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SW waterman Rich Myers facing down time

Yallingup waterman and ace carpenter Rich Myers is having hip surgery on Dec 14 and will be out of action for some time.

Best wishes to Rich for a successful operation and a speedy recovery.

Here are some happy snaps of Rich in action in California, Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji and South West WA over the past five decades.

Photo: 1970s Rich surfing Zuma Beach California – Rich pic.

Photo: 1979 Rich surfing Puerto Escondido Mexico – Rich pic.

Photo: 1985 Rich windsurfing in Maui Hawaii – Clark Merritt pic.

Photo: 1990s Rich surfing Three Bears north of Yallingup – Kevin ‘Twiggy’ Sharland pic.

Photos: 2000s Rich towed into the last wave of the day at Cloudbreak Fiji by Kobi Abberton – Ben Kotke pics.

Photo: 2016 Rich crayfish catch Dunsborough WA – Rich pic.

Photo: 2017 Rich surfing a solid right at Yallingup – Loz Smith pic.

Photo: 2017 two legends at launch of WA Surf gallery at Aravina Estate – Bruce King pic

L-R Rich & George Simpson.

Rich has been catching as many waves and crays as he can the past few days before he goes into dry dock. He is hoping his partner Anne and friends will take him on outings to the beach during his rehab phase.

Click on this link to view 1980s Ode to Bucky by Rich Myers published 12 March 2016.

Coming soon Mexican Mayhem by Rich Myers



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‘The Dazzling Young Riders’ Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward images #3 Trigg Beach

Greg Woodward was a WA surf photographer and writer from 1966 to 1974.

He photographed in Perth, Mandurah and Cape Naturaliste and contributed photos and articles to the then brand new OZ surf magazine called ‘Surf International’.

Click on this link to view Greg Woodward surf photographer profile published 26 April 2017.

Earlier this year, Greg held an exhibition of his beach life photos. The exhibition titled ‘The Dazzling Young Riders’ was held at Nyisztor Studios, 391 Canning Highway Melville/Palmyra from 6-21 May 2017.

There were approximately 80 images in the exhibition, about a third of which were guys surfing. The rest were beaches, waves, bikinis, sunbathers and a few portraits.

Greg has kindly allowed Surfing Down South to display some of his 1960-70s photos.

This is the third instalment of images from Greg’s exhibition.

These are Greg’s 1966-77 Trigg Beach images and comments.


Photo #1. 1966 Trigg unidentified surfer doing a Quasimodo head dip.


Photo #2. 1966 beach girls at Trigg Point.


Photo #3. 1966 Trigg dunes and beach break.


Photo #4. Unidentified surfer splitting the peak at Trigg.


Photo #5. 1967 Unidentified surfer playing with the curl at Trigg.


Photo #6. 1967 Ian ‘Spydor’ Taylor bottom turn at Trigg.


Photo #7. 1967 Howard Johnson trimming near the nose at Trigg.


The next photo was taken pre the construction of car parks between Scarborough and Trigg beaches and shows the old boat shed on the beach at Trigg Point.

Photo #8. 1967 Looking toward Trigg Point from car park at Scarborough Beach.


Photo #9. 1968 Norm Bateman bottom turn at Trigg.


The next photo shows Norm Bateman doing a full rail turn at Trigg on his Greg Laurenson designed V Bottom surfboard. This image appeared in ‘Surf International’ Magazine in 1968.

Photo #10. 1968 Norm Bateman bottom turn at Trigg.


The following image is an extract from my 1968 article on WA Surfboard Design that appeared in Surf International Magazine.

Photo #11. 1968 Greg Wynne with ‘afro’ haircut doing a bottom turn at Trigg.


The next photo shows Jim King doing a bottom turn at Trigg on his Cordingley designed V Bottom surfboard with twin concaves for nose riding. This image appeared in ‘Surf International’ Magazine in 1968.

Photo #12. 1968 Jim King bottom turn at Trigg.


Photo #13. Winter Swells Trigg Beach.


Beauty contests were very popular on metropolitan beaches in the 70s & 80s.

Photo #14. 1980 Beauty contest at Trigg Island.


Photo #15. 1967 Surf Photographer Greg Woodward with his circa 1950 Austin A40 sedan and Malibu surfboard.


Greg is now retired and lives with his wife Anne in Perth.

