1977 Hang Ten WASRA Schoolboys Surfing Champs at Trigg

Updated 11 December 2016 thanks to Stephen Koehne.

Colin Earle entered all 3 age divisions, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19, winning U/15 and U/19 and placing 2nd in U/17. I think they changed the rules after that event.

The Nationals were held in Jan 1978 at Victor Harbour and Middleton Beach, South Australia. Colin was only able to surf in one division and picked U/15 as it was the division he was most likely to win. Steve and Ant Corrigan were power-houses from Bondi and Queenslander Joe Engel dominated and won the U/19 at the Nationals. Dave Mac was on that state team in U/15 too. Dave’s dad and Bill Girdwood were team chaperones.


The 1977 Hang Ten WASRA Schoolboys Surfing Championships were held at Trigg Beach in average surf conditions. There was a large pod of WASRA officials & celebrity surfers in attendance to watch the junior talent.

Contest results are unknown, but it is understood Colin Earle won the under 17 age division.

Surf journo/photographer Ric Chan was there to capture the action in & out of the water (mainly the latter).

Photo: 1977 Contest official Ken Trainer on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Contest spectators L-R Bill Oddy, John Shanahan & Greg Laurenson. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 unidentified competitor surfing Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Trigg Beach L-R unidentified, competitor Colin Earle and spectator Steve Hannett. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 contest judges & officials on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic


Photo: 1977 Bill Oddy reflecting an image of photographer Ric Chan in his sunnies. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Contest trophies U/15 & U/17 divisions. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 unidentified spectator Trigg car park. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 contest official Arty Sherburn on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Colin Earle with contest trophies on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 WASRA official Bill Girdwood on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 WASRA officials Peter Dyson (vice President) and Tony Harbison (President) presenting trophy to Colin Earle and other winners on Trigg Beach.


If you know the results of the ’77 Hang Ten WASRA Schoolboys Surfing Championships, let us know.



1960s Surfing in the South West – Peter Dyson

Young Dalkeith surfer Peter ‘Dyso’ Dyson started surfing down south in the early 60’s. In 1966 he become a member of the Yallingup Surf Board Club and purchased a beach shack on the hill at Yallingup.

These are Peter’s 1960s Down South recollections and photos.

Beach Shack Yallingup

In the mid 60s I rented a beach shack on Elsegood Road Yallingup from the Bonser family. In Feb 1966 they sold me the property for $3,000. The shack was one of five beach shacks built on the hill in the early 50s by Yallingup pioneer Ting Hammond & family.

Photos: Late 1960s Yallingup Peter Dyson’s shack with his Holden HR panel van. (Bottom right) View from Peter’s shack across Valley Rd and Yallingup Caravan Park. Peter Dyson pics.

1960s Yalls Dyson shack 4 collage_photocat - Copy

My shack had power but no scheme water or sewerage. Lance Bevan (my first wife’s brother) and I dug trenches in the limestone cap rock (which is the prevalent rock in the area) for the sewerage system. We were assisted by Peter Bothwell who later bought the Ferguson shack a couple of blocks north of me.

Photos: Late 60s Peter Dyson and Lance Bevan digging sewerage trench at the beach shack. Peter Dyson pics.

1960s Yalls Peter Dyson & Lance Bevan sewerage trench trench collage_photocat

Photos: Late 60s socialising at Pete’s shack. Peter Dyson Pics.

Top: The Braesch family & kids holidaying at Peter’s place.

Bottom: (Left) Postcard image of Yallingup Beach. (Right) 1970s Unidentified, Ian ‘Prive’ Morris and Ross ‘Mahdu’ Anderson in the kitchen of Peter’s shack. Andy Jones pic.

1960s Yalls Peter Dyson 6 collage_photocat

Photos: Late 60s beach girls at Pete’s shack Yalls. Peter Dyson pics.

Left: Robin Jebb (later married Spook Bothwell). Right: L-R Niobie Pericles, Jan Bevan, Robin Jebb & Mari Paterson.

1960s Beach girls collage_photocat

Photos: Late 60s beach boys at Pete’s shack Yalls. Peter Dyson pics.

Left: Ken Dyson (Peter’s dad) at the shack. Right: Peter enjoying a ‘King Brown’ beer in stubby holder with surfer Alex Chobanoff.

1960s boys at the shack collage_photocat

Photos: 1960-70s SW images courtesy of Peter Dyson.

Left: 1960s Peter at Rocky Point with pintail surfboard. Right: 1970s Tony Harbison and Peter with big kingfish caught at Big Rock. Pic taken at Harbo’s house at Hideaway Homes Yalls.

