1970s Craig Bettenay Profile

Craig Bettenay and his elder brothers Greg & Stewart were amongst WA’s finest surfers in the late 60s & 70s. They started their surfing careers at City Beach in the 60s and then moved down south in the 70s.


Photo: 1969 Craig (age 12) surfing City Beach on a Blaxell Deringer surfboard. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1969 City Beach Craig Bettenay on Blaxell Deringer.- Ric Chan img064

At an early age, Craig & Stewart Bettenay were recruited into the prestigious Cordingley ‘Surf Team’.

Images: Early 70’s Craig at Cordingley Surfboards in Subiaco & Jolimont. Photos courtesy Country Surf Mag & Norm Bateman.

1970s Craig Bettenay at Cordingley surfboards collage_photocat


Spring Titles:
1970 Juniors 1st (Stewart 4th)
1971 Juniors 1st (Stewart 4th)
1972 Juniors 1st (Stewart 3rd)

State Titles:
1970 Juniors 3rd
1971 Juniors 3rd
1973 Juniors 1st (Stewart 2nd)

WA State Teams:
1971 Juniors in Vic
1972 Juniors in NSW
1973 Juniors in WA (Stewart also in State Team)
1976 Open in Vic.


Craig (age 11) made his first trip down south in ’68 with his bros’s Greg & Stewart. They camped at Smiths Beach and surfed Smiths Reef and Yallingup main break on modified coolites.

At age 14,  Craig was surfing big North Point Cowaramup and Margaret River on a 4’8″ twin fin.

Click on this link to view Craig Bettenay surfing Marg’s on 4’8′ twinnie blog published 24 January 2014.

In the 70s Craig & Stewart settled at Yallingup and indulged in their passion of surfing big waves.

Photos: Craig surfing photos courtesy of Ric Chan.
Top: (Left) 1973 Injidup (Right) 1978 Spring Titles Trigg.
Bottom: (Left) 1980 Rottnest (Right) 1976 Margaret River

1970s Craig Bettenay surfing IMG_008


Stewart Bettenay recalls Craig met & surfed with surfing legend Miki Dora at Yallingup .

Stewart: “My brother Craig told me USA Malibu legend Miki Dora came through Yallingup in the mid to late 70s. Craig went surfing with him twice and said he was a cool dude, handsome, very smooth, well dressed and good company. Miki told Craig “You really can surf”. He also told Craig about a new thing called a ‘credit card’ which he was using to travel the world.”


In ’76 & 77 Australia’s Surfing World magazine published articles on Craig surfing in the SW.

Images: 1976 Craig SW surfing photos courtesy of Surfing World magazine.

1976 Craig Betetnay Surfing Word article collage_photocat

Images: 1977 Craig SW surfing photos courtesy of Surfing World magazine.

1977 Craig Bettenay Surfing World article collage_photocat


In 1977 Craig joined Ian Cairns in Hawaii for a stint in the big waves on Hawaii’s North Shore.

Image: 1977 ‘Top Surfer off to Hawaii’ article by journalist Robbie Burns (former Subiaco Footballer). Image courtesy of Daily News & photographer Kevin Davidson.

1977 Travel Hawaii - Craig Bettenay ex Sunday Times copy


In the 70s Craig was a talented surfboard shaper for Cordingley Surfboards and also manufactured boards under his own name in the SW.

Clink on this link to view Craig Bettenay Surfboards blog published 29 July 2015.


In 1993 Journailist Mark Thornley published the following profile of Craig in WA’s Wetside News surf magazine.

1993 Craig Bettany Wetside News article collage_photocat



1976 Craig Bettenay Surfboards

In 1976 top WA surfer/shaper Craig Bettenay and former Victorian Steve ‘Blue’ Nicholson designed and made Craig Bettenay signature surfboards in Blue’s back shed in Dunsborough. The single fin boards were designed for surfing solid SW waves.

Photos: 1976 Steve & Craig displaying some of their surfboard designs in Dunsborough. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1976 Craig Bettenay surfboards IMG_003

Craig: “Blue glassed & finished and I shaped & sanded the surfboards. The boards had hand written signatures on them and were sold Down South and in Perth at Star Surf Shop. It was a ‘Good Happy Vibe’ as Blue was great with good structure and some good boards came out of The Shed.”

Photos: 1976 Craig in the shaping bay at The Shed Dunsborough. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1976 Craig Bettenay Surfboards IMG_005

Photos: 1976 Craig testing his surfboards in solid SW waves. Photos credits Ric Chan.
Top: (Left) Craig surfing Margaret River. (Right) Craig surfing North Point.
Bottom: (Left) Craig surfing North Point. (Right) Craig at Margaret River.

1976 Craig Bettenay Surfboards IMG_007

Craig & Blue went on to design custom surfboards for Cordingley Surfboards in Jolimont WA.

Image: 1976 Craig & Blue in Cordingley Surfboards advt displayed in WASRA Spring Titles Program. Image courtesy of Cordingley Surfboards & WASRA.

1976 WASRA Spring Titles Program Cordingley Surfboards advt IMG_02



1973 Bettenay brothers quinella Margaret River

This photo shows WASRA President Ronald ‘Doc’ Naylor awarding Stewart Bettenay (age 17) 2nd place in the Junior Division of the 1973 State Titles held at Margaret River. Stewart’s younger brother Craig won the Junior Division but stayed in the water after the final and continued surfing. Therefore missing the award presentations. In the background on the right is Tony Harbison & his son Glen (age 10) and next to them is Kevin Merifield in brown hat with his son Brett (age 10). Image credit Ric Chan.1973 MR State Title Doc & Stewart Bettenay Ric Chan mg136


1971 Craig Bettenay surfing Margaret River

In 1971 West Country Surf Magazine published this Ric Chan photo. It features City Beach surfer Craig Bettenay (age 14) riding a 4’8″ Cordingley twin fin surfboard in the State Surfing Titles held at Margaret River. Craig won the 1973 Junior Men’s State Surfing Titles held at Marg’s (his brother Stewart came 2nd in same event) and competed successfully at the National level during the 1970s. In 1977 he surfed in Hawaii with Ian Cairns to gain big wave experience. Craig was a talented surfboard shaper & worked for Cordingley Surfboards in Subiaco and Jolimont. Photo courtesy of Ric Chan & West Country Surf Magazine.

1971 Craig Bettenay 4 8 twin fin Marg Country Surf Mag copy

1969 young grommets Craig Bettenay & Rick Lobe hanging at City Beach. In the1970 State Spring Surfboard Titles held at Triggs, Craig won the Junior Men’s and Rick won the Senior Men’s titles. Rick surfed for years in the SW but passed away prematurely in the 1990s. Image courtesy of Ric Chan.

1969 City Beach Craig Bettenay & Rick Lobe  - Ric Chan img074