Vintage South West surfing images.

This a collection of late 50s & early 60 South West surfing images from various photographers in the Surfing Down South archives. It features a pod of WA surfing pioneer legends.

Photo: 1957 Bernie Huddle & Keith Kino riding plywood toothpick boards at Yallingup. Water photography by John Budge.

1957 Yalls Bernie Huddle & Keith Kino surfing wooden toothpick surfboards - JB pic img568

Photo: 1958 Yallingup Main Break surfer John Budge on home-made balsa board. Water photo courtesy of John Budge.

1958 Yalls John Budge - John Budge pic IMG_0005

Photo: 1962 Gallows outside break Jim Keenan & Puppydog (NSW) riding Barry Bennett boards from NSW. Jim Keenan pic.

1962 Gallows outside break J Keenan & Puppydog on NSW Barry Bennet boards - J Keenan pic

Photo: 1960-61 South Point Cowaramup Bay unidentified surfer. Steve Mailey pic

1960s South Point Cowaramup - Steve Mailey img343

Photo: 1962 Yallingup Main Break surfer Murray Smith. Photo courtesy of Glen Campbell (Dolphins Board Club).

1962 Yalls surfing Murray Smith - Glen Campbell Dolphins Board Club pic IMG_6348

Photos: 1962 Surfing legends at Gallows. Time ravage images courtesy of Brian Cole.

Top: (Left) Bob Keenan. (Right) Brian Cole.

Bottom: Dave Williams both images.

1962 Gallows surfing Brian Cole pics collage_photocat

Photo: 1963 North Point Cowaramup Bay unidentified surfers. Tom Collins pic.

1963 Cowaramup Bay North Point unknowns - Tom Collins pic img235

Photo: 1963 Bunker Bay ‘The Quarries’ unknown surfer. Tom Collins pic.

1963 Bunker Bay The Quarries unknown - Tom Collins pic img219

Photo:1963 Terry ‘Rat’ James doing a ‘quasimoto’ at Gallows. Photo courtesy of Sonny James.

1963 Gallows Terry James - unknown photograher_0001

Photo: 1963 former City Beach surfer Mick Lindsay surfing Gallows. Mick now resides in NSW. Photo courtesy of Geoff Berry.

1963 Mick Lindsay Gallows SW3

Photo: 1964 Margaret River Main Break surfers L-R Murray Smith & Jim Keenan. Photo courtesy of Jim Keenan.

1964 Marg River Murray Smith & Jim Keenan surfing - J Keenan pic1

Photo: 1964 WA’s first State Mens Champion Alex ‘Zac’ Kochanowitsch surfing Margaret River Main Break on his ‘Rising Sun’ surfboard. Ernie Potter pic.

1964 Zac Kochanowitsch Marg River - Ernie Potter pic

Bonus Images.

These 1950s images were sourced from pioneer WA surfer/photographer John Budg’s vintage photo collection. The actual photographers are unknown.

Image: 1950s unidentified pin-up girl.

1950s unknown pinup girl - John Budge pic img367

Image: 1950s unidentified Eastern States surfers riding plywood Toothpick surfboards at an unknown location. .

1950s Aust Surfing toothpicks unknown - John Budge pic img357.jpg A

Thanks to the various photographers for providing the vintage pics.




1960s-80s The Farm surf break

There is a bit of controversy over who found the surf break at The Farm in Bunker Bay circa 1962.

This is how pioneer SW surfer Tony Harbison heard it. Source Surfing Down South book.

“A young surfer named Barry King (Barry was the Taj Burrow of the 60s) had an uncle in Busselton who owned half of Bunker Bay. So Barry, under instructions from his mother, went to visit his uncle. The bay was working at about 6 foot and the new break was called The Farm”.

At the same time, Murray Smith and his mates in the North End Board Club also found waves at The Farm.

Photos: 1960s surfing at The Farm. Photos courtesy Brian Cole & unidentified.
(Left) 1962 Bob Keenan & Terry Williams. (Right) 1969 Ron Waddell featured in surf mag.

1960s The Farm surfing 1 collage_photocat

In the early 70s a dirt track run off Bunkers Road and enabled surfers to drive and park near the creek behind The Farm surf break.

Photos: 1971 George Simpson’s Valiant Ute bogged on the dirt track to The Farm. Photos courtesy of Tom Collins.

1971 The Farm George Simpsons valiant ute collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s surfing celebrities at The Farm. Photos courtesy of Tom Collins.
(Left) Yalls surfer Paul ‘Rooster’ Woods (dec’d) cover shot West Country Surf mag. (Right) Marg River surfer Lindsay Thompson (dec’d).

