1960s Fun Times at Mandurah by the King Bros.

In the mid 60s metro surfers used to make day trips from the city to Mandurah chasing waves and fun times.

On the way there were beach break waves at Long Point, Surf Beach, Golden Bay and Singleton in offshore conditions. In Mandurah there were fun waves on sand bars at Halls head & Stewart Street on a SW breeze. Further on there were good waves at Bitumen’s, Miami Bay, Geary’s, Avalon, Melros and Tim’s Thicket.

After a wave, visiting surfers indulged in the local social life. Social activities centred around parties with local girls, Sunday sessions and during the annual Kanyana Carnival there were paddle board races & skurfing displays.

In the 60s Jim & Bruce King of Subiaco were members of the City Beach Surf Riders club.

These are the King Bros recollections of fun times at Mandurah in the 60s with their City Beach surfing mates….

Bruce King – On a surf trip to Mandurah, Phil Henderson and I took a 5 gallon keg of beer in the back of a mate’s Mini-Minor as refreshment for the trip. And we charged our mate for the pleasure of our company on the trip!

Another time Phil and I purchased a 5 gallon keg of beer in Mandurah and got our mate to drive us to a Nightclub in the city & return.

We treated our driver poorly and were dickheads back then!

Photos: 1960s hanging at the beach in Mandurah. Photos courtesy of Trevor Burslem & King Bros.

Top: (Left) Rob Halliday & Sheepdog’s autos (Right) Browneyes, Rob Halliday & Dribbles.

Bottom: (Left) Midge Semple being mischievous (Right) Norm Kitson eating a can of sardines.

1960s Mandurah misc 1 collage_photocat

Bruce KingOn one occasion, my brother Jim and I had a beer with Gerry Humphries and the Loved Ones Band in the front bar of the Old Brighton pub. Later Sheepdog and I (and a horde of others) broke through the fence and into their concert at Mandurah Oval.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy the concert as the Constabulary were after us and we had to make a quick get-away in Dennis Baker’s Mini Minor.

Photo: 1960s Main drag in Mandurah with Old Brighton pub in the centre. Photo courtesy of Lost Perth.

Note drinkers sitting on roof of the pub and the stack of Malibu’s on the roof of surf wagon parked in the street.

Photos: 1960s an assortment of surfer’s automobiles made the surfari to Mandurah. Photos courtesy Peter Bothwell, Trevor Burslem, Bull Moss & Ross Utting.

Top: (Left) Rod Bothwell’s broken Prefect (Right) Rob Halliday’s Fiat & Malibu’s.

Bottom: (Left) Norm Kitson & Glen Carroll with Bull Moss’s Morrie Minor. (Right) Ross Utting and Craig Henfry with Ross’s Dad’s EK Holden station wagon.

Jim King – In 1967 the City Beach boys put on a skurfing display at Mandurah’s Kanyana Carnival. We had never done it before, but the organiser’s didn’t know that when they programmed the event! We were towed up & down the river between the traffic bridge and the Peninsular Hotel behind a speedboat on our surf boards. We nearly killed ourselves, but put on a fun show for the crowd. We also competed successfully in the carnival’s Paddle Board Races on the river.

Photos: 1967 Mandurah’s Kanyana Carnival Paddle Board Races. Photos courtesy King Bros.

Top: Paddle Race winners Bruce King & Dave Ellis.

Bottom: Bruce’s Paddle Race Certificate and King Bros Paddle Race prizes.

1967 Mandurah Kanyana carnival 1 collage_photocat

Jim KingWhen the wind was onshore in the city and there was a good swell running, we used to drive down to Mandurah and surf fun Malibu waves at Stewart St and Halls Head. Unfortunately these sand bars disappeared when man made developments occurred at the river mouth.

Images: 1966 surfing fun waves at Stewart St Mandurah in a SW breeze. Images ex CBSR Super 8 movie film.

Top: (Left) Jim King & Rob Halliday tandem (Right) Ron Moss head stand.

Bottom: Browneyes walking the board.

1966 Surfing Stewart St collage_photocat

Photos: 1960s social times at Mandurah. Photos Courtesy of Glen Carroll, Trevor Burslem, Robyn McDonald & Ron Moss.

Top: (Left) Glen Carrol with flower power board (Right) five wise men L-R Jim King, Rob Farris, Norm Bateman, Steve Cockburn & Bruce King.

Bottom: (Left) Robyn Mac & friends (Right) Mick & Ron Moss socialising.

1960s Mandurah Misc 4 collage_photocat

Jim King – In the 60s you were allowed to drive your car on the beach at Long Point & Surf Beach. We parked near the best waves, bogged our cars on high tide and had great fun towel surfing on the water’s edge behind Kevin ‘Dirty Odes’ O’Dwyer’s work ute.

Images: 1960s autos & people at Surf Beach. Images ex CBSR Super 8 movie film.

Top: (Left) Rob Halliday’s Fiat & Jim King’s Anglia parked on the beach. (Right) Robert ‘Digger’ Dolphin being dacked by Phil Henderson.

Middle: (Left) Phil Henderson towel surfing on his mum’s best beach towel behind Dirty Ode’s work ute (Right) Peter ‘Dyso’ Dyson & Greg (Pant’s) Laurenson leaving the waves.

Bottom: Dirty Ode’s work ute loaded to the gunnels with surfboards.

