1970s Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach was the hub of metro surfing & social life in the 70s. Local surfers had their own surf shops, surf board clubs (North End, Scarborough, Boomerang & Contacio) and hotels (White Sands & Scarborough). The Scarborough Hotel built 1938 was demolished in mid 80s.

Photo: 1974 Scarborough Guest House replaced by Observation City Hotel. (now known as Rendezvous Hotel Perth, Scarborough). Vance Burrow pic.

1974 Scarb Guest Hse now Observ City Vance Burrow IMG

Photos: 1976 Scarborough Beach front. Ric Chan pic.
Top: (Left) busy beach break (Right) Scarborough car park looking north towards Threepenny reef.
Bottom: (Left) Gay Gordon hamburgers (Right) Ric Chan’s gold coloured Kombi parked in front of Gay Gordon.

1970s Scarborough beach front collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s Ric Chan’s rental house at Scarborough. Ric Chan pics.
Top: (Left) Firefighter controlling burn-off next to Ric’s place (Right) Ric & his red Jaguar next to his Scarborough rental.
Bottom: (Left) Mick Black (Right) Ric Chan on front verandah.

Steve CockburnRic worked as a DJ at The Sheraton Down Under Bar & Gobbles Night Club in Wellington Street Perth. I lived in a flat under his rented house at Scarborough while I was an architectural student & would often go into the clubs (gratis). Ric would come in about 4 am each morning, usually with a lovely women companion and would stomp on the wooden floors & often woke me up.

1970s Scarborough Ric Chans palce 4 collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s Surf industry personalities. Ric Chan pics
Top: (Left) Scarborough water shot. (Right) Murray Smith & Unidentified surfer.
Bottom: (Left) Tom Blaxell Surfboards Osborne Park. (Right) Gary Greirson Surfboards Osborne Park.

1970s Scarborough surfing 7 collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s Scarborough Beach surfing #1. Steve Hannett bottom left. Other surfers unidentified. Ric Chan pics.

1970s surfing Scarborough 1 collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s Scarborough Beach surfing #2. Steve Hannett bottom left. Other surfers unidentified. Ric Chan pics.

1970s Scarborough surfing 2 collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s Scarborough Beach surfing legends. Ric Chan pics.
Top: Terry Jacks (dec’d) on the beach and surfing.
Bottom: (Left) Hume Heatley (dec’d). (Right) Terry, Hume & unidentified.

1970s Scarborough wildlife 5 collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s Scarborough wild life #1. Ric Chan pics.
Top: (Left) Greg Laurenson (dec’d). (Right) unidentified beach girls.
Middle: (Left) Charles ‘Chuck’ Stewart (dec’d). (Right) Ric ‘flower power’ Chan.

1970s Scarborough wildlife 4collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s Scarborough wild life #2. Ric Chan pics.
Top: (Left) Coffin Cheaters. (Right) unidentified beach girls.
Bottom: (Left) fashion photo shoot unidentified girl. (Right) unidentified beach girl.

1970s Scarborough wildlife 3 collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s Scarborough wild life #3.
Top: (Left) Steve Mathews (Channel 9) with unidentified Band. (Right) Unidentified girl in Mini Minor – Ric Chan pics.
Bottom: (Left) Blue Nicholson, Prive Morris, Micko Gracie & Rex Biddle with Prive’s Fiat in Scarborough Beach Rd – Peter Mac pic. (Right) Dolphins Board Riders footy team at Deanmore park – Tom Blaxell pic.

1970s Scarborough wild life 7 collage_photocat




1960-80s Eye Candy

Surfing became an acceptable trendy pastime during the 60s. All types of Commerce were using surfers to promote their products. Photos of surfers featured in Fashion & Surf Mags and News media advertisements/promotions.

Some WA surfers were lucky enough to exploit their good looks on the meat market and supplement their meagre incomes through fashion photo-shoots and by strutting their stuff on the catwalk.

Photos: Flashback to the 60s. Photos courtesy of Brian Cole, Gayle Franks and Greg Woodwood.