1970 The Farm Rooster & Lindsay Thompson collage_photocat

SW locals remember The Farm used to produce good shaped waves even on moderate swells before the creek (which flows out to sea at The Farm surf break) was dammed up. Unfortunately the creek no longer creates favourable sand banks as regularly as it used to. That’s a pity!

Photos: 1970s Unidentified surfers at The Farm. Photos courtesy of Tom Collins.

1970s The Farm surfing Tom Collins 1 collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s The Farm (Left) former private road to beach. (Right) Beach girl Jenny Davies. Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1970s The Farm private road & girl collage_photocat

Photos: 1970s unidentified surfers at The Farm (Sheepdog bottom Right). Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1970s The Farm surfing 5 collage_photocat

Photo: 1976 The Farm & Boneyards surf breaks. Photo courtesy of Gary Gibbon.

1976 Farm & Boneyards surf breaks - Gary Gibbon pic IMG_0030

In 1978 Vance & Nancy Burrow were living in a rental cottage in Meelup Valley on Geographe Bay. Vance used to drive his 4WD around Bunker Bay & pull up on the beach in front of Boneyards surf break. Driving on that beach is now banned.

Photos: Boneyards at Bunker Bay. (Left) 1978 Vance Burrow. (Right) 1979 Andy Jones. Photos courtesy of Vance Burrow & Gary Gibbon.

1978-79 Boneyards VanceBurrow & Andy Jones collage_

Photos: 1980s Steve Hannett surfing at The Farm and Vance & Nancy Burrow’s Landrover driving on the beach at Bunkers (bottom right). Photos courtesy of Ric Chan.

1980 The Farm surfing Ric Chan collage_photocat

Like a lot of other SW surf breaks, increased predator sightings and crowds are impacting on surf breaks at Bunker Bay.




Meelup Beach in the 70s

Meelup beach is situated on Geographe Bay near Dunsborough. It is a beautiful beach with trees and vegetation growing down to the water’s edge. The beach is part of a Class A Reserve with native flora, fauna and water ways.

Meelup is an aboriginal word meaning ‘Place of the moon rising’ because at certain times of the year the moon appears to rise from the sea.

Photos: 2000’s Meelup Beach & surrounds. Photo courtesy King Bros.

2014 Meelup green Bruce King collage_photocat

The coastline faces NE and is protected from the prevailing SW winds. Occasionally (when the swell & winds align) the beach produces fun novelty waves on its point and bay.

Back in the 70s some lucky surfers lived in the region and got to sample life’s simple natural pleasures.

Photo: 1970s surfers enjoying fun waves in Meelup Bay pre-bitumen car park. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970s Meelup Beach - Ric Chan 007

Photo: 1970s Terry Hartley from Tangaroa Board Club rugged up against winter chills at Meelup. Photo credit Ric Chan

1970s Meelup Beach - Ric Chan 009

Photo: 1970s SW surfing legend Bob Monkman in his birthday suit at Meelup Beach. Photo credit Ric Chan.

1970s Meelup Beach Bob Monkman - Ric Chan 010A

Photo: Early 1970s renowned surfboard shaper Greg ‘Pants’ Laurenson surfing Meelup Bay on a GL short board. Photo courtesy of Loz Smith, photographer unknown.

Early 70s Greg Laurenson surfing Meelup _ unknown photographer IMG_201

In the late 70s Vance & Nance Burrow rented and lived in a funky small cottage in Meelup Valley.

Photo: 1978 Burrow family cottage in Meelup Valley. Photo credit Vance Burrow.

1978 Meelup Valley V&N Hse VB IMG

Photo: 1978 Former Californian surfer Leon Tomasian dining in the Burrow cottage in Meelup Valley. Photo Vance Burrow.

1978 SW Leon Thomasian Meelup Valley VB IMG


Photos: Novelty waves in Geo Bay. Photos courtesy of Vintage Surf images by Tom Collins and the King Bros.

Novelty waves Geo Bay collage_photocat




1964-65 Miami Surf Board Club

In 1964 surf photographer Tom Collins and his mates were members of the Miami Surf Board Club (MSBC) which was based at Falcon Bay near Mandurah. The club was registered as MSBC but members were known as ‘surf finks’ and they wore t-shirts with a rat and the words SURF FINKS printed underneath the rodent. Ronnie Flood did the t-shirts.

Surf Finks surfed local beaches including Miami Bay, Geary Shack, Avalon & Tim’s Thicket.

