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Yallingup beach images by Giancarlo Pieri

Giancarlo Pieri is the father of Chiara Pieri from Shaana Café at Yallingup. Giancarlo and his wife Angela are holidaying in the South West from Italy and looking after granddaughter Shanti during busy periods at the Café.

Giancarlo is a keen photographer and popular with the surfing community at Yallingup.

These are some of Giancarlo’s photos from his South West photo album.

Photos: 2015 Yal Mal contest at Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pics.

Womens and Mens Yal Mal finalists. Mens finalists include son-in-law Alfonzo ‘Fonzie’ Puzzarini, Adam Lane and other Longboard hotshots.

Photos: 2016 granddaughter Shanti surfing Geographe Bay. Giancarlo Pieri pic.

Photos: 2017 daughter Chiara surfing at Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pics.

Photos: 2017 son-in-law Alfonso surfing at Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pics.

Photo: 2017 Sally and Salty Sea Dogs in Yallingup carpark. Giancarlo Pieri pic.

L-R Sally Greirson, Lou Corkill, Baz McKinnon, Adam Lane, Andy Jones and Gary Greirson.

Photos: 2017 girls surfing Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pics.

Top: Chiara Pieri & Jessica Waters.

Bottom: Loza & Doctor Sally.

Photos: 2017 boys surfing Yallingup. Giancarlo Pieri pics.

Top: Bruce King & unidentified

Bottom: Ross Utting & Jack Medland.

Photos: 2017 Giancarlo and Angela frolicking in the lagoon at Yallingup with the King Bros, Bruce & Jim. Bruce King pics.

A slideshow featuring Giancarlo & Bruce King’s images can be seen at Shaana Café.

Ciao, Giancarlo. Grazie per la felice foto e ricordi.




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1980s South West coastal images by Gary Gibbon.

Gary Gibbon has lived & surfed in the South West since early ‘70s.

This is a collection of Gary’s happy snaps of SW surfing people & places during the 80s.


Photo: 1980 Yallingup main break.


Photo: 1983 Gary with his VW and Jane the bull terrier on Yallingup hill.


Photo: 1980 Andy Jones surfing Yallingup main break.


Photo: 1980 Dave Hattrick with video equipment at Yalls beach.


Photo: 1980 unidentified surfer Yallingup main break


Photos: 1980 Gary with Tom Hoye Precision Equipment surfboards at Yallingup.

Left: scooped deck PE surfboard. Centre & Right: Single fin PE pintail flyer.


Photo: 1979-80 Tim & Rob Malcolm with dinged surfboard at Yalls.


Photo: 1981 Steve ‘Horny’ Campbell & hound installing electricity at Caves Caravan Park Yallingup.


Photo: 1980 Gina Pannone & Kath Willesdorf with Jane the Bull Terrier outside Caves House Staff Quarters Yallingup.



Photo: 1980 Craig Bettenay surfing Lefthanders.


Photo: 1980 Dave McAullay surfing Lefthanders.


Photo: 1980 Mike ‘Stomper’ McAullife surfing Lefthanders.





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Design of movie ticket for 1969 ‘Evolution’ surf film.

In 1969, John Arnold Surf Machines in Adelaide got in touch with New Zealand photo-journalist Ric Chan. At the time, Ric was touring the East Coast of Australia in his gold coloured Kombi. John Arnold commissioned him to travel from Adelaide to Western Australia, to cover the first Australian Surfing Titles held in WA and design a movie ticket for Paul Witzigs’ 1969 Evolution surf film.

Click on this link to view Ric Chan’s coverage of 1969 Australian Surf Titles in WA

Ric’s photos and article covering the Title events held at Scarborough, Margaret River and Yallingup, were then featured on the poster sized movie ticket for Paul Witzigs’ Evolution surf film. Ric’s commentary is accompanied by reviews from surf legends Bob McTavish and John Arnold. The ticket doubled as the movie poster and was published by John W Robertson in Adelaide, June 1969.

The front of the poster shows a John Arnold Surf Machine logo and is accompanied by a well-known image of Wayne Lynch from Victoria. The photo by lensman John Pennings, was taken at the 1968 Australian Surfing Titles at Palm Beach, on the NSW coast.