(Left) 1961 Brian Cole & legendary big wave surfer Bob Pike modelling for Flair Magazine at North Narrabeen NSW. (Middle) Gayle ‘Copper’ Franks modelling on City Beach for ‘Broken Glass on the Beach’ campaign. (Right) Surf Magazine photo shoot featuring Eleanor Proud.

1960s models, Brian Cole, Gayle Franks, Eleanor Proud collage_photocat

During the 70s WA surf industry pioneer Len Dibben ran his own Surfboard manufacturing business and did modelling on the side initially to promote his surfboard business. Len also got WA champion board paddler/surfer Dave Ellis and some of his Warrain Board Club mates to join him modelling on the catwalk. Click on this link for more details of Len Dibben’s modelling career.

In 1972 photographer journalist Ric Chan did a fashion photo shoot with Len Dibben in the SW .

Photos: 1972 SW fashion photo shoot. (Left) Injidup Point surf wear photo shoot. (Right) Gracetown car park. Len modelling the latest head wear from Walsh’s Men’s Wear in Perth city. Photo credits Ric Chan.

1972 SW photo shoot Len Dibben collage_photocat

In 1973 Bruce King from Subiaco was holidaying in London with his WA surfing mates Bob Monkman, Micko Gracie & Peter McDonald. While there Bruce was employed to tour major cities in England & Wales promoting Viking Model Sewing Machines for Husqvarna Ltd.

Photos: 1973 Modelling Viking outfits in London. (Left) Igor (Vic) and Bruce King (WA). (Right) Bruce King decked out in viking apparel. Photos courtesy of Bruce King

1973 Bruce King LOndon Viking Sewing Machine photoshoot 3 collage_photocat

In the 70s photo journalist Ric Chan did a photo shoot for a jewellery advertisement in Perth. It featured Yallingup surfer Peter McDonald and model Cheryl Marrat.

Photos: 1970s Perth. Peter Mac & Cheryl Marrat modelling jewellery. Photo credits Ric Chan.

1970s Peter Mac & Cheryl Marrat jewellery photoshoot collage_photocat

Fashion photo shoots by photo journalist Ric Chan.

Photos: (Left) 1970s model Jane Priest, unidentified & surfer Bunky Miller with dog. (Right) 1969 unidentified model & Ric Chan modelling a wettie in South Australia.

1969-70s Ric Chan photoshoots 2 collage_photocat

Phil Henderson was a talented City Beach goofy footer and a good looking young buck back in the 70s.

Photos: (Left) 1972 Phil surfing in Blaxell Surfboards advertisement. (Right) 1973 unidentified model with Phil Henderson & his dog at City Beach photo shoot. Photo credits Ric Chan.

1972-3 Phil Henderson photoshoots collage_photocat

Business advertisements in WA’s West Coast Surfer magazine.

Images: (Left) 1980 Graham Noakes advertising his Margaret River business. (Right) 1980 Frank Thorson (Mitch’s dad) advertising his Rottnest Bakery. Images courtesy of Ric Chan.1970-80 photoshoot Graham Noakes & Frank Thorson IMG_001

Photos: (Left) 1973 Sandy & Norm Bateman modelling wetsuits for Oceans Surf Shop. (Right) 1975 Dave Kennedy (dec’d) from Star Surfboards in Perth City. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1973-5 Norm Bateman & Dave Kennedy collage_photocat

In the 70s & 80s Ric Chan was busy juggling his career activities. During the day he worked as a photo journalist for The Independent Newspaper and as a professional model. At night time he was a DJ at Gobbles night club.

Photos: 1976 Jeans advertisements Perth. Ric Chan and unidentified girls modelling the latest jeans & accessories. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1976 Jeans West advts Ric Chan 5 collage_photocat

Paul Mienk was a talented City Beach surfer & skate boarder in the early 60s. He was good looking and popular with girls.

Photo: Late 1970s Paul Mienk modelling a leather jacket in Bali. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970 Bali Paul Mienk modelling leather jacket IMG_0410

In the 70s Trigg/Mettams surfer Steve ‘Hog’ Hannett featured in fashion photo shoots.