1960s Dubbo beach driving collage_photocat

Bruce King – When the waves were flat or wind was howling onshore, we would play on a rope swing on the Murray River near Pinjarra while waiting for the afternoon session to start at the Ravenswood pub.

Photos: 1968 River swing on Murray River near Pinjarra. Photos courtesy of King Bros.

Top: (Left) Norm Kitson on rope swing (Right) Phil Henderson dropping in on Bruce King.

Bottom: Bottoms up.

1967 Pinjarra river swing 1 collage_photocat

We were young and they were fun times!





1964-65 Miami Surf Board Club

In 1964 surf photographer Tom Collins and his mates were members of the Miami Surf Board Club (MSBC) which was based at Falcon Bay near Mandurah. The club was registered as MSBC but members were known as ‘surf finks’ and they wore t-shirts with a rat and the words SURF FINKS printed underneath the rodent. Ronnie Flood did the t-shirts.

Surf Finks surfed local beaches including Miami Bay, Geary Shack, Avalon & Tim’s Thicket.

Tom Collins: “1964-65 it would be nice to remember all those magic days/years”.

Photo: 1964 sea weed heads, some of the founding members of MSBC L-R Derek Hilton, Alan Hilton, Wayne Huxley (decd) & Alan Nicholson. Photo credit Tom Collins.

1964 Seaweed pic L-R Derek Hilton, Alan Hilton, Wayne Huxley. (decd) Alan Nicholson some of the founding members Miami Board Club, Tom Collins NVE00081

Tom Collins rode a Dibben Cole balsa surfboard. It was a red colour & Tom put a face decal on the board. Later on his decals appeared on Jacko surfboards.

Photo: 1964 MSBC members & surf equipment. Photo credit Tom Collins.

(Left) Alan Nicholson & Wayne Huxley with Tom’s Dibben Cole balsa surfboard with face decal. (Right) the Hilton Brothers, Alan standing on Derek’s shoulders.

1964 MSBC Alan Nicholson- Wayne Huxley. Right Hilton Bros Alan top Derek bottom. Tom Collins (1)

Photo: 1964 MSBC members & surf equipment. Tom Collins pic.

Alan Hilton & Alan Nicholson with Tom Collin’s first Len Dibben board on the right.

1964 Miami Surf Board Club Alan Hilton & Alan Nicholson.Tom Collins

Pat Collins: “This photo of Miami Point would have been taken in the 60’s, as we were married in 68 and went to Albury NSW. Tom was stationed in the army there, he came home on compassionate leave for a few days, arrived Friday, married on Saturday and we were off across the Nullarbor in a lowered Vauxhall Viva on Sunday (taking it back for a mate). Exhaust system did not last long!!!!”

Photo: 1960s Miami Point at Falcon. Tom Collins pic.

1960s Miami Point Tom Collins

Photo: 1960s Surfing Avalon Point. Tom Collins pic

1964 Avalon Point Tom Collins 01

Photo: 1964 Tom Collins with Len Dibben surfboard at Falcon. Photo courtesy of Tom Collins.

1964-65 Mandurah Tom Collins with Len Dibben board NVE00080

Photo: 1964 Geary’s Shack line-up. Tom Collins pic.

1964 Gearys Shack Tom Collins NVE00086

In 1965 Dave Ellis was MSBC Senior Champion. Brian ‘Tom’ Collins placed 2nd and Wayne Huxley was 3rd. Teena Christon was MSBC Women’s Champion.

Photo: 1965 Tom Collin’s MSBC Senior Champion 2nd place trophy. Tom Collins pic.

1965 Miami Board Club Trophy Tom Collins 2nd Senior Champ

Photo: mid 60s Len Pill at Tim’s Thicket. Tom Collins pic.

1960s Tims Thicket Len Pill Tom Collins NVE00084

Photo: mid 60s Wayne Huxley at Tim’s Thicket. Tom Collins pic.

1960s Tims Thicket Wayne Huxley.Tom Collins NVE00085

Click on this link to view more Vintage Surf Images by Tom Collins.



1966 Southern Surfriders Club

Southern Surfriders Club was formed in the mid 1960s.It was a strong competitive club with talented surfers Ian Cairns, Arty Sherburn and champion board paddler Dave Ellis in their ranks. The club acquired a couple of shacks in Prevelly Park Caravan Park at Margaret River for members use.

This 1966 photo shows members at a club rally held at Halls Head in Mandurah. Standing L-R. Ian Cairns (age 14), John Collis, Peter Stehens, Dave Ellis, John Rousell. Front L-R. Gerry Smith, Mal Jones, Alan Cook, John Jones (Dec’d), Arty Sherburn (age 19), Eddy Warner, Jeff Law, Mick Layzell. Photo credit Mick Layzell.

My beautiful picture

1966 Arty Sherburn surfing the river mouth at Margaret River. Photo courtesy of Arty Sherburn.

1966 MR river mouth Arty Sherburn - Arthur Sherburn pic img213

1967 Winners are grinners! Bruce King (left) from the City Beach Surfriders Club and Dave Ellis (right) from the Southern Surfriders Club won the Junior and Open Divisions respectively of the annual Kanyana Carnival Paddle Board Race held in Mandurah. Photo credit Bruce King.

1967 Mandurah Kanyana Paddle Board Race Bruce King (Jnr) & Dave Ellis (open) - B King pic