Scabs from South Perth & home again. Half of us could hardly swim.

We gravitated to Jacko Surfboards from various junior footy clubs in the Perth Football Club Junior District. Once armed with the new Jacko boards (order a red one & end up with a purple cos Jacko wasn’t keen on buying new paint if he had some half used tins) most of the boys gave up the pigskin for the waves. A few combined both & went on to play league for Perth. Jacko, myself & Chubby Stiles. Chubb went on to win a Simpson Medal at the MCG in the mud in 1970 against the Vics. Jacko played 27 games as a gun full forward. The boys would sit on the bank behind the goals at Lathlain & rag him unmercifully. His coach Ern Henfry suggested he give it away & “go surfing”. Jacko just loved that suggestion. Surfing became his whole life and now he is a WA Surfing Hall of Famer.

The Club fizzled out in early 70s like many others in WA. Jacko & other Club members pulled the Shack down in the 70s at the owner’s request. Now only the slab remains.”

Photo: 1964 SSBC boys laying the foundations for the Club shack at Prevelly camping ground, Margaret River. Photo credit Bill Mitchell.

1964 Prevelly South Side shack foundations. Bill Mitchell pic 01

Photo: 1964 SSBC club members at Rocky Point. L-R Bill Mitchell, Jock Lawrie, Russell Green, Bill McDonald & Peter Oliver. The Renault R8 Gordini sedan belonged to Peter Oliver and that is Jacko’s 9’6” triple stringer single fin surf board on the roof. Photo credit Bill Mitchell

1964 Rocky Pt Southside Board Club Bill Mitchell. Russell Green, Bill McDonald, Peter Oliver - Bill Mitchell

Photo: 1964 Avalon Point Mandurah. SSBC Club members L-R John Tagney, Jock Lawrie. Allan “Chubby’ Stiles & Lance Patterson. Those are Jacko boards on Jock’s Holden ute. Photo credit Lance Patterson.

1964 Avalon Pt SSBC John Tagney, Jock Lawrie, Allan 'Chubby' Stiles, Lance Patterson. Jacko boards, Jocks ute Lance Patterson IMG_01

Images: 1967 SSBC Prevelly Shack social images courtesy of Weekend News.

1967 Prevelly Camping Ground SSBC shack - Weekend News IMG_04

Photo: 1968 Jacko Surf Team at Cottesloe. L-R Jacko, Ian Cairns & Arty Sherburn. Jacko was the lynchpin of SSBC. Photo credit Rod Taylor.

1968 Cottesloe Beach Jacko Surf Team. Jacko, Ian Cairns & Arty Sherburn - Rod Taylor  pic.IMG_001

For photos of SSBC 50 Year Reunion refer South Side Board Club – Reunion blog.


1964 Down South Surf Trip

Former Australian Senior Surfing Champion Arty Sherburn took these photos of Bruce Brown and his surfing mates on a Down South surf trip.

1964 Bruce & his mates preparing to leave the city and head Down South. L-R Ian Barsden, Bruce Brown & Peter Meyer loading their surfboards on Bruce’s FC Holden. Photo credit Arty Sherburn.

1964 Down south surf trip Ian Barsden, Bruce Brown & Peter Meyer with Brownies FC Holden - Arthur Sherburn pic img179

1964 Relaxing under the trees in their Cowaramup Bay camp site are L-R John Murphy, unidentified, Joe Wilson (standing), Bruce Brown, unidentified & Peter Backhouse in hammock. Photo credit Arty Sherburn.

1964 Cowaramup Bay camp site John Murphy, unknown, Joe Wilson, (standing), Bruce Brown, unknown, Peter Backhouse (hammock) - Arty Sherburn pic img183

1964 Bruce Brown’s FC Holden & the boys wallowing in soggy conditions on the Gallows track (near Cowaramup Bay). Photo credit Art Sherburn.