Photo: 1977 L-R Unidentified, Colin Earle & Steve Hannett at the Hang Ten WASRA School Boys Contest at Trigg. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1977 Trigg Hang Ten WASRA School Boys Surfing Championships Colin Earle & Steve Hannett - Ric Chan 009

Cottesloe surfer Bill Oddy was head honcho at Cordingley Surfboards and a guru in the Entertainment industry during the 70s. Bill was also a popular male model in WA.

Photo: 1977 Bill Oddy at the Hang Ten WASRA School Boys Contest at Trigg. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1977 Trigg Hang Ten WASRA School Boys Surfing Championships Bill Oddy - Ric Chan 014

WA surfer Gary Greirson became a professional TV model in the 80s and earned big $’s advertising Beer & Electrical goods in TV advertisements. Gary worked for a modelling agency and his fashion shots appeared in magazines & newspapers.

Photos: 1980s Gary Greirson fashion photo shoots. Photos courtesy of Gary Greirson and Bill Plowman from the Daily News.

Gary: “These were just work shots for which I was well paid. I don’t have any pics of when I was on the catwalk. I did a high paid TV commercial for Emu Export beer in 1984, but have no photos as it’s on video tape”.

1980s Gary Greirson Modelling 1 collage_photocat

In the 80s Californian pro-windsurfer & top surfer Rich Myers (Yallingup resident since 1990) was introduced to modelling through his windsurfing exposure in the USA. His image was featured in various US Magazines & Newspapers, covers, pictures, interviews & editorials.

He became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and appeared in TV commercials and had bit parts in ‘The Young & the Restless’, ‘The A-Team’ & T J Hooker TV series. He was the feature surfer in surf movies ‘Follow the Sun 11’ and ‘Tales of the 7 Seas’. Rich also featured in windsurfing videos.

Photos:  1980s pro-windsurfer Rich Myers featured in a Malibu Men Calendar. Image courtesy of Rich Myers.

Rich: “While the calendar wasn’t a big hit with the girls, it was very popular with the Gay community in San Francisco” (-:

1980s Malibu Men calendar Rich Myers collage_photocat

Photos: 1980s Rich Myers windsurfing & fashion photo shoots. Photos courtesy of Ric Myers.1980s Rich Myers modelling 6 collage_photocat - Copy

In 2006 ‘Outside Go’ Magazine featured SW surfer & yoga teacher Kathleen ‘Katie’ Coryell in an article on female athletes. At the time Katie she was a sponsored surfer with Surf Diva and was sent out to do a lot of projects like this one.

Photo: 2006 Katie Coryell image in Outside Go Magazine. Photo courtesy of Katie and Outside Go magazine.

2006 Kathleen Coryell Outside Go Magazine IMG_5480y




Meelup Beach in the 70s

Meelup beach is situated on Geographe Bay near Dunsborough. It is a beautiful beach with trees and vegetation growing down to the water’s edge. The beach is part of a Class A Reserve with native flora, fauna and water ways.

Meelup is an aboriginal word meaning ‘Place of the moon rising’ because at certain times of the year the moon appears to rise from the sea.

Photos: 2000’s Meelup Beach & surrounds. Photo courtesy King Bros.

2014 Meelup green Bruce King collage_photocat

The coastline faces NE and is protected from the prevailing SW winds. Occasionally (when the swell & winds align) the beach produces fun novelty waves on its point and bay.

Back in the 70s some lucky surfers lived in the region and got to sample life’s simple natural pleasures.

Photo: 1970s surfers enjoying fun waves in Meelup Bay pre-bitumen car park. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970s Meelup Beach - Ric Chan 007

Photo: 1970s Terry Hartley from Tangaroa Board Club rugged up against winter chills at Meelup. Photo credit Ric Chan

1970s Meelup Beach - Ric Chan 009

Photo: 1970s SW surfing legend Bob Monkman in his birthday suit at Meelup Beach. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970s Meelup Beach Bob Monkman - Ric Chan 010A

Photo: Early 1970s renowned surfboard shaper Greg ‘Pants’ Laurenson surfing Meelup Bay on a GL short board. Photo courtesy of Loz Smith, photographer unknown.