Tom Collins: “1964-65 it would be nice to remember all those magic days/years”.

Photo: 1964 sea weed heads, some of the founding members of MSBC L-R Derek Hilton, Alan Hilton, Wayne Huxley (decd) & Alan Nicholson. Photo credit Tom Collins.

1964 Seaweed pic L-R Derek Hilton, Alan Hilton, Wayne Huxley. (decd) Alan Nicholson some of the founding members Miami Board Club, Tom Collins NVE00081

Tom Collins rode a Dibben Cole balsa surfboard. It was a red colour & Tom put a face decal on the board. Later on his decals appeared on Jacko surfboards.

Photo: 1964 MSBC members & surf equipment. Photo credit Tom Collins.

(Left) Alan Nicholson & Wayne Huxley with Tom’s Dibben Cole balsa surfboard with face decal. (Right) the Hilton Brothers, Alan standing on Derek’s shoulders.

1964 MSBC Alan Nicholson- Wayne Huxley. Right Hilton Bros Alan top Derek bottom. Tom Collins (1)

Photo: 1964 MSBC members & surf equipment. Tom Collins pic.

Alan Hilton & Alan Nicholson with Tom Collin’s first Len Dibben board on the right.

1964 Miami Surf Board Club Alan Hilton & Alan Nicholson.Tom Collins

Pat Collins: “This photo of Miami Point would have been taken in the 60’s, as we were married in 68 and went to Albury NSW. Tom was stationed in the army there, he came home on compassionate leave for a few days, arrived Friday, married on Saturday and we were off across the Nullarbor in a lowered Vauxhall Viva on Sunday (taking it back for a mate). Exhaust system did not last long!!!!”

Photo: 1960s Miami Point at Falcon. Tom Collins pic.

1960s Miami Point Tom Collins

Photo: 1960s Surfing Avalon Point. Tom Collins pic

1964 Avalon Point Tom Collins 01

Photo: 1964 Tom Collins with Len Dibben surfboard at Falcon. Photo courtesy of Tom Collins.

1964-65 Mandurah Tom Collins with Len Dibben board NVE00080

Photo: 1964 Geary’s Shack line-up. Tom Collins pic.

1964 Gearys Shack Tom Collins NVE00086

In 1965 Dave Ellis was MSBC Senior Champion. Brian ‘Tom’ Collins placed 2nd and Wayne Huxley was 3rd. Teena Christon was MSBC Women’s Champion.

Photo: 1965 Tom Collin’s MSBC Senior Champion 2nd place trophy. Tom Collins pic.

1965 Miami Board Club Trophy Tom Collins 2nd Senior Champ

Photo: mid 60s Len Pill at Tim’s Thicket. Tom Collins pic.

1960s Tims Thicket Len Pill Tom Collins NVE00084

Photo: mid 60s Wayne Huxley at Tim’s Thicket. Tom Collins pic.

1960s Tims Thicket Wayne Huxley.Tom Collins NVE00085

Click on this link to view more Vintage Surf Images by Tom Collins.



1960s-70s Bush bashing on the South Coast

Pioneer WA surf photographer Tom Collins took these vintage surf photos.

Image: 1960s Tom Collins business card courtesy of Tom Collins.

1960s Tom Collins Business Card NVE00049

South Coast surfers are a hardy lot prepared to get down and dirty in their search for uncrowded waves in the Southern Ocean.

Photo: 1963 South Coast surfers bush bashing through under growth in a vintage truck near Windy Harbour. Photo credit Tom Collins.

1963 Windy Harbour bush bashing - Tom Collins img238

Photo: 1963 South Coast surfers bush bashing in the dense Nornalup forest. Photo Credit Tom Collins

1963 Nornalup bush bashing - Tom Collins pic img237

Photo: 1964 Merv Samuels, Rick Croome & Len Pill (Kevin Merifield’s brother-in-law) pushing through the Nornalup forest in search of waves. Photo credit Tom Collins.

1964 Nornalup bush bash Merv Samuels, Richard Croon, Leyland Pill - Tom Collins pic 035

Photo: 1975 Contos Beach L-R John Jackovich, Kelvin Loveridge & big Barry Green. Photo credit Tom Collins.

1975 unknown Beach & people Tom Collins pic img222

Photo: 2013 Tom Collins, Jim King & Patsy Collins at Karridale. Photo credit Kath King.

2013 Karridale Tom & Pat Collins with Jim King - Jim King pic DSC_0810

Refer to ‘Vintage-Surf-Images-by-Tom-Collins‘ on Facebook for more of Tom’s vintage surf photos.