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1970s Rotto fly-in surf trip

In the 70s the Rottnest Island Board (RIB) flew Independent Newspaper photo journalist Ric Chan and some of his surfing mates to Rottnest for a photo shoot to promote surfing on the Island.

RIB financed the plane trip and provided a vehicle & accommodation for the weekend photo shoot.

Ric’s surf team consisted of Bruce King, Phil Henderson, Steve Cockburn and Mark Johnson. The boys enjoyed the Island’s hospitality.

These are boy’s recollections.

Bruce King

I remember on the flight over the pilot wanted to turn back because he reckoned it was too windy, we persuaded him and eventually landed, once on the ground we were treated like movie stars, transport provided not quite 5 star limo, but an old service truck, we were given a cabin for overnight stay, all this supplied by way of Ric Chan’s smooth talking. There was a horse hire place then, which Ric persuaded the owners to let us avail ourselves with the promise of exposure in the “Independent” newspaper.

We scored well with waves, at that time we didn’t know if others had surfed some of the places, I’m sure they would have. One surf break was Strickland Bay which Ric called King’s Reef because I was the first one out. Another was Chicken Reef which I think Sheepdog named because Ric was too chicken to go out, I think it is still called that today.

Phil Henderson

It’s funny but YEAH that trip was a bit of a blur. I remember it was blowing its box off and we had to convince the pilot to land in such a bad crosswind. He was not happy but we made it. Cannot remember much else other than Ric’s photos. It was good fun though.

Steve Cockburn

Ric Chan arranged our venture to Rottnest Island. Flying from Perth to Rottnest was ok, but when our light aircraft attempted landing, with the extremely strong wind, the plane was blown sideways at an angle to the runway making it unsafe to complete the landing, so the pilot aborted that first landing attempt and circled to try landing a second time, which was successful.

We made our way to the Rottnest Island Board Offices and Ric went off to discuss some marketing that the Board wanted done, they had lent us the old truck (as seen in the photos) and we all soon headed to the south side of the Island. The surf was flattish, blown right out by really strong north to north west winds.

I don’t remember much about the surfin, but on the second day we decided to go horse riding and hired horses at the local stables then headed off to the north side of Rottnest and along sand tracks leading out to the West End near the lighthouse. The horses were stubborn and it was hard to get going, even to get them to canter on the way out, but as soon as we were returning towards their stables they all bolted and went uncontrollable in full gallop towards their home. My horse suddenly swerved to the right when we arrived at a fork in the track. I was flung off the saddle and swung around the under horses neck, with both legs wrapped tightly around its neck, the horse came to a stop and I walked it the last short distance to the stables.

When it was time to return to Perth, we thought we may get stuck on the Island due to the still very strong wind and the possibility the plane not being able to land and pick us up. But when the time came the pilot made a safe landing and soon we were off back home.

Ric Chan

Muhahahaha. The only reason in know I was there is the pics. Maybe we can wangle another wagon, a boat and a weekend over there.

Photos: 1970’s aerial snaps of Rotto Island. Ric pics

1970s aerial snaps of Rotto Ric Chan

Photos: 1970s fly-in to Rotto airport. Ric pics.

Top: Bruce & Phil unloading surfboards.
Bottom: Sheepdog collecting luggage & the boys playing footy at the airport.

1970s rotto fly-in airport Ric Chan

The RIB provided the boys with an old ex-military truck to drive around the island in.

Photos: 1970s Island transport. Ric pics.

1970s Rotto island transport Ric Chan

Photos: 1970s surfing Strickland Bay (aka King’s Reef). Ric Pics

Top: Bruce King take-off & Mark Johnson.
Middle: Phil Henderson & Bruce King.
Bottom: Sheepdog x 2.

1970s Rotto surfing Kings Reef Ric Chan

Photos: 1970s surfing Chicken Reef.

Top: Chicken Reef line-up and the boys on surf watch.
Middle: Sheepdog & Mark Johnson.
Bottom: Bruce King & Phil Henderson

1970s Rotto surfing Chicken Reef Ric Chan

Photos: 1970s horse riding. Ric pics.