Image: 1969 front of Evolution surf film ticket. Wayne Lynch photo by John Pennings.


The back of the Evolution surf film ticket features reviews by Bob McTavish, Ric Chan and John Arnold with surf photos by Ric Chan.

Image: 1969 back of Evolution surf film ticket. Photos by Ric Chan.


Image: Bob McTavish’s ‘Evolution film and it’s maker’ review on Evolution surf film ticket. Photos by Ric Chan.


Image: Ric Chan’s ‘1969 Australian Surf Titles’ report on Evolution surf film ticket. Photos by Ric Chan.


Image: John Arnold’s ‘Wayne Lynch’ review on Evolution surf film ticket. Photos by Ric Chan.


In 2014, Ric Chan presented an original edition of the Evolution surf film ticket to Surfing WA. The ticket, now a collector’s item for surf history buffs, was placed in Surfing WA’s history collection.




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Ric Chan’s coverage of 1969 Australian Surf Titles in WA.

In 1965 young New Zealand surfer and photographer Ric Chan moved from New Zealand and landed in Brisbane Australia seeking adventure.

RicI brought my Pentax camera & second hand £26 600mm lens to shoot surf. For a couple of years I toured the East Coast of OZ chasing waves, women & adventure in my gold coloured VW Kombi van, which I built behind Jack Knight’s parent’s apartment in North Steyne. I earned $’s taking surf photos and selling them to Surf Magazines. I may be Australia’s first Chinese surfer/surf photographer.

Photo: 1968 Ric Chan’s gold Kombi outside Bob McTavish property in Northern NSW. Ric Chan pic.


RicOn one of my surf trips, I met top surfers Wayne Dale and Lane Habib (South Australia). It was Lane who talked me into going to South Australia. I was a free spirit and thought why not! In Adelaide I met John Arnold who commissioned me to travel from SA to WA to cover the 1969 Australian Surfing Titles and design a movie ticket/poster for Paul Witzigs’ Evolution surf film.

Photo: 1968 John Arnold Surfboards brochure, compliments of Gasworks Surf Shops WA.


The following images are Ric Chan’s photographic coverage of the ’69 Australian Surfing Titles. The design of the poster sized Evolution movie ticket is covered in the next SDS blog.


Western Australia hosted the Australian Surf Riding Titles for the first time in May 1969. The contest was blessed with offshore conditions and plenty of swell. Championship rounds were held at Scarborough and Margaret River and finished with finals at Yallingup.

Contest Results

Mens: 1. Nat Young NSW 2. Peter Drouyn QLD 3. Richard Harvey NSW.

Junior Mens: 1. Wayne Lynch VIC 2. David ‘Baddy’ Treloar NSW 3. Butch Cooney NSW.

Womens: 1. Josette Largardene QLD 2. Nola Shepherd SA 3. Judy Trim NSW.

Senior Mens: 1. Ted Harvey NSW 2. Alan Robins WA 3. Dave Williams WA.

WA surfers Peter ‘Spook’ Bothwell & Ian ‘Kanga’ Cairns were finalists in the Open & Juniors respectively

Image: 1969 newspaper clipping featuring Ric Chan and eastern states surfers at the ’69 contest. Image courtesy of Independent Newspaper. L-R Shane Stedman NSW, Ric Chan surf photographer NZ, Richard Harvey NSW & Glen Richie NSW.


Ric was/is a flamboyant surf photographer. He infamously rowed out into the oversized Margs Main Break line-up in a row boat to shoot the surf contest.

RicWA contest official Trevor Burslem (dec’d) would call out the giant sets over the PA, to warn me of any big sets in-bound. I was only 26 years old at the time and had no fear back then!

Photo: 1969 surf photographer Ric Chan at Yallingup. Photo courtesy of Ric Chan.



Photo: 1969 Margaret River line-up for the contest. Contest official Trevor Burslem is walking down the track in his parka. Ric Chan pic.


Photos: 1969 Contest officials & photographers at Margaret River. Richard Harvey NSW (3rd from right top pic) Ric Chan pics.


Photos: 1969 Contest spectators at Surfers Point at Margaret River. John Balgarnie WA bottom right. Ric Chan pics.


