1960-70s Geoff Culmsee

In 1961 Scarborough surfer Geoff Culmsee was a foundation member of the North End Board Club at Scarborough.

Photo: 1961 North End boys clowning around at Scarborough. L-R. M Darcy, J Price, unknown, Murray Smith, Geoff Culmsee & Gary Granery. Photo credit Murray Smith.

1961 Scarborough North End Board Club M Darcy, J Pinch, unknown, M Smith, G Culmsee & G Granery - MS pic

Geoff was attracted to SW and its waves during the 60s. In 1967 he helped build the North End Board Club shack at Prevelly in  the Margaret River region.

Photo: 1967 Marg River Prevelly. North End shack with Geoff Culmsee’s Land Rover out the front. Photo courtesy of Murray Smith.

1967 Marg River Prevelly Nth End Shack Geoff Culmsee Landrover - MS Pic4

Photo: 1970 Marg River Prevelly. North End shack in centre foreground.  Aerial photo by Jim Breadsell.

1970 Marg River Prevelly North End shack in foreground aerial view - Jim Breadsell pic

Photo: 1969 Geoff surfing Noiseys near Lefthanders at Cowaramup. Photo credit Jim Breadsell.

1969 Noiseys Cowaramup surfing Geoff Culmsee - Jim Breadsell pic.jpg

In the early 70s Geoff moved his family to the SW and started making Geoff Culmsee surfboards. Geoff made surfboards at several SW locations including a shed on his property at Eagle Bay (located near the Rocky Point track). He then teamed up with talented SW surfer Ralph Redman & started a fibreglass business in Clark Street Dunsborough which operated for 30 years.

Photos: 1971 Geoff Culmsee hand crafted single fin surfboard.  Photos courtesy of Phil Woods vintage surfboard collection.

1971 Geoff Culmsee design Paul Woods collection collage_photocat

Geoff is now a septuagenarian and shares his surfing time between SW and NW waves, similar to his mate Murray Smith.

Photo: 2011 Geoff checking outer reefs in the NW. Photo courtesy of Vance Burrow.

2011 Exmouth outer reef Geoff Culmsee

Photo: 2012 Geoff surfing in the NW. Photo courtesy of Vance Burrow.

2012 Geoff Culmsee Exmouth VB pic2


1970s Scarborough surfing identities – Len & Gordon

In the 1970s Len Laskewicz & Gordon Crowther were good mates living in the Scarborough area. They shared a love of surfing and chased waves on metro and SW beaches. The boys also enjoyed socialising and spent a lot of time enjoying themselves at parties on Yallingup Hill.

Lenny had a good surfing pedigree. In the 60s he was member of the Len Dibben Surf Team and placed 3rd in 1966 State Titles behind Murray Smith & Dave Williams.

Photos: Early 1970s Len Laskewicz surfing at Trigg Point on his Len Dibben single fin. Photo credits Ric Chan.

1970s Trigg Pt Len Laskewicz compilation2

Gordon was the quieter of the two lads. He loved his surfing down south but avoided the competitive side of surfing.

Photos: Early 1970s Gordon Crowther surfing Trigg Point. Photo credits Ric Chan.

1970s Trigg Pt Gordon Crowther compilation2


1958 Scarborough Beach Boys

These vintage pics of Scarborough Beach come to us courtesy of WA surfing pioneer Brian Cole.

Photo: 1958 Scarborough. Ian Scott, Owen Oates and Barry ‘Joe’ King lazing in the back of Laurie Burke’s Triumph Mayflower sedan in Scarborough Beach car park. Owen Oates owned the Holden FX ute, Brian Cole the Morris Minor, Laurie Burke the Triumph Mayflower & Ian Scott the Austin A40. Photo credit Brian Cole.

See Surfing Down South book for details of the demise of Laurie Burke’s Triumph Mayflower at Yallingup.

1958 Scarborough Ian Scott, Owen Oates & Barry 'Joe' King - Brian Cole pic img162

Photo: 1962 Scarborough. Goofy footer Brian Cole surfing on his backhand at Scarborough Beach. Photo credit Brian Cole.

1962 Scarb Brian Cole surfingA



1958 Australian Surf Lifesaving Carnival at Scarborough

SW surfing pioneers Tony Harbison & Dave Williams competed in the Australian Surf Lifesaving Carnival held at Scarborough Beach in February 1958.

Tony & Dave trained with the City of Perth clubbies at City Beach prior to the Australian SLSC Carnival.