Top: Phil Henderson. Bottom: Steve Cockburn & Bruce King.

1970s Rotto horse riding Ric Chan

The Rottnest Island Authority is now creating an interpretative sign and short DVD on the importance of Rottnest to the surfing community, to be installed on Rottnest Island WA. They plan to use some of Ric Chan’s 1970-80s Rottnest based historic images for their interpretation products.


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Origin of skateboarding in WA by John Harbison & Charlie Roper

Skateboarding was probably born sometime in the late 1940s, or early 1950s, when surfers in California wanted something to do when the waves were flat. No one knows who made the first board; it seems that several people came up with similar ideas at around the same time. Source: Wikipedia.

Photo: Early homemade skateboards courtesy of Skateboard Hall of Fame USA.


WA surfing pioneers Terry ’Horse’ Williams and Brian ‘Blackballs’ Cole introduced the concept to WA on their return from California in the early 60s. They had seen skateboards in action while touring the west coast of USA.

Former City Beach surfer and City of Perth Beach Inspector John ‘Roo Dog’ Harbison witnessed the first skateboard in WA. He documented the moment for a Board Club reunion held at City Beach in 2011.

John is the brother of surfing legend Tony ‘Harbo’ Harbison and Peter Harbison.

Sadly John passed away in May 2014 at Dunsborough.

Photos: 1958-74 City Beach pics. Photos courtesy of Harbison family.

Top: (Left) 1958 City Beach shop L-R Garry Stewart, John Harbison, Charlie Roper & Terry Jacks (Right) 1959 John Harbison surfing City Beach on plywood toothpick surfboard.

Bottom: (Left) 1967 John Harbison sweep on City of Perth surf boat. (Right) 1973-74 Beach Inspector John Harbison herding topless girl off City Beach.

1958-67 John Harbison City Beach.collage_photocat

First WA skateboard by John Harbison.

Back in the early 60’s, I think 1963/64, Terry Jacks, Charlie Roper, Ernie Potter & Brian Cole produced what would have to have been the 1st skateboard to appear in WA.

Skateboards were unheard of in WA at the time and I don’t know where they got the idea from, but they turned up at City Beach one weekend with this piece of equipment they’d made out of the side slat of a wooden fruit case with half a roller skate at the front, the other half at the back

We all spent the afternoon having turns riding it down the road in front of the shop. That night everyone else was digging out old roller skates and getting slats of wood to make their own. Next day they took it up to Scarborough for the Scarborough crew to try out and the following week down to Cottesloe. Before long you had all these homemade skateboards appearing about the place.

A year or so after that skate boards were being produced commercially by Midget Farrelly.

City Beach surfer Paul Meink who was good on them & won a big radio station sponsored skateboard competition held at the Floreat Forum southern car park. Place getters at that competition were Floreat boys Ross Sarson, Mike Schafer and John ‘Viz’ Fletcher.

John Harbison

Photo: 2011 City Beach Surf Riders Club 50 Year reunion. L-R Brian Cole, Keith Campbell, Zac Kochanowitsch & John Harbison. Bruce King pic.

2011 Brian Cole, Keith Campbell, Zac Kochanowitsch & John HarbisonCity Beach CBSR 191 - Bruce King

Wembley lads Charlie Roper & Brian Cole made the first skateboard in WA.

Photos: 1963 Scarborough Beach. Ernie Potter pics.

(Left) Charlie Roper & Ernie Potter. (Right) John Harbison & Charlie Roper surfing.

1963 Charlie Roper Scarborough Ernie Potter pics collage_photocat

First WA skateboard by Charlie Roper.

In the early 60s WA surf pioneer/Subiaco footballer Terry ‘Horse’ Williams bought the idea back from California where he had been travelling. He described what was happening with skateboards and what the kids were doing with them.