1960s Harbo & Peter Dyson 4 collage_photocat

Surfing in the SW

The inaugural State Surfing Championships were held at Yallingup in 1964. Contest officials erected a judge’s stand on the reef to give the judges an uninterrupted view of the action. It was a good idea, but the scaffolding stand was washed away by waves before completion of the competition.

Image: 1964 Peter Dyson winning 4th heat in the Junior division of the first State Surfing Championships held at Yalls. Image courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1964 Yalls State Titles Peter Dyson - PD pic IMG_0057

Photo: Mid 60s Dyso’s Kombi at Rocky Point. Photo courtesy of Peter Dyson

L-R John ‘Blue’ Burridge, Peter Dyson (on step ladder), Kevin Ager, Mick Maddren, John Balgarnie & Charlie Roper. John ‘Ned’ Franetovich is sitting on the roof.

mid 60s Rocky Pt John Burridge, Peter Dyson, Kevin Ager, Mick Maddren, John Balgarnie. Roo Dog, Ned F on roof. PD pic IMG_23

Photos: Late 1960s Pete surfing in the SW. Peter Dyson pics.

Top: Peter surfing the Farm at Bunker Bay.

Bottom: Peter surfing main break Yallingup.

1960s SW Peter Dyson surfing pics collage_photocat

Photos: Late 1960s Pete’s surfing mates. Peter Dyson pics.

Left: Albany Surfing Comp officials include Dave Condon, Rod Slater & Colin Cordingley. Right: John Staley celebrating his 21st birthday in Bunbury.

1970s Albany & Bunbury pics collage_photocat

Photo: 1970 Yalls State Titles. Ric Chan pic

L-R Greg Laurenson, Peter Holzman, Ron Waddell, Bruce King, Robin Sutherland, Peter Dyson, Rod Slater, Giles Geiger, Steve Cockburn & John Balgarnie.

1970 Yalls State Titles G Laurenson, P Holzman, R Waddell, B King, R Sutherland, P Dyson, R Slater, G Geiger, S Cockburn & J Balgarnie - R Chan img428

Yallingup Surf Board Club

Photo: 1965 Yallingup Surf Board Club members at Yallingup (pre Dyso). L-R Mark Waddell, Fred Lochowitch, Bill Oddy, John Pozzi, Peter Bothwell, Terry James, Craig Brent-White, Kim Woods, Geoff  Berry, Trevor Baskerville. Photo courtesy of Sonny James.

1965 Yalls YBC members - Peter Dyson pic IMG_0034

In 1966 I was invited to join the prestigious Yallingup Surf Board Club. My YBC membership was probationary for 12 months and subject to review for any serious misconduct during that period. I was required to resign from my former board club Cottesloe Board Club and register with WASRA.

Images: 1966 Yallingup Surf Board Club memorabilia courtesy of Peter Dyson.

Left: YBC invitation letter to Peter signed by Club Secretary Bill Oddy. Right: Peter’s YBC membership card.

1966 YBC membership Peter Dyson 2 collage_photocat

This photo shows my Kombi loaded with surfboards parked outside the ‘No Parking’ sign in front of the Yallingup Surf Board Shack at Caves House Yallingup.

Photo: 1960s Yallingup L-R Peter Dyson, Kim ‘Dish’ Standish, Kevin Ager, Guy Laylor, Michael Bibby and 2 unidentified lads. Peter Dyson pic.

1960s Yalls Peter Dyson Kombi YBC shack- PD pics IMG_0032


In the 1990s Peter Clauson, Don Hancey & I were partners in the Surfside tenancy at Yallingup. I wore snake skin boots and added a karaoke machine to Surfside’s amenities. Turn-over picked-up and Surfside became a strong music scene with local musicians Vance Burrows, Gina Pannone, Leon Thomasian & others playing at the venue. It was a vibrant night spot and rivalled Caves House in entertainment.

I then sold my share in Surfside to Neil Anderson.

Photo: 1990s the five Peter’s at Surfside Yalls L-R Peter Clauson, Peter Kidd, Peter Shearer, Peter Dyson & Peter Davies. Neil Anderson pic.

1990s Yalls Surfside L-R Peter Clauson, Peter Kidd, Peter Shearer, Peter Dyson & Peter Davies - Neil Anderson pic IMG_03

I still enjoy surfing, singing & sex…..those activities get my endorphins pumping!






2016 Peter ‘Dyso’ Dyson at Yal Mal

Veteran WA surfing & music legend Peter ‘Dyso’ Dyson is back in the South West to catch up with friends and enjoy the annual Yallingup Malibu Classic at Yallingup. The former Yallingup resident now lives in Bali.

