1977 Hang Ten WASRA Schoolboys Surfing Champs at Trigg

Updated 11 December 2016 thanks to Stephen Koehne.

Colin Earle entered all 3 age divisions, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19, winning U/15 and U/19 and placing 2nd in U/17. I think they changed the rules after that event.

The Nationals were held in Jan 1978 at Victor Harbour and Middleton Beach, South Australia. Colin was only able to surf in one division and picked U/15 as it was the division he was most likely to win. Steve and Ant Corrigan were power-houses from Bondi and Queenslander Joe Engel dominated and won the U/19 at the Nationals. Dave Mac was on that state team in U/15 too. Dave’s dad and Bill Girdwood were team chaperones.


The 1977 Hang Ten WASRA Schoolboys Surfing Championships were held at Trigg Beach in average surf conditions. There was a large pod of WASRA officials & celebrity surfers in attendance to watch the junior talent.

Contest results are unknown, but it is understood Colin Earle won the under 17 age division.

Surf journo/photographer Ric Chan was there to capture the action in & out of the water (mainly the latter).

Photo: 1977 Contest official Ken Trainer on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Contest spectators L-R Bill Oddy, John Shanahan & Greg Laurenson. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 unidentified competitor surfing Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Trigg Beach L-R unidentified, competitor Colin Earle and spectator Steve Hannett. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 contest judges & officials on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic


Photo: 1977 Bill Oddy reflecting an image of photographer Ric Chan in his sunnies. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Contest trophies U/15 & U/17 divisions. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 unidentified spectator Trigg car park. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 contest official Arty Sherburn on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 Colin Earle with contest trophies on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 WASRA official Bill Girdwood on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1977 WASRA officials Peter Dyson (vice President) and Tony Harbison (President) presenting trophy to Colin Earle and other winners on Trigg Beach.


If you know the results of the ’77 Hang Ten WASRA Schoolboys Surfing Championships, let us know.



1980s Bali Photo Gallery by Ric Chan #1 (Updated 23 Nov 2016 and 1 Feb 2017).


23 November 2016 included comments by Peter Neely .

1 February 2017 revised Peter Neely’s comment on 1980s Kuta Beach locals image.


Perth based photo-journalist Ric Chan started going on surf trips to Bali in the early 80s. In 1985 he was lured to Bali to help set up and run Cheaters Night Club in Kuta’s entertainment strip, near the famous Peanuts Club.

Ric lived in Bali until ’91 and then returned to his native NZ after his wife Sami passed away. Ric and his sons Taron & Tao settled in NZ’s North Island.

This is a glimpse of Ric’s 80s Bali photo gallery and a taste of quieter times in Bali.

Ric ChanPeter Neely is an old mate who was in Bali when I was there.

Peter runs the web site INDO SURF and LINGO  and has provided background comments on some of Ric’s 80s pics.

Photo: 1980 Kuta Beach locals.

Ric Chan – One is Ketut Menda and I think the other is Froggie.

Peter Neely – I too first thought the surfer on the right was Little Froggy from Legian who later worked at Troppo Zone for 20 years. But Bobby Radiasa, Mr Gragajan Surfcamp himself from corrected me: “Surfer on the left is Made Muditha and right (smaller one) Nyoman Dira both from Banjar Legian Tengah”. Bobby would know! He was probably surfing with them this day at Kuta Reef, straight out from his family home.

PS. Most of those palm trees have been replaced by beachfront hotels now. Hard Rock Hotel and McDonalds.


Photo: 1981 Cremation Procession at Kuta


Photo: 1980 Bali grommet Kuta Beach

Peter Neely – This goofy grom looks like Little Froggy at Legian. He was always the fastest zig-zag turner in the water.


Photo: 1980 Traffic jam down-town Kuta.

Peter Neely – Looks like the carpark at Kuta Reef ?  The open top VW Safari was ideal for cruising around Bali, shame they don’t make them anymore.


Photo: 1981 Steve ‘Hog’ Hannett surfing Sanur.

Peter Neely – One of the best action photos I’ve seen of Sanur, Ric must have used a 1000mm lens or been in a boat


Photo: 1980 Bali pig on a spit


Photo: 1985 Aerial shot of surfing line-up Bukit Peninsula.

Peter Neely – Another excellent historical photo by Ric. Balangan peeling off at high tide, with Dreamland on the right. Now covered with a Suharto golf course, multi-level hotels carved into the cliffs, villas and cafes. But the waves are still the same.


Photo: 1981 Buffaloes in rice paddy.


Photo: 1985 Ric’s wife Sami with Bali kids at cremation ceremony.

Ric Chan – A cremation in Bali is a joyous occasion, not as sad depressing as in the West!