I thought I could make one of them. So in 1962, Brian Cole and I got an old piece of pine timber and attached wheels from my sister’s roller skates (unbeknown to her). We made the first WA skate board at Coley’s King & Cole Surfboard factory in Roydhouse Road Wembley.

I kept the old skateboard in my garage and my sons Jamie & Brett learnt to skateboard on that piece of equipment.

Photos: Charlie Roper & Brian Cole’s original skate board. The photos were taken in 2016 outside Charlie’s parents place in Wembley. Photos courtesy of Roper family.

1960s WA 1st skateboard Roper family pic collage_photocat

Photo: 2009 City Beach Surf Riders Club reunion. L-R Keith Campbell, Charlie Roper & Zac Kochanowitsch. Bruce King pic.

2009 CBSR Reunion Keith Campbell, Charlie Roper & Zac. Bruce King pic IMG_8461

Other 1960s WA skateboard recollections.

Craig Henfry I remember Paul Meink pulling off a jump trick on his skateboard in the car park at Floreat Forum, a trick I practiced until I got it too, once or twice. The last time I got on a skateboard I lasted about 2 secs and nearly cracked my skull, oh to be 16 again.

I had a Midget Farrelly skateboard up until a few years ago when I gave it to a mate’s son who then proceeded to trash it. I saw similar ones on some collectors show on TV and immediately regretted my generosity. A quick search on google turned up one that looks exactly like the one I had, I was also staggered to see what sort of money people pay for stuff like that.

Photo: Mid 1960s Midget Farrelly 26” timber deck skateboard sold Sept 2008 for $1200. Source: Von Weirdos

1960s Midget farrelly skateboard dscf4988

Bruce KingI remember the skateboard exhibitions at Floreat Forum car park, we were part of the Midget Farrelly competition team. There was a slalom course, high jumping and walking up and down stairs.

“Ollies” (today’s jumps) weren’t thought of then, we used to go barefooted and wrap your toes around each end to make the board jump. Paul Meink, Dave Condon were the jets, they even had Farrelly team t-shirts and parkas, I unfortunately came in to the team at the back end and missed out on getting my “Team Farrelly” gear.

Another time I went skate boarding down Mount Street in Perth, it was about the steepest street and I thought would be a good challenge.  This was before the freeway was there & the street went straight through and joined up with St Georges Tce. Anyway about half way down I got the wheel wobbles up and couldn’t bail out, I ended up in the Terrace dodging buses and cars.

Ross UttingAfter a while of skateboarding on the gently sloping carpark at Floreat Forum Shopping Centre some of us were looking for more of a challenge than just doing tricks. Ok, so we just couldn’t compete with the likes of Paul Meink, Ross Sarson etc in the tricks department! Then we found “Brookdale Entrance”. Brookdale Entrance was the eastern entrance to Perry Lakes Stadium & was short but seriously steep. It was the big wave equivalent of skateboarding. You had to do 2 or 3 big turns to keep your speed down before sweeping down to a final turn at the bottom. If you made a mistake you were dead meat.

One time we were at The Entrance when Glen “Roy” Carroll’s older brother Lindsay turned up big noting himself. Lindsay was a seriously fit guy & at the time was playing full forward for Claremont in the WAFL. He grabbed a board & took off but couldn’t turn & hit the bottom absolutely flying.

He smashed the security grills around the turnstiles off their hinges. We were too scared to laugh in case he came after us, but the episode added to the Brookdale Entrance legend.



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1960-80s Eye Candy

Surfing became an acceptable trendy pastime during the 60s. All types of Commerce were using surfers to promote their products. Photos of surfers featured in Fashion & Surf Mags and News media advertisements/promotions.

Some WA surfers were lucky enough to exploit their good looks on the meat market and supplement their meagre incomes through fashion photo-shoots and by strutting their stuff on the catwalk.

Photos: Flashback to the 60s. Photos courtesy of Brian Cole, Gayle Franks and Greg Woodwood.

