1958 Australian Surf Lifesaving Carnival at Scarborough

SW surfing pioneers Tony Harbison & Dave Williams competed in the Australian Surf Lifesaving Carnival held at Scarborough Beach in February 1958.

Tony & Dave trained with the City of Perth clubbies at City Beach prior to the Australian SLSC Carnival.

Photo: 1958 City Beach L-R Surfboat crew includes Bob Ramsay (bow), Gerry Denney (no.2), Ray Cornish (no. 3), Warren ‘Wonk’ Somerford (stroke) & Johnny O’Connor (sweep). Dave Williams is on a 16ft paddle board and Tony Harbison is on single surf ski. Ray Taylor & Brian Rankin are on the double surf ski.  Image courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1958 City BeachTraining for Aust Surf Carnival Dave Williams & Tony Harbison - West pic ex S MaileyA

Photo: 1958 Aerial view of the Australian Surf Lifesaving carnival held at Scarborough Beach. Image courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1958 Scarb Aust Surf Carnival - West pic ex Brian Cole pic

Photo: 1958 Scarborough. Dave Williams (WA) scrambling across the finish line to take out 3rd place in the paddle board race. Image courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1958 Scarb Aust Surf Carnival Dave Williams 3rd paddle race - West pic ex Brian Cole


Surfing Rotto in the 50s.

Surfing at Rottnest Island has been a popular pastime since the mid-50s. Cottesloe surfers made the maiden voyage to Rotto by surfboard.

Mark Paterson: “Cottesloe surfers John ‘Artie’ Shaw (champion board paddler), Lester Watkins and George Bevan from Coogee NSW were the first to paddle to Rotto on surfboards in the mid-50s. They paddled 16ft plywood boards and wore Army grey coats from Cottesloe to Rotto & return. On arrival the boys had a beer or two at Rotto pub before returning to the mainland. Their exploits were reported in the West Australian”.

Circa 1955 young City of Perth clubbies Jim Keenan, Graham ‘Cocko’ Killen & Tony Harbison paddled wooden surf skis from City Beach to Rotto and surfed waves at Transit Reef and Salmon Bay. This action on SLSC equipment eventually led to the boys being suspended from the surf club.

Jim Keenan: “Rottnest in the 50’s from a surfing point of view was absolute fun, especially when the Transit breaks were running. There were quite a few of us that surfed the Transit area. Dave Williams, Tony Harbison & John Budge were part of the group. These boys would travel over on the ferry and surf on their toothpick surfboards.

Salmon Bay was less well known and surfed and when we did it was very hairy. Salmon Bay produced challenges above and below the water line. On south west swells the ‘bommies’ threw up some quality big wave surfing above and below sharks ensured you stayed with your board or ski.

We did toy with the idea of taking on West End, but I am glad that’s as far as it got as that spot is full on.

Rottnest was heaven in those early days. Dhufish, crays were prolific and the beer was good also. We used to send our crates across on the Islander ferry and then float them across Thomson Bay to our camp site. We used to get our gear across on the Islander for free in the very early days.

It certainly was a step up from what was available on the Perth coastal beaches. It also toned up the skills necessary to what was to follow at Yallingup and Margaret River once our transport needs were cured.

Paddling to Rottnest was an adventure on its own especially at the ripe old age of 15 to 16 years. It was hard work and on occasions dangerous. On one particular journey a fog moved in while we were paddling through the shipping channel. A ship’s fog horn could be heard but not seen until it was bearing down on us at close quarters. Cocko and I on the double were able to escape reasonably quickly but for Tony Harbison on the single ski it was a close call as the Orcades (a passenger liner) bore down on us.

On another return journey from Rotto, my paddling partner Cocko on the two man ski fell asleep and slipped overboard, it was some time before I realized and returned to pick him up.

Our eventual suspension from the Surf Club for refusing to comply with a Harbour and Light’s ‘No paddling to Rottnest directive’ was indirectly an absolute blessing. It freed up our weekends and along with our newly found wheels firmly embedded Yallingup into our veins.