Early 70s Greg Laurenson surfing Meelup _ unknown photographer IMG_201

In the late 70s Vance & Nance Burrow rented and lived in a funky small cottage in Meelup Valley.

Photo: 1978 Burrow family cottage in Meelup Valley. Photo credit Vance Burrow.

1978 Meelup Valley V&N Hse VB IMG

Photo: 1978 Former Californian surfer Leon Tomasian dining in the Burrow cottage in Meelup Valley. Photo Vance Burrow.

1978 SW Leon Thomasian Meelup Valley VB IMG


Photos: Novelty waves in Geo Bay. Photos courtesy of Vintage Surf images by Tom Collins and the King Bros.

Novelty waves Geo Bay collage_photocat




John Balgarnie’s surfing memoirs

Talented goofy footer John ‘JB’ Balgarnie (born 10 July 1946) began his surfing life at Trigg before moving to Cottesloe in the early 60s.

He won his first state title at the WA Winter Championships held at Scarborough in 1966. JB competed successfully at the state level from the 60s until 2010 when he won the ‘over 60s div’ at Whale Bone Classic longboard contest held at Isolated Reef near Cottesloe.

In between those contest wins, JB did a lot of surfing and help design WA’s first artificial surfing reef at Cable Station near Cottesloe.

Image: 1960s contest winner John Balgarnie surrounded by the spoils of victory. Image courtesy of Wet Side News mag.

1960s John Balgarnie Profile 1993 Wet Side News

These are JB’s surfing memoirs.

Contest Achievements

Contest results as shown on trophies.
1966 winter championships……1st place open
1968 6PR WASRA open surf riding comp…..1st place open
1970 state round…..1st place open
1982 Australia day titles…..1st place masters
1985 spring titles….3rd place masters
1985 winter titles….3rd place masters
1990 wet dreams WASRA….1st place masters
1994 state round…..3rd place masters
1995 state titles….2nd place masters
1996 1st state round…..2nd place masters
1996 2nd state round…..2nd place masters
1996 3rd state round……2nd place masters
1999 whalebone invitational….2nd place over 50s
2000 over 50s Cottesloe longboard….2nd place
2009 whalebone over 60s…..2nd place
2010 whalebone over 60s….1st place
Note: I have three more trophies with nothing written on them,
they could be two seconds and a first at Phillip Island Vic.
I have not been in a contest since 2010.

Image: 1966 WA Winter Championships held at Scarborough (JB won Senior Men’s Title). Contest report #1 courtesy of Surfabout Magazine Vol 3 No.7.

1966 WA Winter Champs at Scarborough ex Surfbabout Magazine Vol 3. No 7. IMG_01

Image:1966 WA Winter Championships held at Scarborough (JB won Senior Men’s Title). Contest report #2 courtesy of Surfabout Magazine Vol 3 No.7.

1966 WA Winter Champs at Scarborough ex Surfbabout Magazine Vol 3. No 7. IMG_02

JB represented WA at National Surfing Titles held in on the East Coast.

Photo: 1966 WA State Team at Crescent Heads Country Club. L-R John Balgarnie (front), unknown girl, Boz Cummings, Mike Bibby, unknown, John Staley, Neil Peglar, Arty Sherburn, Barry Young, Murray Smith & unknown girl & boy. Photo courtesy of Barry Young.

1966 Crescent Heads Country Club L-R J Balgarnie,girl,B Cummings, M Bibby,unknown,J Staley,N Peglar,A Sherburn, B Young, M Smith & girl. B Young pic

Surfing history.

My first experience of surfing was at Trigg Point around the age of 13 years old, 1959. In those days only a few surfers would be surfing the point. When one of the surfers fell off his board I would retrieve that board and paddle it back to the surfer. When retrieving boards I learnt how to paddle and later how to surf after buying one of Trigg boards.

My first board was a Wallace 8’6’’ balsa that I kept at a friend’s house at Trigg for about a year, until moving it to Cottesloe and keeping it under the Cottesloe Pavilion, which began my surfing life around Cottesloe area.