(Left) 1961 Brian Cole & legendary big wave surfer Bob Pike modelling for Flair Magazine at North Narrabeen NSW. (Middle) Gayle ‘Copper’ Franks modelling on City Beach for ‘Broken Glass on the Beach’ campaign. (Right) Surf Magazine photo shoot featuring Eleanor Proud.

1960s models, Brian Cole, Gayle Franks, Eleanor Proud collage_photocat

During the 70s WA surf industry pioneer Len Dibben ran his own Surfboard manufacturing business and did modelling on the side initially to promote his surfboard business. Len also got WA champion board paddler/surfer Dave Ellis and some of his Warrain Board Club mates to join him modelling on the catwalk. Click on this link for more details of Len Dibben’s modelling career.

In 1972 photographer journalist Ric Chan did a fashion photo shoot with Len Dibben in the SW .

Photos: 1972 SW fashion photo shoot. (Left) Injidup Point surf wear photo shoot. (Right) Gracetown car park. Len modelling the latest head wear from Walsh’s Men’s Wear in Perth city. Photo credits Ric Chan.

1972 SW photo shoot Len Dibben collage_photocat

In 1973 Bruce King from Subiaco was holidaying in London with his WA surfing mates Bob Monkman, Micko Gracie & Peter McDonald. While there Bruce was employed to tour major cities in England & Wales promoting Viking Model Sewing Machines for Husqvarna Ltd.

Photos: 1973 Modelling Viking outfits in London. (Left) Igor (Vic) and Bruce King (WA). (Right) Bruce King decked out in viking apparel. Photos courtesy of Bruce King

1973 Bruce King LOndon Viking Sewing Machine photoshoot 3 collage_photocat

In the 70s photo journalist Ric Chan did a photo shoot for a jewellery advertisement in Perth. It featured Yallingup surfer Peter McDonald and model Cheryl Marrat.

Photos: 1970s Perth. Peter Mac & Cheryl Marrat modelling jewellery. Photo credits Ric Chan.

1970s Peter Mac & Cheryl Marrat jewellery photoshoot collage_photocat

Fashion photo shoots by photo journalist Ric Chan.

Photos: (Left) 1970s model Jane Priest, unidentified & surfer Bunky Miller with dog. (Right) 1969 unidentified model & Ric Chan modelling a wettie in South Australia.

1969-70s Ric Chan photoshoots 2 collage_photocat

Phil Henderson was a talented City Beach goofy footer and a good looking young buck back in the 70s.

Photos: (Left) 1972 Phil surfing in Blaxell Surfboards advertisement. (Right) 1973 unidentified model with Phil Henderson & his dog at City Beach photo shoot. Photo credits Ric Chan.

1972-3 Phil Henderson photoshoots collage_photocat

Business advertisements in WA’s West Coast Surfer magazine.

Images: (Left) 1980 Graham Noakes advertising his Margaret River business. (Right) 1980 Frank Thorson (Mitch’s dad) advertising his Rottnest Bakery. Images courtesy of Ric Chan.1970-80 photoshoot Graham Noakes & Frank Thorson IMG_001

Photos: (Left) 1973 Sandy & Norm Bateman modelling wetsuits for Oceans Surf Shop. (Right) 1975 Dave Kennedy (dec’d) from Star Surfboards in Perth City. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1973-5 Norm Bateman & Dave Kennedy collage_photocat

In the 70s & 80s Ric Chan was busy juggling his career activities. During the day he worked as a photo journalist for The Independent Newspaper and as a professional model. At night time he was a DJ at Gobbles night club.

Photos: 1976 Jeans advertisements Perth. Ric Chan and unidentified girls modelling the latest jeans & accessories. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1976 Jeans West advts Ric Chan 5 collage_photocat

Paul Mienk was a talented City Beach surfer & skate boarder in the early 60s. He was good looking and popular with girls.

Photo: Late 1970s Paul Mienk modelling a leather jacket in Bali. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970 Bali Paul Mienk modelling leather jacket IMG_0410

In the 70s Trigg/Mettams surfer Steve ‘Hog’ Hannett featured in fashion photo shoots.