1964 Gallows track Bruce Brown's FC Holden bogged - A Sherburn pic img186



1965 Len Dibben Surf Team

By the mid 1960s competitive surfing and surfboard manufacturer’s Surf Teams were a feature of the WA surf scene. Surf Teams consisted of selected top board riders who where sponsored with surfboards and clothing.

1965 the Len Dibben Surf Team in their team outfits at Leighton Beach. The team was headed by three times State Womens champion Teena Christon, talented State & Australian Title surfer Arty Sherburn and Sunday Times Surf Journalist Doug White. Left to Right: Rod Slater, Dave Richards, Jeff Jowlett, Steve Farbus, Teena Christon, Peter Stephens, Arthur Sherburn & Doug White. Image courtesy of Len Dibben.

1965 Len Dibben surf team Leighton Beach L-R Rod Slater,Dave Richards,Jeff Jowlett,Steve Farbus,Tina Christon,Peter Stephens,Art Sherburn,Doug White-Len Dibben pic 01

1965 the Len Dibben Surf Team at Len’s former residence in Alfred Cove WA. Top Row L to R: Arthur Sherburn, Jeff Jowlett, Len Laskewicz, Peter Stephens. Bottom Row L-R: Dave Richards & Ron Robinson. Absent: Teena Christon, Steve Farbus, Rod Slater & Doug White. Image courtesy of Len Dibben.

1965 Dibben surf team Alfred Cove.  back- Arty Sherburn, Jeff Jowlett, Len Laskewicz, Peter Stephens, front-Dave Richards & Ron  Robinson - Len Dibben pic 02

In the 1960s Arty Sherburn worked as a sales representative for Len Dibben Surfboards. This 1967 image shows Arty’s business card. Photo credit Arty Sherburn.

1967 Len Dibben Surfboards business card for Arty Sherburn - Arty Sherburn pic img193

For details on Len Dibben Surfboards refer


1966 Southern Surfriders Club

Southern Surfriders Club was formed in the mid 1960s.It was a strong competitive club with talented surfers Ian Cairns, Arty Sherburn and champion board paddler Dave Ellis in their ranks. The club acquired a couple of shacks in Prevelly Park Caravan Park at Margaret River for members use.

This 1966 photo shows members at a club rally held at Halls Head in Mandurah. Standing L-R. Ian Cairns (age 14), John Collis, Peter Stehens, Dave Ellis, John Rousell. Front L-R. Gerry Smith, Mal Jones, Alan Cook, John Jones (Dec’d), Arty Sherburn (age 19), Eddy Warner, Jeff Law, Mick Layzell. Photo credit Mick Layzell.

My beautiful picture

1966 Arty Sherburn surfing the river mouth at Margaret River. Photo courtesy of Arty Sherburn.

1966 MR river mouth Arty Sherburn - Arthur Sherburn pic img213

1967 Winners are grinners! Bruce King (left) from the City Beach Surfriders Club and Dave Ellis (right) from the Southern Surfriders Club won the Junior and Open Divisions respectively of the annual Kanyana Carnival Paddle Board Race held in Mandurah. Photo credit Bruce King.

1967 Mandurah Kanyana Paddle Board Race Bruce King (Jnr) & Dave Ellis (open) - B King pic


1971 Max Hickson at Margaret River

1971 Cottesloe surfer Max Hickson with his VW beetle and Jacko twin fin surfboards at Margaret River. Max was a talented surfer and made a name for himself surfing Margaret River in the late 1960s and early 70s before heading to England to live. In 1979 Max was flown back to Australia from England to appear as a special guest on Ian ‘Kanga’ Cairns ‘This is Your Life‘ TV show. Arty Sherburn and Barry Day were also Kanga’s guests on the top rating TV program presented by Roger Climpson. Image courtesy of Brian Trainer.

1971 Marg River Max Hickson & VW with Jacko Twin Fin Surfboards- B Trainer pic (2)A

1970 Max Hickson came second to Ian Cairns in the Junior Division of the State Surfing Titles held at Margaret River. Image credit Ric Chan.

1970 Marg River - Max Hickson - Ric Chan img249