1974 State Surfing Titles held at Guillotine Surf Break

In the early 1960s members of the West Coast Board Club used a rough old fisherman’s track to access the Gallows. The WC boys dobbed in 10 shillings each and paid 20 pound to local bulldozer driver ‘Boodge’ Guthrie to upgrade the track. They later got Boodge to extend the track to Guillotine and they started surfing there too.

For more history on the West Coast Board Club and the discovery of Guillotine refer to Surfing Down Surf book.

A round of the State Surfing Titles was held at the Guillotine surf break in 1974. Photo-Journalist Ric Chan covered the event for the Independent Newspaper and took these images. However, Ric cant remember being there, so we can’t ask him for the results!

Did Baz Day or Kanga Cairns win the blue ribbon Open Div?

Photo: 1974 WASRA President Doc Naylor & competitors meeting at Gracetown turn-off on Caves Rd. Ric Chan pic.

1974 Guillotine State Titles Cowaramup Rd img098

Photo: 1974 Guillotine line-up. Ric Chan pic.

1974 Guillotine State Titles Guillotine img094

Photos: 1974 State Title officials. Ric Chan pics.

Top: (Left) Doc Naylor. (Right) Len Dibben. Bottom: Len Dibben with judges and assistants.

1974 State Titles Guillotine officials collage_photocat

Photo: 1974 unidentified surfing in State Titles. Ric Chan pic.

1974 Guillotine State Ttiles unknown - Ric Chan

Photo: 1974 Barry Day surfing in State Titles. Ric Chan pic.

1974 Guillotine State Titles Barry Day img 097 (3)

Photo: 1974 Ian Cairns surfing in State Titles. Ric Chan pic.

1974 Guillotine State Titles Ian Cairns - Ric Chan 018

Photo: 1974 Chris Fullston surfing in State Titles. Ric Chan pic.

1974 Guillotine State Titles Chris Fullston img097 (4)

Photo: 1974 Russell Catto surfing in State Titles. Ric Chan pic.

1974 Guillotine State Titles Russell Catto img086

Photo: 1974 Trevor ‘Kenmac’ Kenyon surfing in State Titles. Ric Chan pic.

1974 Guillotine State Titles img097 (2)

Photos: 1974 competitors & spectators at State Titles. Ric Chan pics.

1974 State Titles Guillotine spectators 2 collage_photocat



1970-80s Surfing Reflections

Have you ever wondered what you would look like surfing in reverse stance?

This is a collection of Ric Chan surfing images showing some of our top surfers in the 70-80s. Ric’s normal images have been matched with a reversed image of the same wave.

Photo: 1974 Mick Black (natural foot) surfing Noiseys near Gracetown. Ric Chan pic

1974 Mick Black Noiseys Ric chan collage_photocat

Photo: 1974 Barry Day (natural foot) surfing Guillotine. Ric Chan pic

1974 Barry Day Guillotine Ric Chan collage_photocat

Photo: 1975 Steve Hannett (natural foot) surfing Injidup. Ric Chan pic

1975 Steve Hannet Injidup Ric Chan collage_photocat

Photo: 1976 Rob Conneely (natural foot) surfing Margaret River. Ric Chan pic

1976 Rob Conneely Marg River Ric Chan 1 collage_photocat

Photo: 1976 Ian Cairns (natural foot) surfing North Point. Ric Chan pic

1976 Ian Cairns North Point Ric Chan collage_photocat

Photo: 1976 Tony Hardy (goofy foot) surfing Margaret River. Ric Chan pic

1976 Tony Hardy Marg River Ric Chan 2 collage_photocat

Photo: 1978 Craig Bettenay (natural foot) surfing Trigg. Ric Chan pic.

1978 Craig Bettenay Triggs Ric Chan collage_photocat

Photo: 1980 Mike McAuliffe (goofy foot) surfing Scarborough. Ric Chan pic

1980 Mike McAuliffe Scarb Ric Chan collage_photocat

Photo: 1980 Chris Fullston (goofy foot) surfing Lefthanders near Gracetown. Ric Chan pic

1980 Chris Fullston Lefthanders Ric Chan collage_photocat


1975/76 Red Hot Sticks

In the mid-late 60s Ian Cairns surfed the Cottesloe area & Down South with his mate Arty Sherburn. He soon established a reputation at the State & National level for surfing big waves in the SW. In the ‘70s he became a pro surfer and earned a world-wide reputation for big wave riding on Hawaii’s North Shore.

For a full profile on Ian click on

In 1975/76 Ian designed & rode Red Hot Stick surfboards in WA. The boards were sold from a Red Hot Sticks surf shop in Bicton. This short term venture was a stepping stone along the road to success.

Photos: 1976 Ian providing customer service at the Red Hot Sticks surf shop. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1976 Red Hot Sticks surf shop Bicton 1 collage_photocat

Photos: 1975-76 Red Hot Stick designs.