Photo: 1977 L-R Unidentified, Colin Earle & Steve Hannett at the Hang Ten WASRA School Boys Contest at Trigg. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1977 Trigg Hang Ten WASRA School Boys Surfing Championships Colin Earle & Steve Hannett - Ric Chan 009

Cottesloe surfer Bill Oddy was head honcho at Cordingley Surfboards and a guru in the Entertainment industry during the 70s. Bill was also a popular male model in WA.

Photo: 1977 Bill Oddy at the Hang Ten WASRA School Boys Contest at Trigg. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1977 Trigg Hang Ten WASRA School Boys Surfing Championships Bill Oddy - Ric Chan 014

WA surfer Gary Greirson became a professional TV model in the 80s and earned big $’s advertising Beer & Electrical goods in TV advertisements. Gary worked for a modelling agency and his fashion shots appeared in magazines & newspapers.

Photos: 1980s Gary Greirson fashion photo shoots. Photos courtesy of Gary Greirson and Bill Plowman from the Daily News.

Gary: “These were just work shots for which I was well paid. I don’t have any pics of when I was on the catwalk. I did a high paid TV commercial for Emu Export beer in 1984, but have no photos as it’s on video tape”.

1980s Gary Greirson Modelling 1 collage_photocat

In the 80s Californian pro-windsurfer & top surfer Rich Myers (Yallingup resident since 1990) was introduced to modelling through his windsurfing exposure in the USA. His image was featured in various US Magazines & Newspapers, covers, pictures, interviews & editorials.

He became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and appeared in TV commercials and had bit parts in ‘The Young & the Restless’, ‘The A-Team’ & T J Hooker TV series. He was the feature surfer in surf movies ‘Follow the Sun 11’ and ‘Tales of the 7 Seas’. Rich also featured in windsurfing videos.

Photos:  1980s pro-windsurfer Rich Myers featured in a Malibu Men Calendar. Image courtesy of Rich Myers.

Rich: “While the calendar wasn’t a big hit with the girls, it was very popular with the Gay community in San Francisco” (-:

1980s Malibu Men calendar Rich Myers collage_photocat

Photos: 1980s Rich Myers windsurfing & fashion photo shoots. Photos courtesy of Ric Myers.1980s Rich Myers modelling 6 collage_photocat - Copy

In 2006 ‘Outside Go’ Magazine featured SW surfer & yoga teacher Kathleen ‘Katie’ Coryell in an article on female athletes. At the time Katie she was a sponsored surfer with Surf Diva and was sent out to do a lot of projects like this one.

Photo: 2006 Katie Coryell image in Outside Go Magazine. Photo courtesy of Katie and Outside Go magazine.

2006 Kathleen Coryell Outside Go Magazine IMG_5480y



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A Pair of Kings by Mike Bibby

The King brothers Jim and his younger brother Bruce grew up in Subiaco and attended Subi Primary School.

Photos: 1950s Jim & Bruce ‘dressed to impress’ at Subi. Photo courtesy of Mrs King.

1950s Subi Jim & Bruce King collage_photocat

They started coming down south with their parents for holidays in the 1950’s staying at Hammond Cottages at Yallingup, Siesta Park and Hamlin Bay.

Photos: 1954 King Family SW Holiday. Photos courtesy of Mrs King.

(Top) Australind church & Yalls beach.
(Middle) Hammond Cottage Yalls hill & Caves House Hotel.
(Bottom) Hamelin Bay camp site & Hamelin Bay dhufish (Bruce & Jim modelling their mum’s homemade boardies) .

1954 SW holiday King family 1 collage_photocat

They started surfing in their early teens at City Beach and were members of the City Beach Surf Riders Club (CBSR) in the 60s.

Jim was CBSR President in 1968 & Captain of the club’s surf team in 1969. He was CBSR Senior Champion 1966-69 (Moss Bros Perpetual Trophy – Seniors).

