1975 Oceans surf contest at Trigg Point

Oceans Surf Shop in Perth City ran a surf contest at Trigg Point in 1975.

Surfboard shaper/fashion model Gary Greirson was head honcho at Oceans Surf Shop at the time.

High profile WA surfers competed in the surf contest. Surfers included Ian Cairns, Barry Day, Russell Catto and Colin Ladhams.

Surf photographer/journo Rich Chan covered the action for Independent Newspapers.

Photo: 1975 Trigg Point car park and wave line-up for the contest. Ric Chan pic.

Photos: 1975 Trigg Point unidentified contestants #1. Ric Chan pics.

Photos: 1975 Trigg Point wave line-up and spectators in car park. Ric Chan pics.

Photos: 1975 Trigg Point unidentified contestants #2. Ric Chan pics.

Photos: 1975 Trigg Point water action. Ric Chan pics.

Left: unidentified contestant.

Right: Trigg SLSC surf boat splitting the peak.

Photos: 1975 Trigg Point beach action. Ric Chan pics.

Left: Peter Davidson and unidentified contestant.

Right: Official photographer John Shanahan.

Photos: 1975 Trigg Point unidentified contestants #3. Ric Chan pics.

Photo: 1975 Contest judging panel at Trigg Point. Ric Chan pics

L-R former WASRA President Ronald ‘Doc’ Naylor, Barry Day, Pat Cairns, Linda Milner (Pat Cairn’s sister), Colin Ladhams and Steve Thomas.

Photos: 1975 Trigg Point contestants. Left: Ian Cairns. Right: Peter Bevan. Ric Chan pic.

Photos: 1975 Contest award presentations in Trigg Point car park. Ric Chan pics.

Left: Ocean’s Gary Greirson in black top at rear of Land Rover (bottom left), handing out contest prizes.

Right: L-R Pat Cairns, Barry Day, Ian Cairns and Russell Catto.

Contest results are unknown. The now aging participants can’t remember who won the contest!

Let us know, if you know the contest results.



1970s Mick Black surfer/shark fisherman

In the 70s Trigg’s surfer Mick Black spent his days playing & working in the ocean.

When he wasn’t catching & gutting waves at Trigg Point for fun, he was catching & gutting school sharks off Scarborough for a living.

In surfing circles he was known colloquially as TPK (Triggs Point Kid).

NZ surf photographer Ric Chan captured these images of Mick, but can’t recall details of the photo shoots.

Ric Chan: “As if I can remember those days. You must think I have a photograhic memory. Muhahahahahaha I can’t even remember taking the pics. Pity!”

Photos: 1970s Mick’s new Cordingley surfboard. Ric Chan pics.

1970s Mick Black new Cordingley Board - Ric Chan collage_photocat

Mick was a talented surfer. He had a fast fluid style and a full repertoire of party tricks (eg side slipping & nose riding) in fun waves.

Ric Chan: “I can recall that he was smooth and surfed much better than I would have liked to. And he was always experimenting with moves.”

Photos: 1970’s Mick surfing uncrowded Trigg Point. Ric Chan pics.

1970s Trigg Pt Mick Black surfing 2 Ric Chan collage_photocat

Photos: 1974 Mick Black at Scarborough & Trigg. Ric Chan pics.

Top: Mick relaxing at Ric Chan’s rental Scarborough.

Bottom: Mick with his VW Beetle at Scarborough & swimming Trigg beach.

1970s Mick Black Scarb & Trigg 2 collage_photocat

Photos: 1974 Mick shark fishing off Scarborough. Ric Chan pics.

1974 Scarborough Mick Black shark 4 collage_photocat

Mick & his son Kyle are fisherman north of Perth.



1970s Scarborough surfing identities – Len & Gordon

In the 1970s Len Laskewicz & Gordon Crowther were good mates living in the Scarborough area. They shared a love of surfing and chased waves on metro and SW beaches. The boys also enjoyed socialising and spent a lot of time enjoying themselves at parties on Yallingup Hill.

Lenny had a good surfing pedigree. In the 60s he was member of the Len Dibben Surf Team and placed 3rd in 1966 State Titles behind Murray Smith & Dave Williams.

Photos: Early 1970s Len Laskewicz surfing at Trigg Point on his Len Dibben single fin. Photo credits Ric Chan.

1970s Trigg Pt Len Laskewicz compilation2

Gordon was the quieter of the two lads. He loved his surfing down south but avoided the competitive side of surfing.

Photos: Early 1970s Gordon Crowther surfing Trigg Point. Photo credits Ric Chan.

1970s Trigg Pt Gordon Crowther compilation2


1970s South West surfing identities – Kevin & Alan

In the 1970s WA surfers Kevin Merifield and Alan Cough were successful business men. Whilst living in the city, the two mates spent most weekends and holidays surfing in the South West. They formed a business venture in the South West with Pat Begley and built the Settlers Tavern in Margaret River in 1978. The boys also owned large land holdings in the South West.

Kevin purchased the Millbrook property at Yallingup in 1976 and now lives on the property with his wife Margaret. He still surfs his favourite wave at Marg’s main break at age 77.

Alan moved from the city and lived on a farm at Wilyabrup in the mid 70s. In the late 80s he moved to a farm in the Denmark/Walpole region before returning to the city in his latter life. Sadly Alan passed away in 2011.

Photo: Early 1970s Kevin Merifield with a Blaxell single fin surfboard at Trigg Point. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970s Trigg Pt Kevin Merifield - Ric Chan 037

Alan started surfing late. Kevin taught his mate Alan to surf at Trigg when he was age 40. Kevin was bemused when after a couple of years on boards, Alan switched to goat boats (wave skis). Goat boats where popular at the time but were superseded by a Longboard revival and a plague of SUPs (Stand-up-paddleboards).

Photo: Early 1970s Alan Cough with a single fin surfboard at Trigg Point. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970s Trigg Pt Alan Cough - Ric Chan 030

Photo: 1978 Settler’s Tavern on Bussell Hwy at Margaret River. Photo credit Ric Chan

1978 MR Settlers Tavern- Ric Chan  img989 (2)