Top: (Left) 1976 Red Hot Stick ‘Loose Goose’ design by Ian Cairns for Loz Smith. Photo credit Loz Smith.
Other 3 images: 1975 Red Hot Sticks 6’11” x 21” single fin pintail shaped by Ian Cairns for Barry Day. Photos courtesy of Barry Day.

1975-76 Red Hot Sticks Baz & Loz collage_photocat

Photos: 1976 Adrian Wilson surfing Margaret River Mainbreak on a 6’8″ Red Hot Stick surfboard. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1976 Marg River Adrian Wilson on 6'8 Red Hot Stick collage_photocat

Photos: 1975 Ian surfing North Point on a Red Hot Stick surfboard. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1975 North Point Ian Cairns Red Hot Sticks collage_photocat

Photos: 1976 (Left) Ian surfing Margaret River Main Break on a Red Hot Stick surfboard in WA Spring Surfing Titles. (Right) Ian free surfing North Point on a Red Hot Stick surfboard.. Photo courtesy of Ric Chan.

1976 Ian Cairns MR Spring Title & North Point Red Hot Sticks collage_photocat

Photos: 1976 (Left) Ian surfing Injidup Car Park on a Red Hot Stick surfboard in WA Spring Surfing Titles. (Right) Ian’s sponsored vehicle in car park. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1976 Injidup Ian Cairns 2 collage_photocat


1960s-70s West Coast Surfboards

In the late 60s & 70s West Coast Surfboards in Fitzgerald St West Perth was run by surfboard craftsman Bob Gairdner and partners Mick Dalziel & Eddie Warner.

West Coast Surfboards attracted a stable of fine surfers in Peter ‘Spook’ Bothwell (dual State Open Champion), Ian Cairns (dual World Champion), Barry Day (Duke Kahanamoku Trophy winner) and Craig Howe (NW surfing pioneer).

Photo: 1973 West Coast Surfboards showrooms in West Perth. Photographer unknown.

1973 West Coast surf shop - unknown A

Photos: Vintage West Coast Surfboards (Left) 1969 surfboard logo & (Right) 1970 single fin surfboard. Photos courtesy of Phil Woods Collection.

1969-70 West Coast Surfboards Phil Woods Collection IMG_001

Bob Gairdner shaped all of ‘Spook’ Bothwell’s West Coast surfboards.

’Spook’ Bothwell: “My introduction to Bob Gairdner was through David Beamish with whom I was friendly with. It was after I won the 68 State Title on my John Arnold which Malcolm Loch organised for me, that Beamish introduced me. Bob made me a board to ride in the Australian Titles, in Sydney. The board was based on Midget’s pintail which I rode when he was at Yallingup in 68.
Bob Gairdner made every board I rode for years. Terry Jacks also rode them. Mick Dalziel who was an original Southern Surfrider was also a partner and an influential design collaborator.
Other surfers who surfed the Coasters were Al Fixter, Neil Peacock and Dave Plaisted to name a few.
The thing about Bob was he was interested in the process, the surfers themselves, surfboard design and everyone respected him for it.
Northbridge was a different place back then”.

Photo: 1972 ‘Spook’ Bothwell surfing a West Coast side slipper shaped by Bob Gairdner at the back of Cowaramup Bay in the SW. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1972 Moses Peter Spook Bothwell on West Coast side slipper - R Chan img530

West Coast’s surfboard construction team was comprised of master shaper Bob Gairdner, Eddie Warner (Cottesloe) glasser/sander. In 1972 Barry Day (City Beach) glassed, sanded & polished boards. State Surfing Champion Ian Cairns (Cottesloe) also shaped some boards for West Coast in the 70s.

Barry Day: “In 72 Ian Cairns shaped me a slide slipper surfboard based on his own blue coloured Midget Farrelly slide slipping surfboard. It was a wonderful board and we had a lot of fun together“

Photo: 1972 Barry Day at Yallingup with his Ian Cairn’s shaped slide slipper board with platypus nose and red colour design. Rod Slater is crouching next to Barry. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1972 Yalls State Titles Barry Day & Rod Slater - Ric Chan img095

Barry Day rode an Ian Cairn’s shaped West Coast Surfboards 6’2” area rounded pin with twin fins when he won the Duke Kahanamoku Trophy at the 1972 Australian Titles held on NSW beaches.

Photo: 1972 Barry Day’s Duke Kahanamoku trophy back home at Yalls. Photo credit Bruce King.

1972 OZ Titles NSW Duke Kahamoku Trophy B Day CBSR IMG_8308

Photo: 1973 surfer Craig Howe & Bob Gairdner inside the West Coast factory. Photo courtesy of Craig Howe.

1973 Craig Howe & Bob Gairdner West Coast Surfboards - Craig Howe A

Ian Cairns rode a West Coast Surfboard to victory in the 73 Smirnoff World Pro-Am Surfing Championships (de facto professional World Championship) held at Laniakea in Hawaii.

Barry Day: “Either Bob or Ian shaped Ian’s blood red coloured board and I glassed and sanded it”.