My next board was a Gordon Woods 3 stringer 9’3” then a couple of King Cole boards until I snapped one at South Point and Colin Cordingley offered me free boards to ride for the Cordingley surf team. During my Cordingley association I met Greg Laurenson who was shaping for Cordingley’s. From that time on Greg shaped all my boards under Cordingley’s label and later under his own board building business. My association with Greg’s surfboard designs was exciting, new and innovative. I can remember riding my first twin fin board with Greg standing on the reef to see what happens to the fins during a full bottom turn, it was exciting times. After the very sad death of Greg I began to surf on Mt Woodgee surfboards and still do today.

Photo: 1970 Yalls State Titles L-R Peter Holzman, Ron Waddell, Rod Slater, Rob Sutherland, Steve Cockburn, Giles Geiger, John Balgarnie, Peter Dyson, Bruce King & Greg Laurenson in front. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970 Yalls State Titles P Holzman,R Waddell, R Slater, R Sutherland, S Cockburn, G Geiger, J Balgarnie, P Dyson, B King & G Laurenson - R Chan img424

In 1975 WASRA started a ‘Build a Reef’ campaign for the WA coast. JB was involved in the campaign with Geoff Berry.

Image: 1975 WASRA ‘Build a Reef’ campaign pamphlet. Image courtesy of Arthur Sherburn.

1975 WASRA build a reef campaign - Arthur Sherburn pic img233

JB is an architect and was involved in the planning of the artificial reef at Cable Station near Cottesloe.

Artificial Reef (Construction completed December 1999).

My interest in an artificial reef came from discussions with a friend in Victoria who is a marine engineer and knew the conditions of Perth, being the lack of good banks and hence good surf. It was discussed that if only we had good sand banks to give us more surfing locations the help the ever increasing crowd conditions.

My friend from Victoria, Geoff Atkins came across a thesis by Walker on artificial reefs proposed in Hawaii as part of his studies on marine engineering. This thesis gave us the means to use his proposal and adapt it to Perth conditions by means of submitting a proposal to the government.

The proposal was put together with a friend of mine, Geoff Berry and was a very preliminary submission to raise some finance to hopefully get approval and build the reef. Professor Sylvester from the WA University being from the Marine Engineering Department submitted within our report to give us some credibility to that report.

Unfortunately nothing much happened and the report sat “dead in the water” for a few years. The next interesting development with the help of Keith Campbell from Trigg was a meeting with Mike Board being the Local Member of Government to discuss the artificial reef. Mike Board was looking for a project to help the community and the artificial reef was just what he was looking.

A committee under Mike Board was chosen being myself and another Keith Campbell from the Cottesloe area representing surfing together representatives from the surf life-saving, fishing, University of Marine Engineering and Local Government. The committee would meet to discuss what needed to be accomplished for the construction of the reef and to acceptable to the Government. The very first task was to select a site for the reef. Cable Station was selected because the area had a stable beach area being the existing shore line reef and an existing reef off the coast that could be enhanced with little or no effect on the environment.

Once the site was selected contour surveys were taken for a scale model to be constructed by the University Marine Engineering Department to test all legitimate aspects of the reef proposal. Over a number of years all the testing, costing and method of construction was completed though it wasn’t all easy going. When the committee hadn’t met for a while, a newspaper friend of mine would run a story on the reef and that article would seem to result in the committee meeting again.

To my surprise and after a considerable length of time the proposal for the artificial reef was accepted by the Committee together with Government funding for the construction of the reef.

So the reef was now going to be built though it was Keith Campbell and myself that pushed for the reef to be a longer breaking reef than proposed by the University Marine Engineering Department of WA. Again I was surprised that our proposal to lengthen the surf break was accepted and I can only think it was the very good relationship we had within the committee to get this reef up and working.

My only regret it that no one has taken the concept of the artificial reef and developed it to be used on the open beach areas. I have spent a lot of time getting this reef up and working for the only reason that someone could then run with a proposal on the open beach areas. I would think it’s not so difficult to construct an artificial reef that would change the swell directions producing good surf banks without harming the environment. At the moment we have no sand banks in the summer time, so when we have swell it just closes out making conditions basically terrible for surfing.