Peter Neely – You can still see colourful cremations like this on Kuta Beach every week or two, on the sand in front of the Jalan Kartika Plaza cemetery. This is where every Kuta local ends up before their ashes are spread into the surf inside Kuta Reef. Where I’d like some of my ashes floating around eternally, in the far distant future.


Photo: 1983 Jimbaran Bay


Coming soon 1980s Bali Photo Galleries by Ric Chan with comments from Peter Neely #2.





1970s Margaret River People & Places images by Ric Chan

Photo-Journalist Ric Chan captured these Down South pics during the ‘70s. His images feature people & places from the Margaret River region.

Photo: 1973 unidentified gentleman having a cuppa at Margs. Ric Chan pic.

1973 MR Aust Titles img529

Photo: 1975 Locals attending Margaret River Rowing Regatta held on the banks of Margaret River near Wallcliffe House. Ric Chan pic.

1975 Marg River crew - Ric Chan img774

Photo: 1976 Syd Tate’s Farm House at Rosa Glen. Ric Chan pic.

1976 Marg River Syd Tate farm house - Ric Chan 001

Photo: 1975 social pics Syd Tate’s place at Rosa Glen. Ric Chan pic.

Top: (Left) Marina. (Right) Trinity Tate

Bottom: (Left) Ric Chan & camera equip. (Right) Syd Tate.

1975 Margs Syd Tate 3 collage_photocat

Photo: 1975 Beach people at Margs. Ric Chan pics.

(Left) Shaun Atkinson & girlfriend Judy Punko (Right) Ric Gath.

1975 Marg River Shaun Atkinson & Ric Gath collage_photocat

Photos: Marg River people pics by Ric Chan.

Left: 1975 unidentified & Tracy Ewen at the beach. Right: Trevor’s new board.

1970s Marg River 2 collage_photocat

Photos: 1975-76 old farm houses & sheds at Margs and Witchcliffe. Ric Chan pics.

1975-77 Old Farm houses 2 collage_photocat

Photo: 1976 Tony Hardy & family at Margs. Ric Chan pic.

1976 Margs Tony Hardy 3 collage_photocat

Photo: 1973-76 Surf mobiles at Margs. Ric Chan pics.

(Left) 1973 Ric Chan’s gold coloured Kombi. (Right) 1976 Chris Reynolds’ chariot.

1973-76 Margs Ric Chan & Chris Reynolds surf mobiles collage_photocat

Photos: 1976-77 Marg River beach scenes. Ric Chan pics.

1976-77 Margs Beach pics 4 collage_photocat

Photos: 1979 Steve ‘Hog’ Hannett’s tent site at Prevelly Park. Ric Chan pics.

1979 Steve Hannett tent site Prevelly collage_photocat

Photo: 1982 Sharon Walters & Steve Koehne hunter gatherers at Rosa Glen. Ric Chan pic.

1982 Rosa Glen Sharon Walters & Steve Koehne - Ric Chan img904

Photos: Then & Now Marg River Settlers Tavern images by Ric Chan.

Top: 1977. Bottom: 2016.

1977-2016 Settlers Tavern Marg River then & now #2 collage_photocat

Photos: Then & Now Marg River main drag images by Ric Chan.

Top 1977. Bottom 2015.

1977-2015 Marg River main drag Ric Chan 2 collage_photocat

Coming soon 1970s Margaret River Surfing Images by Ric Chan.




How I got the nickname HOG by Steve Hannett

How I got the nickname HOG.

I was hanging around with photo/journalist Ric Chan in the 70’s, we had gone on a few surf trips to Margs, he was doing all the photo/video work and I just had to go surfing.

All these trips involved a lot of driving and lots of tall tales in respect of large swells ridden and saucy girls seduced. Ric was quite the story teller, however I had never actually seen him surf, apparently according to him he ripped!

Photos: 1970s Ric Chan photo/journalist. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

(Left) 1970 Yalls Ric Chan surf photographer State Titles. (Right) 1975 Ric Chan selfie at Marg River.

1970-75 Ric Chan surf photographer collage_photocat

One day we decided to wag work and go to Lancelin aka Lanno, he was going to leave the camera in the car and catch a few and bust a few moves. For those who have not been to Lanno, it’s a 15 – 20 min paddle out to the line-up, no boat, just start paddling.

We finally get out there and its 4-6 ft, no guys and smoking, I am really keen to see Ric ride a few as I had repeatedly heard of his ability (from him).

Photo: 1976 Steve Hannett surfing Hole in the Wall at Lancelin. This image appeared on the Limited First Edition poster for West Coast Surfer magazine in 1980. Ric Chan Pic.