In 1974 Ian Cairns shaped Barry Day a 6’8” x 19.5” single fin swallow tail board at West Coast Surfboards.

Barry Day: “I made the fin, glassed, sanded, gloss coated, polished and then waxed & surfed the board”.

Photos: 1974 Barry’s West Coast swallow tail surfboard shaped by Kanga. Photos courtesy of Jim King.

1974 West Coast Surfboard by Ian Cairns collage_photocat

Image: 1974 Barry Day footballer/surfer working at West Coast Surfboards. Image courtesy of The Daily News.

1974 Barry Day - profile ex Daily News A

Photo: 2010 Old boys reunion at Marybrook function. L-R Loz Smith, Barry Day & Bob Gairdner. Photo courtesy of Loz Smith.

2010 Loz, Baz & Brian Gairdner West Coast Surfboards Busso Loz picA


Public Toilets at Yallingup Beach

The Public Works Dept built public toilets on the beach front at Yallingup in the early 60s. The toilet block served the community for more than three decades.

In the 60-70s the old toilets were used by visiting surfers as overnight accommodation in inclement weather. The women’s section was usually cleaner & dryer and the preferred sleeping quarters.

Louie ‘Longboard’ Corkill – “In the early 70s I used to camp in the old brick toilets on Yalls beach. I slept in a board bag made of quilt by my mother.”

Ross Utting recalls – “Sleeping arrangements at Yallingup were always problematical with a full car, especially when it was raining.
In desperation, one night me & my mate Norm (Dot) Kitson hatched a plan to escape the wet by staying up late & then bedding down in the ladies toilets.
For some reason the floor of the men’s toilets was always wet, but the ladies was dry. We stay up til past midnight comfortable that in the unlikely event that a female was in the area, they would have done their business by then. I bed down as far away from the door as possible, but Dot lays his bag down right in the middle, the idiot. About 2.30am I am awakened by a mad woman screaming blue murder. Apparently she had tripped over Dot & fallen face first onto him. Immediately I know what has happened & am willing Dot “stay in your bag”, “stay in your bag”. But no, like the idiot he is, Dot jumped out of his bag with just his underpants on & is trying to put his arm around the woman to settle her down. Of course this really fires her up. Reckon it would have scared me a bit too if a long haired bloke in his underpants tried to put his arm around me in the toilets at 2.30 in the morning. Anyway, she eventually escapes & runs out of the toilets never to be seen again.
I didn’t sleep a wink after that as I was waiting for the girl’s boyfriend to come & give us a good kicking or for the cops to take us away. Thankfully nothing happened, but we never slept in the ladies toilets again.”

Refer to Surfing Down South book for more tales of visiting surfers camping in the toilets.

Photo: 1969 Yallingup. Young Ian Cairns (16) with his short Jacko single fin surfboard on the lawn in front of the brick toilet block . Photo credit Ric Chan.

1969 Yalls State Titles I Cairns - R Chan img405

Photo: 1975 Yalls beach front layout. Surrounding the bitumen car park is Surfside Store on the left and the brick toilets (circled) on the right under melaleucia trees. The photo was taken during the 75 State Surfing titles at Yalls. Photo Ric Chan.

1975 Yalls State Titles Yalls car park img097

Image: 1985 Yallingup Malibu Surf Classic (Yal Mal) finalists standing in front of old brick toilets at Yalls Beach. This image has been signed by the finalists. Image credit Loz Smith.

Yal Mal Finalists. L-R Bob Monkman, Robbo, John Clemenger, Pater Mac, Ian ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, Peter Dyson, Cliff Hills, Gene Hall, Tony Harbison, Keith Campbell & Kevin ‘Twiggy’ Sharland.

1985 Yal Mal finalists - Loz Pic (signed) DSC_4751

Photo: 1986 Yallingup residents Alex, daughter Kamala (holding Haley Simpson) and Christine Brennan viewing Yal Mal contest from the lawn in front of the old brick public toilets. Note 1986 Classik graffiti on painted toilet wall. Photo credit Loz Smith.

1986 Yal Mal Alex, daughter Kamala holding Haley Simpson & Chrisitine Brennon - Loz Pic IMG_05

New Toilet Block

The original brick amentities was demolished in the 90s and replaced with a new stone toilet block re-located in front of the Surfside complex. Yallingup residents Rob Malcolm and Ashley Jones were instrumental in ensuring the design was conducive to it’s surroundings. Local ‘big wave’ surfer Tony Harbison built the new toilet block.

Photo: 2015 Yalls Kim ‘Dish; Standish and Bryn the dog standing in front of stone toilet block built by Harbo in the 90s. This image also features the new surfboard shaped showers installed in June 2015. Photo credit Jim King.

2015 Yalls toilet block & new showers Dish & Bryn DSC_9009

Photo: 2015 Yalls Mick Marlin, Bruce King & Louie Corkill (with Sinbad the dog) sheltering from the rain in the new stone toilets. Photo credit Jim King.

2015 Yalls Mick Marlin, Bruce King & Louie with Bowie DSC_9876