Bruce was CBSR Junior Champion in 1967 (Moss Bros Perpetual Trophy – Juniors).

Photos: 1966 Jim & Bruce with Cordingley triple stringer & single fin surfboards at Subi (Jim’s board has a CBSR emblem & club colours on the bottom). Photos courtesy of Mrs King.

1966 Jim & Bruce at Subi collage_photocat

They started surfing down south around 1965 and have been regulars since then. The bros are now retired and live in the SW.

Photos: 1970s SW Images. Photos courtesy of Tom Blaxell, Tom Collins & King Bros.

(Top) Jim (Blaxell team rider) at Gallows and Kath & Jim King at Yalls. (Bottom) Kath paddling at Dunsborough & Bruce surfing the Surge (now known as Bubble).

1970s SW Images IMG_001

Jim represented WA at the National Surf Riding Titles held in NSW in 1968. He was runner-up to Rick Lobe in the 1970 State Spring Surfing Titles held at Trigg and won the Annual Trigg Point contest in 1970 (pre King of The Point). He was a State surfing Judge in the 1970’s and has surfed in Mexico, Hawaii, Bali and the Eastern States.

Bruce’s travels include many trips to the eastern states in the late 1960’s. In 1972/73 he travelled with Bob Monkman, Peter McDonald and Micko Gracie to South Africa (including J Bay and Cape St Francis) then went onto England, France, Spain and Portugal, surfing at many places. In 1976 he travelled to Mauritius for about 3 months, then back to South Africa, mainly surfing the Durban area before heading off to Swaziland, Rhodesia, Zambia, Botswana and southwest Africa. He become a bit of a ‘bombo boy’ and saw the wildlife. It was a bit scary at times mixing it with elephants, lions and crocodiles.

Image: This article written by Doug White and appeared in the Sunday Times in 1971, it could well have been written today.

1971 Sunday Times article by Doug White

Both are still keen surfers today on short and long boards.. Jim (age 69) is a natural footer & Bruce (age 66) is a goofy footer.

Photos: 2014-15 King Bros surfing SW waves. King bros pics.

(Top) Jim. (Middle) Bruce. (Bottom) Jim & Bruce.

2014-15 SW surfing collage_photocat

Jim collaborated with author Sue-Lyn Adrian-Moyle and Margaret River Press to publish the first comprehensive book on Surfing Down South. The book has been an outstanding success and led to the SDS website where Jim regularly posts his informative and entertaining blogs.

Image: 2014 Margaret River Times article by Rebecca Parish. Photo by Becky Felstead. Image courtesy of MR Times.

MR Times 14 Feb 2014 Scan cs

Photo: 2014 Author Sue-Lyn Aldrian-Moyle with attendees at Surfing Down South book launch at Vasse Felix Winery. Photo credit Loz Smith.

2014 SDS Book launch Vasse Felix

The book and the SDS website has not only revived old memories but has rekindled old friendships and acquaintances.

Jim has a large collection of vintage photos, videos and news clips of Western Australian surfing. His attention to detail, cross referencing and passion (some would say “obsession”) has created a permanent portfolio of surfing action over the past 60 years.

Both bros are keen amateur photographers and apart from their daily shots of surfing at Yallingup and surrounds, Bruce is a regular winner of the local newspaper photo competition with his wildlife and nature shots.

Photos: Mike Bibby’s wine bottle presentations to King Bros. Photos courtesy of Mike Bibby & King Bros.

(Left) 2014 Mike’s ‘King Bros’ wine labels. L-R Bruce, Mike & Jim. (Right) 2015 Bruce & Jim being presented with bottles of “The King” fine wine at Mike Bibby’s place in Yallingup.

2014-15 Mike Bibby wine presentations collage_photocat

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Public Toilets at Yallingup Beach

The Public Works Dept built public toilets on the beach front at Yallingup in the early 60s. The toilet block served the community for more than three decades.

In the 60-70s the old toilets were used by visiting surfers as overnight accommodation in inclement weather. The women’s section was usually cleaner & dryer and the preferred sleeping quarters.