1976 Lancelin Steve Hannett - Ric Chan img789

At this age, I was competing in the state comps and had 10 years hard graft at Trigg Point, where as everyone knows usually has 30 -50 guys in the break. If you can’t paddle, you don’t get a single wave….I usually caught a few!

Ric is struggling to catch waves and I just seemed to jag the right spot every time a set came in. Much to his disgust, most take offs were either a turn around and stand up job or two deep paddles and go.

After two hours he is starting to get tired and shitty. We are sitting next to each other on the take-off spot and he looks straight at me and says You are such a BLOODY WAVE HOG !! How about letting me have one.”

That name soon got shortened and repeated every time we went surfin, I still told everyone Ric carved and so did he. HA HA

Steve ‘Hog’ Hannett


Photo Gallery

1970s Steve ’Hog’ Hannett images by Ric Chan.

Top: (Left) 1977 Hog surfing Trigg Point. (Right) 1978 Hog down south

Middle: 1979 Hog surfing North Point

Bottom: 1976-77 Hog surfing Margs

1970s Steve Hannett images #4 collage_photocat

1970s Ric Chan images courtesy of Ric Chan

Top: 1970 (Left) Ric surfing State Titles at Yalls. (Right) Ric with his Jaguar sedan at Scarborough.

Middle: 1970s (Left) Ric appearing in Jeans Advt. (Right) Ric appearing on ‘I’ve Got a Secret’ TV Show.

Bottom: 1976 (Left) Kung Fu Ric. (Right) Ric surfing the Spot at Yanchep.

1970s Ric Chan image #8 collage_photocat

Hog’s still surfing and windsurfing and Ric’s still taking pics and telling tall tales….



1960s-80s The Farm surf break

There is a bit of controversy over who found the surf break at The Farm in Bunker Bay circa 1962.

This is how pioneer SW surfer Tony Harbison heard it. Source Surfing Down South book.

“A young surfer named Barry King (Barry was the Taj Burrow of the 60s) had an uncle in Busselton who owned half of Bunker Bay. So Barry, under instructions from his mother, went to visit his uncle. The bay was working at about 6 foot and the new break was called The Farm”.

At the same time, Murray Smith and his mates in the North End Board Club also found waves at The Farm.

Photos: 1960s surfing at The Farm. Photos courtesy Brian Cole & unidentified.
(Left) 1962 Bob Keenan & Terry Williams. (Right) 1969 Ron Waddell featured in surf mag.

1960s The Farm surfing 1 collage_photocat

In the early 70s a dirt track run off Bunkers Road and enabled surfers to drive and park near the creek behind The Farm surf break.

Photos: 1971 George Simpson’s Valiant Ute bogged on the dirt track to The Farm. Photos courtesy of Tom Collins.

1971 The Farm George Simpsons valiant ute collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s surfing celebrities at The Farm. Photos courtesy of Tom Collins.
(Left) Yalls surfer Paul ‘Rooster’ Woods (dec’d) cover shot West Country Surf mag. (Right) Marg River surfer Lindsay Thompson (dec’d).

1970 The Farm Rooster & Lindsay Thompson collage_photocat

SW locals remember The Farm used to produce good shaped waves even on moderate swells before the creek (which flows out to sea at The Farm surf break) was dammed up. Unfortunately the creek no longer creates favourable sand banks as regularly as it used to. That’s a pity!

Photos: 1970s Unidentified surfers at The Farm. Photos courtesy of Tom Collins.

1970s The Farm surfing Tom Collins 1 collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s The Farm (Left) former private road to beach. (Right) Beach girl Jenny Davies. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1970s The Farm private road & girl collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s unidentified surfers at The Farm (Sheepdog bottom Right). Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1970s The Farm surfing 5 collage_photocat

Photo: 1976 The Farm & Boneyards surf breaks. Photo courtesy of Gary Gibbon.

1976 Farm & Boneyards surf breaks - Gary Gibbon pic IMG_0030

In 1978 Vance & Nancy Burrow were living in a rental cottage in Meelup Valley on Geographe Bay. Vance used to drive his 4WD around Bunker Bay & pull up on the beach in front of Boneyards surf break. Driving on that beach is now banned.

Photos: Boneyards at Bunker Bay. (Left) 1978 Vance Burrow. (Right) 1979 Andy Jones. Photos courtesy of Vance Burrow & Gary Gibbon.

1978-79 Boneyards VanceBurrow & Andy Jones collage_

Photos: 1980s Steve Hannett surfing at The Farm and Vance & Nancy Burrow’s Landrover driving on the beach at Bunkers (bottom right). Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1980 The Farm surfing Ric Chan collage_photocat

Like a lot of other SW surf breaks, increased predator sightings and crowds are impacting on surf breaks at Bunker Bay.