Click on these links to view Greg’s previous images:-

‘The Dazzling Young Riders’ Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward images #1 Scarborough Beach

The Dazzling Young Riders’ Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward images #2 Cottesloe Beach 

Coming soon ‘The Dazzling Young Riders’ Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward images #4 Metro and Mandurah beaches.


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WA Surf Gallery at Aravina Estate Yallingup

Surfing WA have partnered with Aravina Estate for the first official Western Australian surfing museum, the WA Surf Gallery.

The Surf Gallery located at Aravina Estate Yallingup will be open to the public from Sunday 3 December 2017. It will be open free of charge 7 days a week from 10am-4pm.

Here are photos of some of the team who helped set up the Gallery.

Image #1. Surf Historian Mick Marlin with his vintage surf magazines.

Image #2. Surfboard collector James McGhee with his Blaxell side slipper shaped by Steve Cockburn.

Image #3. Rural bush fire fighter Ian ‘Mitch’ Mitchell with his Cordingley Surfboard shaped by Craig Bettenay.

Image #4. Dynamic duo Sandra Newland and Thea McDonald-Lee

Image #5. Surfing WA CEO Mark Lane on cleaning duties.

Click on this link to view The Weekend West coverage of WA Surf Museum.


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Greg Woodward’s Trigg Point interview with Jim King

1960s surf photographer Greg Woodward’s recently interviewed veteran surfer Jim King and asked about his recollections of Trigg Point.

GregMy memories of Trigg point are fuzzy at best, but I do recollect it was where I took my first surf photos in 1966 [out of focus]. Where I learnt to surf on a leaky missile made of plywood, where I got bogged in the “car park‘’. Where I saw fisherman sitting atop metal tripods on the reef and casting into the surf for their supper.—and in the winter saw big close out swells beating effortlessly upon the beach south of the point.

However, someone who has very good recall and local knowledge of Trigg is Surfing Down South’s own Blog master Mr Jim King. Jim surfed Trigg in the 60s and 70s and had these answers to my questions about the golden years on Perth beaches.

Photo: 2017 Jim King rigged up for winter in the South West. Ric Chan pic.


Greg’s interview with Jim King follows:-


When did you first surf Trigg?

Jim – In the mid 1960s. It was a long drive thru the burbs from Scarborough to Trigg point on an old inland road.


Did you have a car then and what type?

JimI owned a two door Ford Anglia. I don’t remember what year, but do remember it was narrow and unstable….and used to spin out on the City Beach round-out on wet days (-:

Photo: 1967 Jim’s Ford Anglia with Cordingley V Bottom surfboard on the roof. Jim King pic.


What sort of surfboard were you riding?

JimMy Cordingley V bottom board with twin nose riding concaves was a passing fad and wasn’t easy to ride. I much prefer flat / concave bottom surfboards because they go faster and work for me.

Photo: 1968 Jim King bottom turn on V-Bottom board at Trigg. Greg Woodward pic

This image appeared in ‘Surf International’ Magazine in 1968 in an article by Greg Woodward on WA Surf designs.


What sort of wave was at Trigg then?

JimIt was a point break with sand covered reef from January to April each year.


Could you talk a bit more about how the sand moves around the city beaches?

JimNature moves the sand on our beaches .Sometimes groynes and other man-made structures stuff things up. The sand at Trigg Point gets gouged out at the end of summer by north winds and returns the next summer with the return of the afternoon sea breezes.


So what do you think was the best onshore wind for a good swell?

Jim – As mentioned earlier, early sea breezes in early summer, set up the sand at the point. I guess the best swell would be from the west fanned by a north east offshore breeze.  You see, southerly swell / winds push into the reef at Trigg Point and impact on the wave shape, whereas the west swell pushes straight into the line-up and with north east offshore winds it helps waves wrap around the reef and peel into the bay, sand banks permitting!


Was Trigg Point crowded 66-70s?

Jim – Trigg Point is the best wave in the metro area and has been crowded since the coast road from Scarborough to Trigg was built. It was busy from dawn to dusk and we used to share point waves with Trigg Island clubbies and their surfboat. It was not fun having an out of control surfboat careering towards you side-ways in 2-3ft of water. I remember throwing my board away and diving for the bottom hoping the surfboat, oars and bodies would wash over me without contact. Looking back it is amazing no one was killed out there. There has always been the odd squabble out there because of overcrowding.

Photo: 1975 Trigg Island SLSC surfboat (Alan E White) surfing waves during an Ocean Surf Shop surf contest at Trigg Point. Ric Chan pic.