Louie ‘Longboard’ Corkill – “In the early 70s I used to camp in the old brick toilets on Yalls beach. I slept in a board bag made of quilt by my mother.”

Ross Utting recalls – “Sleeping arrangements at Yallingup were always problematical with a full car, especially when it was raining.
In desperation, one night me & my mate Norm (Dot) Kitson hatched a plan to escape the wet by staying up late & then bedding down in the ladies toilets.
For some reason the floor of the men’s toilets was always wet, but the ladies was dry. We stay up til past midnight comfortable that in the unlikely event that a female was in the area, they would have done their business by then. I bed down as far away from the door as possible, but Dot lays his bag down right in the middle, the idiot. About 2.30am I am awakened by a mad woman screaming blue murder. Apparently she had tripped over Dot & fallen face first onto him. Immediately I know what has happened & am willing Dot “stay in your bag”, “stay in your bag”. But no, like the idiot he is, Dot jumped out of his bag with just his underpants on & is trying to put his arm around the woman to settle her down. Of course this really fires her up. Reckon it would have scared me a bit too if a long haired bloke in his underpants tried to put his arm around me in the toilets at 2.30 in the morning. Anyway, she eventually escapes & runs out of the toilets never to be seen again.
I didn’t sleep a wink after that as I was waiting for the girl’s boyfriend to come & give us a good kicking or for the cops to take us away. Thankfully nothing happened, but we never slept in the ladies toilets again.”

Refer to Surfing Down South book for more tales of visiting surfers camping in the toilets.

Photo: 1969 Yallingup. Young Ian Cairns (16) with his short Jacko single fin surfboard on the lawn in front of the brick toilet block . Photo credit Ric Chan.

1969 Yalls State Titles I Cairns - R Chan img405

Photo: 1975 Yalls beach front layout. Surrounding the bitumen car park is Surfside Store on the left and the brick toilets (circled) on the right under melaleucia trees. The photo was taken during the 75 State Surfing titles at Yalls. Photo Ric Chan.

1975 Yalls State Titles Yalls car park img097

Image: 1985 Yallingup Malibu Surf Classic (Yal Mal) finalists standing in front of old brick toilets at Yalls Beach. This image has been signed by the finalists. Image credit Loz Smith.

Yal Mal Finalists. L-R Bob Monkman, Robbo, John Clemenger, Pater Mac, Ian ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, Peter Dyson, Cliff Hills, Gene Hall, Tony Harbison, Keith Campbell & Kevin ‘Twiggy’ Sharland.

1985 Yal Mal finalists - Loz Pic (signed) DSC_4751

Photo: 1986 Yallingup residents Alex, daughter Kamala (holding Haley Simpson) and Christine Brennan viewing Yal Mal contest from the lawn in front of the old brick public toilets. Note 1986 Classik graffiti on painted toilet wall. Photo credit Loz Smith.

1986 Yal Mal Alex, daughter Kamala holding Haley Simpson & Chrisitine Brennon - Loz Pic IMG_05

New Toilet Block

The original brick amentities was demolished in the 90s and replaced with a new stone toilet block re-located in front of the Surfside complex. Yallingup residents Rob Malcolm and Ashley Jones were instrumental in ensuring the design was conducive to it’s surroundings. Local ‘big wave’ surfer Tony Harbison built the new toilet block.

Photo: 2015 Yalls Kim ‘Dish; Standish and Bryn the dog standing in front of stone toilet block built by Harbo in the 90s. This image also features the new surfboard shaped showers installed in June 2015. Photo credit Jim King.

2015 Yalls toilet block & new showers Dish & Bryn DSC_9009

Photo: 2015 Yalls Mick Marlin, Bruce King & Louie Corkill (with Sinbad the dog) sheltering from the rain in the new stone toilets. Photo credit Jim King.

2015 Yalls Mick Marlin, Bruce King & Louie with Bowie DSC_9876