Photos: 2016 Dyso at Yal Mal. (Left) Dyso). (Right) Loz & Dyso, Dyso & Bruce King and Louie Longboard & Dyso.  Bruce King pics.


Dyso’s 1960s South West surfing memoirs will be published Wed 7 Dec 2016 on SDS.


1960s Surfing in the City – Peter Dyson

In the 1960’s Dalkeith surfer Peter ‘Dyso’ Dyson spent his youth surfing & socialising in the city.

In the early 60s Peter was a junior member of the Cottesloe Surf Board Club and a student at Hale School.

Later in the 60s he became a member of the Yallingup Surfboard Club and the lead singer in the popular Perth band The Banned – these matters are covered in other SDS Blogs.

These are Dyso’s memories and images of metro surfing & social activities in the ’60s.

1. Surfing (Metro)

In the early ‘60s I purchased my first polyurethane & fibreglass surfboard from former wooden boat builders Colin & Rex Cordingley in Stirling Highway, Mosman Park. The board cost 39 pounds & 10 pence and was expensive due to the cost of imported Bennett blanks. The board was a white colour with a red & black stripe. It weighed approx. 30lbs and had a bullet proof fibreglass & resin job. I used to drag it down to Slimys at North Cottesloe for a surf. Cordingley’s purchased adhesives and paint brushes from Dysons, my family’s business in Perth.

Photo: 1960s Jack Dyson (Pete’s granddad) building in Bedford Place in Perth. Peter Dyson pic.

1960s Jack Dyson Building Bedford Place Perth - PD pic IMG_0006

In ‘65 I won the individual award at the State School Boys competition held at Scarborough and was runner–up in ‘66.

Photos: 1960s Peter surfing the Cove at Cottesloe on his surfboard with wooden nose block. Peter Dyson Pics.

1960s The Cove Peter Dyson 3 collage_photocat

The 1966 State Winter Surfboard Championships were held at Scarborough. Michael Bibby won & I was runner-up in the Junior division. We were both members of the Yallingup Surfboard Club.

Image: 1966 Media coverage of the event courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1966 Scarborough State Winter Titles results - Daily News IMG_006

The following image appeared on Surfing WA’s 50th Year Anniversary t-shirt and on Invitations to their Celebrations held at Surfers Point Margaret River in 2014.

Photo: 1966 Finalists in State Winter Surfboard Championships at Scarborough. Trevor Burslem pic. L-R Maureen Farrell (2nd Women), John Pozzi (3rd Senior), Michael Bibby (1st Junior), John Balgarnie (1st Senior), Peter Dyson (2nd Junior), Terry Jacks (2nd Senior), Eleanor proud (1st Women).

1966 Scarborough Winter Titles winners - Trevor Burslem pic IMG_0079

In 1966 I was invited to become a ‘Team Rider’ for Cordingley Surfboards in Subiaco.

Image: 1966 Peter Dyson’s Cordingley competition team card courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1966 Cordingley Surfboards business card Peter Dyson - PD image IMG_0062

Images: 1966 Cordingley Surf Shop letters to Peter courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1960s Cordingley Surf Shop letters 1 collage_photocat

Photo: 1960s Jan Bevan (my first wife) modelling on Trigg Beach with a Nipper Williams Surfboard. Photo courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1960s Trigg Jan Bevan modelling with Nipper Williams surfboard 1 - PD pic IMG_0004

In the 70s Tony Harbison was President of WASRA and I served as Vice President during his term. If you know the attractive girl on my right in the following photo, please let us know her name.

Photo: 1970s Scarborough Beach. WASRA Vice President Peter Dyson presenting surfing awards to unidentified and Maureen Farrell. Photo courtesy of Peter Dyson.

1960s Scarborough comp Peter Dyson handing trophies to unidentified & Maureen Farrell - PD pic IMG_0060

2. Social (Metro)

Photo: 1960s Ball held Palace Hotel in Perth. L-R Blue Burridge, Peter Dyson, John ‘Ned’ Franetovich & Richard Burridge (ladies unidentified). Peter Dyson pic.

1960s Blue Burridge, Peter Dyson & Richard Burridge at Ball held Palace Hotel IMG_0017

Photo: 1960s Party. L-R Richard Barik, Peter Dyson, Terry Jacks & Dick Lenard. Peter Dyson pic.

1960s Party Richard Barik, Terry Jacks, Peter Dyson & Dick Lenard - PD pic IMG_0042

Photo: 1960s Claremont Football Club function. L-R Peter Dyson, John Balgarnie & Lance Bevan. Peter Dyson pic.