Places I have surfed.

I have surfed throughout Australia especially Phillip Island whereby I would spend each summer while studying architecture. Further I have surfed all of the east coast and been part of the Australian titles in Queensland and NSW. My surfing experience on Philip Island started in 1968 and has been ongoing to this day. I spent so much time on the Island I became a member of the Phillip Island Board Club and to this day have friends from the island.

My favourite surf break is Woolamai on Phillip Island as it’s the most perfect beach break you can imagine. The sand banks are so perfect and consistent year in and year out that the locals have named each of the sand banks eg, Anzac alley to name one.

Apart from Australia I have surfed Hawaii on three occasions being the North Shore and the Honolulu area, California coast, Indonesia surf spots eg, Mentawai Islands, Bali, Lombok etc and the Maldives on several occasions.

Photo: 2010 John surfing Pasta Point in the Maldives. Photo courtesy of John Balgarnie.

2010 Maldives pasta point John Balgarnie Img_1

These days.

These days I surf around the Cottesloe area through winter and travel over east or down south during the summer months with the occasional trip overseas. Next year in June I plan to go to the Mentawai Islands on a two week boat trip with friends from Phillip Island.

Photo: 2009 Reunion at City Beach. L-R John Balgarnie, Dave Cummins, Jamie Doig & Geoff Berry. Photo credit Bruce King.

2009 Reunion J Balgarnie, D Cummins, J Doig & Geoff Berry - Bruce King

To date I have never surfed Europe, South Africa or Tasmania, though I would like to surf Europe for the experience and hopefully will one day soon

That’s it, my condensed surfing life. Hope you find the above interesting.



Old Dunsborough Images

The coastal town of Dunsborough is located on Geographe Bay in the south west of WA. The town consisted of a general store, bakery and a few shacks until the 1950s. It was a sleepy coastal hamlet until surfing became popular in the 60s and wine tourism emerged in the mid-80s.

In 2001 the Dunsborough Writers Group published a book titled ‘Cape of Contrasts’. The book contains of stories of Cape Naturaliste WA and includes recollections and many fine old images of Dunsborough & surrounds. The book is available at the Public Library in Dunsborough.

Click on Your Margaret River Region tourism site to view Dunsborough’s History.

Photo: 1950s Aerial image of Dunsborough Beaches by Alexander Bain. Alexander Bain image courtesy of Brian Cole.

1950s Dunsborough Beaches by Alexander Bain - Brian Cole pic img273

In the 60 & 70s Greenacres Beach Cottages/Caravan Park (located on the Dunsborough beach front) was a popular holiday venue for family holidays and visiting surfers.

Jason Greenacre: – “Greenacres Caravan Park closed in the late 90’s and it wasn’t due to lack of custom as you normally had to book at least a year in advance, it was sold by the people we sold it to for the real estate value as it had absolute beach frontage on the title.” (now strata titled Regency Beach Club).

Mitch Baker: – “My family owned the park upon its closure. The sale date was 25 February 1998.”

Photos: 1964 Surfers holidaying at Greenacres.
Top. (Left) Graeme Ward, Ross James, unknown & Geoff Baxter with surf wagon.(Right) unidentified girl with Ford Zephyr sedan & custom trailer.
Bottom. (Left) Greenacres cottage 2B. (Right) Jenny Tidy & Carol McDonald in mock beheading. Photos courtesy of Ron Moss.

1964 Greenacres Cottages Dunsborough Ron Moss pics 1 collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s Family holidays at Greenacres. Photos courtesy of King family.

1970s Greenacres Cottages Dunsborough J King2a collage_photocat

Photo: 1971 unidentified lady with her bike in front of The Dunsborough Store (located corner of Dunn Bay Road and Naturaliste Terrace). The store sold groceries and petrol & had a public telephone booth outside. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1971 Dunsborough Store - Ric Chan img233.jpg (2)

Photo: 1971 unidentified lady riding her bike through Dunsborough CBD. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1971 Dunsborough - Ric Chan img225

Photo: 1971 unidentified young bloke & Jeff ‘Re’ Marshall riding bikes through Dunsborough. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1971 Dunsborough RE Marshall on bike - R Chan img450

Photo: 1973-4 The Dunsborough Store. Suppliers of groceries, grog & Shell petrol. Photo courtesy of Mark Hills.

