1971 Geoff Culmsee Surfboards

In 1960 Geoff Culmsee (age 16) made his first surf trip to Yalls with his mate Murray Smith. Both of the boys were members of the North End Board Club at Scarborough. In 1969 Geoff shifted down south to live with his wife Esther & 3 month old daughter. He started his first surf shop in a Margaret River farmhouse. After several moves, the family shifted to Eagle Bay and lived in a cottage on the Rocky Point track. Geoff continued to make surf boards in a shed he built. He then teamed up with talented SW surfer Ralph Redman & started a fibreglass business in Dunsborough which operated for 30 years. Photo courtesy of Phil Woods.

1971 Geoff Culmsee hand crafted single fin surfboard - Phil Woods collection IMG_0005