What sort of wave does Trigg have now in 2017?

JimIt’s now too crowded and the wave shape doesn’t seem to be as good. In the old days when sand banks and wind wave conditions were good, two to five waves peeled from the point down the beach for a 50-100 metres ride.


When was the last time you surfed at Trigg Point?

JimHa! I haven’t surfed there since I moved down south permanently over a decade ago.


What was the most memorable surf day you’ve had at Trigg 66-70?

Jim – I remember catching some long fast 3-5 feet walls from the point down to the front of the Surf lifesaving club. I don’t remember any specific day, but do remember one time I was doing a side slip on the wave face and my board swung right around and with momentum I came back down the wave behind a guy behind me… was my only 360deg turn ever. I went straight in to the beach, because I knew I couldn’t top that! Stewart Bettenay was there and saw it happen.

I wish we had a sand point break set up like Trigg down south now!


Another memorable Trigg day was in 1970 when you won the Annual Trigg Point contest. Can you tell us about that event – did you have a strategy?

JimMy preparation for the 6KY Trigg Point contest wasn’t copy book. I was sick in bed for the week before the comp.  I had a quick paddle the day before the event but was hopeless. Then on the day, things just fell into place in the small well shaped waves.

Image: 1970 6KY Trigg Point Contest review by surf journalist Doug White. Courtesy of The Sunday Times.


Image: 1970 Jim’s brother Bruce competing in the 6KY Trigg Point contest. Courtesy of the West Australian.


Image: 1970 Scarborough’s Fred Annesley competing in 6KY Trigg Point Invitational event. Courtesy of the West Australian.


Did you have any more competition success in the 70s?


Jim I had a successful year in 1970. In addition to winning the Trigg contest, I finished 2nd to Rick Lobe in the State Spring Titles and was a finalist in the WA State Titles at Yallingup [and reserve in the State Team]. I also and did well in club competitions and was runner up to Fred Annesley in WA Surfer of the year award.  Similar to Peter ‘’Spook ‘’Bothwell, I stopped surfing competitively in 1970 and then spent my spare time ‘’free –surfing’ down south.


Coming soon The dazzling Young Riders Photo Exhibition – Greg Woodward’s #3 Trigg Beach.



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1971 Deep Purple concert at Beatty Park Aquatic Centre – images by Ric Chan

In 1971 the British hard rock group Deep Purple first visited Australia as part of a ground breaking, sell-out package tour with Free and Manfred Mann, supported by local Santana-inspired Latin-rock band Pirana.

The tour played four states in as many days, breaking all previous attendance records for rock shows in Australia.

The tour played to a capacity crowd for one night in Perth at Beatty Park Aquatic Centre on 6 May 1971 before heading over east.

Deep Purple Line-Up


Photo-Journo Ric Chan was there to capture the action for the Independent Newspaper and surfer/music buff Tom Blaxell was there to enjoy the music.

Tom Blaxell – This was truly an awesome line up for little ole Perth. Deep Purple were of course the big attraction though and they fully outshone the fore runners Free and Manfred Mann.

Images #1 PIRANA – local support band. Ric Chan pics.

Tom Blaxell – Good work Ric. My biggest memory of you was at the Deep Purple gig at Beatty Park. Smoke over the Water, you laying down next to the pool straining to get a water shot and me thinking you were going to fall in knocking some electrical gear in with you and getting electrocuted.

Image #2 DEEP PURPLE – with swimming pool in foreground. Ric Chan pic.

L-R.  Jon Lord keyboard, Ritchie Blackmore guitar, Ian Gillon vocals, Ian Paice drums, Roger Glover bass.

Images #3 DEEP PURPLE – Richie Blackmore guitar. Ric Chan pics.

Image #4 FREE – performing. Ric Chan pic.

Images #5 FREE – Paul Rodgers vocals. Ric Chan pics.

Images #6 FREE – Andy Fraser guitar – Andy started his career at age 15 with John Mayall and The Blues Breakers. Ric Chan pics.

Image #7 MANFRED MANN EARTH BAND – with Manfred on the left on keyboard. Ric Chan pic.

Images #8 MANFRED MANN EARTH BAND – members.  Ric Chan pics

Left: Australian Mick Rogers on vocals and lead guitar with drummer Chris Slade.

Right: Chris Pattendon bass guitar and vocals.

Many thanks to music aficionado Tom Blaxell for identifying the musicians and providing comments on Ric’s concert images.