1973-74 old dunno General Store - Mark Hills

Surfers moved into Dunsborough in the early 70s. Ron ‘Gremmo’ Ellis, George Simpson & other surfers shared two rental houses on Bay View Crescent with views over Geographe Bay (near the former Greenacres cottages).

Photo: 1975 Surfers and their rental house at Bay View Crescent Dunsborough. Photo courtesy Peter McDonald

1975 Dunsborough Bay View Crescent rear rental house crew - Peter Mac IMG 01

In the mid 70s a Pigbreeders Footy Team was formed in Dunsborough. The team comprised of approx 40 local surfers played against Capel and other teams in the South-West. In 1984/85 surfers Drew Brent-White, Andy Jones & the Bettenay brothers started the Yallingup Mulies Footy Team, which still exists today.

Photo: 1975 The Pigbreeders Footy Team having a shirts & skins training session at the Dunsborough Primary School oval. Photo courtesy of Peter McDonald.

1975 Dunsborough Pig Breeders footy team Skins & Shirts - Peter Mac pic

SW surfers Ralph Redman and Geoff Culmsee ran a Fiberglass business in Clarke Street Dunsborough from 1973 to 2000 . Ralph also ran the Dunsborough Surf Cat hire business in Geographe Bay at the end of Dunn Bay Road during the summer holiday period.

Refer SDS blog ‘The Redman Surfing Dynasty’ published 22 April 2015 for more background on the Redman  family.

Photos: 1976 Dunsborough Surf Cat Hire. Ralph Redman with his children Patrick & Melanie. Photo courtesy of Jill Redman.

1976 Dunsborough surfcat hire Patrick, Ralph & Melanie - Redman pic IMG_01A

The parents of renowned SW surf photographer Jamie Scott ran The Dunsborough Store in the 70s. Jamie took this photo of his dad’s store in 1977 when he was age 7.

Click on Jamie Scott Images to view Jamie’s images of the Margaret River wine and wave region.

Photo: 1977 the Scott’s Dunsborough Store. Photo credit Jamie Scott.

1977 Dunsborough Store. Jamie Scott pic

Photo: 1978 Dunsborough shops L-R Bianca & Kath King. View from front of former Hardware Store in Naturaliste Terrace.  Photo courtesy of King family.

1978 Dunsborough shops Bianca & Kath King IMG_0001

Young surfboard shaper Al Bean moved down south in the early 70s. He shaped surfboards in the SW and sold his boards through metro surf shops.

Photo: 1980 Al Bean promoting his surfboard business in Dunsborough. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1980 Dunsborough Al Bean Surfboards - Ric Chan (3)

In the 80s popular surfboard designer Greg Laurenson ran his surfboard business from an old dairy building located near the present Doctors Surgery in Dunn Bay Road, Dunsborough.

Photo: 1982-3 Greg Laurenson’s Surf Studio in Dunsborough. Photo courtesy of Gary ‘Gooselegs’ Vaughan.

1982-83 Greg Laurenson Surf Studio Dunsborough - Gary Vaughan pic IMG_0003

Creature of Leisure Pty Ltd based their surfing accessories business in Clarke Street Dunsborough in the 80s.

Photo: 1987 Interior of Creatures of Leisure factory in Dunsborough. Photo credit Loz Smith.

1987 Dunsborough Creatures of Leisure factory Clarke St - Loz Smith img291a

In the 1980s Ron Baker ran his H2O Surfboards business in Naturaliste Tce Dunsborough. Dunsborough surfer/shaper Colin Ladhams shaped surfboards for H2O.

Image: 1989 H20 Surfboards advertisement published in Yal Mal Program.

1989 H2O Surfboards advt Yal Mal Prog IMG_0002