1960s Claremont Footy Club Peter Dyson, John Balgarnie & Lance Bevan - PD pic IMG_20160509_0002

Photo: 1960s Fancy Dress Embassy Ball Room. L-R Jeff Hanson, Don McDonald, Peter Dyson, Hume Heatley & Dave Condon. Peter Dyson pic.

1960s Fancy Dress Embassy Ball Room Jeff Hanson, Don McDonald, Peter Dyson, Hume Heatley & Dave Condon - PD pic IMG_0030

Photo: 1960s River Cruise. L-R Peter Dyson, Jan Bevan, Niobie Pericles & Mike Byrom. Peter Dyson pic.

1960s river cruise Peter Dyson, Jan Bevan, Niobiei Pericles, Mike Byrom - PD pic IMG_0026

Photo: 1960s River Cruise. L-R Peter Dyson, Mike Byrom (Young Blaydes band) & Mike ‘Gruff’ Reynolds (roadie for Young Blaydes band). Peter Dyson pic.

1960s river cruise Peter Dyson, Mike Byrom, & Gruff - PD pic IMG_0016

Photo: 1960s Party. Peter Dyson & John Balgarnie – Peter Dyson pic.

1960s Party Peter Dyson & John Balgarnie - PD pic IMG_0003

Craig Brent-White and I go right back to baby bassinets.

In 1964 Craig Brent-White, Peter Lummis (from Scarborough) & I were the first WA surfers to travel to Phillip Island in Vic. My dad Ken Dyson booked us into Koala Estate on Phillip Island. We were age 16 and travelled over on the train, stopping at Kalgoorlie on route to enjoy the attractions. We met & made friends with local surfers and started an exodus of WA surfers to Phillip Island (eg Peter Bothwell, Hume Heatley, John Balgarnie etc).

Photo: 1960s two unidentified maidens & Craig Brent-White (Sand n Sea Board Riders) dining at unidentified Perth restaurant, Peter Dyson pic.

1960s Perth location unknown 2 girls & Graig Brentwhite - PD pic IMG_0039

I still enjoy life and a good party!





1960s Ric Chan and the Morguemen Band in NZ

Back in the 60s the front men for popular Perth bands ‘The Banned’ and ‘The Young Blaydes’ were surfer/singers Peter Dyson and Dave Aylett/Greg Wynne respectively.

At the same time in New Zealand young surfer/singer Ric Chan was the front man in popular NZ pop band The Morguemen.

Surfing North Island NZ.

Photos: Mid 60s Ric Chan surfing in NZ. Ric Chan pics.

(Left) Ric surfing unidentified surf break. (Right) Ric’s Ford Cortina & surfboards and Ric with bush turkey & friends in middle pic.

1960s Ric Chan surfing NZ 2 collage_photocat

The Morguemen Band NZ

Ric Chan – I was the lead singer/guitarist in the Morguemen band. The band was based out of Masterton and did gigs in Wellington and dance halls throughout the North Island.

We toured the country-side in a vintage 1935 Chrysler convertible with a dicky seat. We purchased the Chrysler for 10 pounds NZ.

I left the band at age 18, then headed to the East Coast of Australia and started photographing my surf travels.

Photos: Mid 60s Ric and the Morguemen band. Photos Ric Chan.

mid 60s Morguemen Band 7 collage_photocat

Photos: Mid 60s Morguemen Band promotional photo-shoots. Photos Ric Chan.

mid 60 Morguemen photoshoots 2 collage_photocat

Photos: mid 60s the Morguemen’s vintage 1935 Chrysler convertible with dickie seat. Ric Chan pics.

mid 60s Morguemen car 5 collage_photocat

Photos: mid 60s Morguemen’s Band on tour. John McKechnie is in racing googles top left. Ric Chan pics.

mid 60s Morguemen on tour 8 collage_photocat

Night Clubs Bali

Similar to WA’s Peter ‘Dyso’ Dyson, Ric Chan went into the nightclub business in Bali in the 80s.

Dyso ran the Casablanca and Peanuts Nightclubs and Ric Chan ran the Cheaters Night Club on the Kuta strip.

DysoRic spent most of his time in my nightclubs (-:

Ric Chan That’s not how I remember it (-:

Photos: Mid 1980s Kuta Bali nightclubs. Photos courtesy of Jim King & Ric Chan.

Photos: Mid 1980s Cheaters Night Club in Kuta Bali & some Bali pics courtesy of Ric Chan.

1980s Bali Cheaters Ric Chan pics collage_photocat

Ric is back rockin’ in NZ with his family & dog Fella.