Photos: 1969 competitors preparing for heats at Margaret River. Right: Richard Harvey NSW. Ric Chan pics


Photo:  1969 David ‘Baddy’ Treloar NSW competing in the Junior Mens division at Margaret River. Ric Chan pic


Photo:  1969 Ian Cairns WA competing in the Junior Mens division at Margaret River. Ric Chan pic.


Photo:  1969 Wayne Lynch VIC competing in the Junior Mens division at Yallingup. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1969 Robert ‘Nat’ Young NSW in the Mens division at Margaret River. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1969 Peter Drouyn NSW in the Mens division at Margaret River. Ric Chan pic.


Photos: 1969 unidentified surfer in the Mens division at Margaret River. Ric Chan pic.


RicI liked what I saw in WA during the ’69 Titles and after finalising commitments in Adelaide I returned to WA later in the year. This time I drove my gold kombi across the Nullarbor, which was an unpaved road of bull dust. I surfed Cactus on route and saw a giant shark in the line-up and paddled straight in as I was the only person out. Then my kombi broke down after I hit a pot hole which was at least 3ft deep. The Kombi came to a grinding halt…nothing I did would make it go! An hour later a young guy stopped & asked if he could help…..he told me the carbie was flooded and to wait a while. We tore down some trees & lit a fire to keep warm & about another hour later, he told to fire up the motor and it worked! I continued on towards Perth.

Photo: 1969 Ric Chan posing on his gold Kombi during his passage across the Nullarbor Plain. Ric Chan pic.

Ric In WA I scored a job as a DJ in the Sheraton Down Under Disco. After that I joined Independent Newspapers as a photo journalist. I also did voice overs, modelled and presented for Jeans West and DJ’d at Gobbles Nightclub until 1985, then I headed to Bali to manage the Cheaters Night Club on the Kuta entertainment strip. But that’s another story…….

I’m like a flower in the wind and like to spread pollen all over the place!

Coming soon Design of movie ticket for 1969 ‘Evolution’ surf film.






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1970s Blackie the dog by Ian ‘Prive’ Morris

In the mid 70’s I was working as a brickie with Peter ‘Mac’ McDonald and Darren ‘Buggsy’ Edwards at Yallingup. Buggsy now trains Police in self-defence!

Photo: 1975 Prive’s bricklaying team and others on Peter Dyson’s property at Northcliffe. Peter Mac pic.

L-R Chris ‘Greeny’ Green, Hans Kopp, Ian ‘Prive’ Morris, Daryl ‘Buggsy’ Edwards and Peter Mac.

We were building John ‘Dandaragan’ Robinson’s house on Wardenup Crescent and a stray dog found our brick laying team. We called him Blackie cos’ he was black.

We used to throw bricks into trees and Blackie would climb the tree – amazing like – it’s a rare dog that climbs trees – and bring the brick back down. Blackie entertained us during smokos…and brickies need entertainment!

Photo: Mid 1970s Yalls Blackie the dog fetching a brick in a tree.  Prive pic.

On a weekend trip, Bruce King, Sharon ‘Shaz’ Day (now Barratt), Steve ‘Blue’ Nicholson, Mark Rudenberg & I drove to Perth in my blue HR panel van (shagging wagon). Blackie came for the drive and entertained us on the trip.

We drove on South West Highway and had a beer / middy at every pub en route. We also decided to souvenir a glass or ash tray at every venue. By the time we got to Perth we were pissed. We ended up at the White Sands pub in Scarborough and souvenired small liqueur bottles from the bottle department. We then proceeded to drink more at the Sunday Session.

Photo: 1972 Sharon Day & Blue Nicholson leaning on Prive’s blue panel van at Yallingup. Prive pic

Blackie & I separated when I travelled overseas with Graham ‘Guru’ Lesley. From there-on Bob Monkman took on Blackie.

Photo: 1975 Guru with original family at Komala Indah Losmens in Bali. Prive pic.

Apparently after a few months, Blackie found another owner and left Bobbo.

Blackie chose his owners, reminiscent of the famous Red Dog up north.

We used to have a lot of fun with that dog, back when we were bricklayers!