Yes, Rottnest played a part in many of the early Yallingup crew and is fondly remembered by all.”

Photo: 1956 Surfing at City Beach. L-R: Dave Williams on plywood toothpick surfboard and Jim Keenan & Cocko Killen on plywood double surf ski – Photo credit Ray Geary.

1956 City Beach Dave Williams toothpick board and Jim Keenan & Cocko Killen on double ski - Ray GearyA

In November 1958 pioneer surfers Brian Cole, Don Roper, Ken Hamer & others spent a couple of weeks holidaying on Rotto. Some of Brian’s holiday snaps & comments follow.

Brian Cole: “On a still night sounds carry from Transit reef back to Phillip Rock and the settlement in Thomson Bay. One moonlight & windless night Don Roper, Ken Hamer, myself (and others) went surfing at Transit after a few beers at the pub. The next day Mrs. Homes from Homes Tearoom, told us she could hear everything we said and asked us to keep our voices down and be more discreet in future.”

In the mid-50s the Islander & Wandoo worked the Freo to Rotto ferry route. The Wandoo was primarily a work boat and the trip could take a few hours on a fresh NW wind.

Photo: 1958 Don Roper (3rd from front) arriving at Rotto on Wandoo ferry. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1958 Rotto Wandoo ferry arriving Don Roper 3rd from front - Brian Cole pic 004

Pioneer surfer Barry ‘Joe’ King was a pilot and flew an Austen monoplane to the Island to get his hours up for a commercial licence. His mates often kicked in for the trip and did winter flights to Rotto with Joe. The boys were sometimes allowed to take over the controls over the water.

Photo: 1958 Don Roper & Barry ‘Joe’ King with the Austen monoplane at Rotto airport. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1958 Rotto Don Roper & Barry 'Joe' King next to Auster monoplane  - Brian Cole pic 005

Photo: 1958 The main street of Rotto. The famous Bakery is on the left and the Butchers shop is on the right. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1958 Rotto main street - Brian Cole pic 007

Photo: 1958 Brian Cole and Owen Oates sitting on an old bomb at Rotto Salt Works. Other old vehicles from the former Salt Works can be seen in the background. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1958 Rotto old bomb at the salt works Brian Cole & Owen Oates - Brian Cole pic 012


1950s Plywood Toothpick Surfboards

In the mid 1950s WA surfboard riders surfed primarily in the metropolitan area. Most surfers were affiliated with Surf Life Saving Clubs (SLSC). This photo shows young City Beach surf life savers holding a 14ft plywood toothpick surfboard. L-R Ron Drage, Dave Williams, Cocko Killen & Eugene ‘Mick’ Mickle. The boys are standing in front of the original City of Perth SLSC building built in 1935. Photo credit John Budge.

1950s City Beach clubbies Ron Darge, Dave Williams, Cocko Killen, E Mickle - John Budge pic img366

These mid 1950s photos show L-R Ron Drage & Dave Williams standing near the City Beach groyne with their 16 ft plywood racing Toothpick surfboards. Ron & Dave were amongst the original surfboard riders to find & surf SW waves. See Surfing Down South book for more details. Photos courtesy John Budge.

1950s City Beach Ron Drage & Dave Williams with toothpick surfboards - J Budge pics


1958 Surfing Apprenticeship in SLSC

1958 Many early SW surf pioneers started their surfing apprenticeships in Surf Life Saving Clubs. Refer Surfing Down South book for more details. This 1958 photo shows a group of City Beach surfers with surfboards relaxing outside the City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club building. Back L-R Bernie Huddle, Tony Harbison & Artie Taylor. Front L-R Dave Williams, Colin Taylor & Bruce ‘Moonshine’ Hill. Photo courtesy of John Budge.

1958 City Beach  B Huddle,  T Harbison, A Taylor, D Williams, C taylor, Moonshine John Budge pic

1958 This photo of City Beach and the former City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club building was taken by Brian Cole from the SLSC tower located on the end of the groyne. The club rooms were built in 1935. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1958 City Beach view SLSC from tower (SLSC Club built 1935) - Brian Cole pic