Photo: 1958 City Beach L-R Surfboat crew includes Bob Ramsay (bow), Gerry Denney (no.2), Ray Cornish (no. 3), Warren ‘Wonk’ Somerford (stroke) & Johnny O’Connor (sweep). Dave Williams is on a 16ft paddle board and Tony Harbison is on single surf ski. Ray Taylor & Brian Rankin are on the double surf ski.  Image courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1958 City BeachTraining for Aust Surf Carnival Dave Williams & Tony Harbison - West pic ex S MaileyA

Photo: 1958 Aerial view of the Australian Surf Lifesaving carnival held at Scarborough Beach. Image courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1958 Scarb Aust Surf Carnival - West pic ex Brian Cole pic

Photo: 1958 Scarborough. Dave Williams (WA) scrambling across the finish line to take out 3rd place in the paddle board race. Image courtesy of WA Newspapers.

1958 Scarb Aust Surf Carnival Dave Williams 3rd paddle race - West pic ex Brian Cole


1960s & 70s Ron Moss – another day at the office

Ron ‘Pixie’ Moss of Floreat started riding surf boards at City Beach in the early 60s. Ron was a talented body surfer and board rider on Malibu & coolite surfboards. He was easily recognisable with long blonde hair and red ‘sluggos’ (ie speedos). His surfing style was unique, he could paddle his mal in the squat position and used to stand on his board with arms folded while waiting for waves.

Ron was a foundation member of the City Beach Surf Riders Club (CBSR) in 1962 (along with Peter Docherty, Viv Kitson & others) and in 2000 was made a Life Member in recognition of his valuable service to the club over many years. He was an enthusiastic club member and encouraged the younger surfers.

Photos: (Left) 1964 Ron in sluggo’s at Scarborough – Carol McDonald pic. (Middle) 1966 Ron doing a head stand at City Beach – Daily News pic. (Right) 1967 Ron with Cordingley surfboard & CBSR boardies at Scarborough – Trevor Burslem pic.

1960s Ron Moss compilation #2

Early on Ron & surf promoter Trevor Burslem sold surf gear to shops and later established the Gasworks Surf Shop. At the time Ron worked as a postman so he could spend more time at the beach.

Ron surfed metro and South West beaches before being conscripted & serving in Vietnam in the late 60s. After National Service, where he trained to be a cook, he returned to his ‘office at the beach‘ and continued charming maidens while working as a cook at Hollywood Hospital.

Photos: (Left top) 1966 Ron surfing Scarborough on a Cordingley Board – Trevor Burslem pic. (Left middle) 1966 Surfers Ball held in South Perth. Ron 4th from left – Ron Moss pic. (Left bottom) 1968 Ron on National Service in Nui-Dat Vietnam – Ron Moss pic. (Right top) 1967 Ron working as a postman at Scarborough – Ron Moss pic. (Right bottom) 1966 Ron surfing a prohibited wave at Leighton – Trevor Burslem pic.

1960s Ron Moss compilation #1

In the mid-60s Ron Moss & Paul Meink paddled from City Beach to Rotto on their mals. It was a flat day & they were bored, so they did it. They took jelly babies for fuel on the trip. When they got to Rotto, the Authorities refused them access to the Island as their crafts weren’t registered. On the paddle back it was getting dark and they were spent. Luckily for them they were picked up by a passing cray boat. The boys were dropped off at Swanbourne Beach and left to paddle-in in the dark.

In 1977-78 Ron joined the City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club hoping to negotiate a meeting room for CBSR. While with the surf club he competed successfully at a National SLSC competition at Scarborough and rode a coolite to victory in a SLSC surfboard competition held at Trigg.

Because of his outgoing personality, Ron was widely known inside and outside surfing circles and was particularly popular with the ladies. He was/is a raconteur and a legendary character of WA surfing.

Ron is now retired and lives in Kalbarri.

Photos: (Left) 1975 Kalbarri residents Ron & Craig Howe holding a local snapper – Ron Moss pic. (Middle) 2008 Ron & Julie Angel at Rick Ardon’s 50th birthday party – Loz Smith pic. (Right) 2010 Ron & Peter Docherty with CBSR Docherty Perpetual Trophy – Jim King pic

2000s Ron Moss compilation 4

Footnote: Ron’s younger siblings are also competent water people. Colin was a talented junior surfer, sister Margaret was a swimming champion at the State level and David a veteran of Princess Royal Harbour (Albany) and Rottnest swims won the 60-69 year old division of the 2010 2.4km Alcatraz swim in USA .