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1978-82 Oceans Bali Who pro surfing competition held at Trigg

Oceans Surf Shop

Oceans Surf Shop in Perth City sponsored the Bali Who pro surfing competition at Trigg from 1978-82.

In the late 70s Bill Girdwood took over Oceans Surf Shop from Gary Grierson and promoted the annual Bali Who pro surfing comp held at Trigg Point.

Gary Grierson: I got out of Oceans Surf Shop and moved to Margs in 1977-78. Oceans later became Star Surf Shop with the late Dave Kennedy at the helm.

1978 Bali Who pro surfing comp

On 11th March 1978, Waterman’s Bay surfer Shaun Atkinson won the inaugural Bali Who pro surfing comp held in fun waves at Trigg Point. There was a strong field including Damon Eastaugh, Wayne Stevens & Norm Bateman.

Shaun Atkinson – When I won in 78′ I was awarded a trip to Bali, 2 weeks accommodation, plus clothes, board bags leg ropes etc so it was quite substantial.

Independent Newspaper journo/photographer Ric Chan was there to record the action in ’78 contest.

Photos: 1978 Bali Who contest winner Shaun Atkinson surfing Trigg point. Ric Chan pics.

Photos: 1978 Bali Who competitors surfing at Trigg point. Ric Chan pics

Top: Norm Bateman left & right.

Bottom: (Left) Wayne Stevens (Right) unidentified.

Photo: 1978 Bali Who pro surfing comp official & compere Bill Girdwood at Trigg. Ric Chan pic.

Editor: In 1983 Bill Girdwood stepped into the President role for Surfing WA when elected President Adrian Wilson had to withdraw for work reasons.


Photo: 1978 Bali Who contest official Bill Girdwood acknowledging head contest judge Greg ‘Pants’ Laurenson. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1978 Bali Who contest officials & finalists at award presentation on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.

L-R. Bill Girdwood, Wayne Stevens, unidentified, unidentified, Shaun Atkinson, Norm Bateman & Damon Eastaugh.


Photos: 1978 Bali Who finalists receiving awards at Trigg. Ric Chan pic.

Top: (Left) Shaun Atkinson (Right) Damon Eastaugh

Bottom: (Left) Wayne Stevens (Right) unidentified.


Shaun Atkinson: Don’t know why I had to wear budgie smugglers : ) ????

Photo: 1978 Bali Who contest winner Shaun Atkinson receiving his award and acknowledging sponsors. Ric Chan pic.


Photo: 1978 Bali Who pro comp spectators on Trigg Beach. Ric Chan pic.

Spectators include former WASRA President Ken Trainer (1976) applauding in white t-shirt in centre of pic.


1982 Bali Who contest

Shaun Atkinson: When I left for Bali in 78, I travelled overseas for two years through Asia & Europe with very little surfing. I came back & lived in Freo & Northbridge for a couple of years with very little surfing & went to live back down south & got back into surfing. I decided to try & have a go at the Bali Who again…. I won the Bali Who again in 82′ and it was a good time to go to Bali.

You weren’t allowed to re-enter the pro comp for 4 years if you won it. From what I can remember the 82′ comp was the largest of its kind with over 360 competitors. The FM stations were all over it. It was the first competition where you could win significant prizes.

Images: 1982 Bali Who Surf Classic catalogue and Media coverage. Images courtesy of Shaun Atkinson.

Left: (Top) promo for The Bali Who 82 and The Pro Invitational. (Bottom) Prize Lists for Bali Who 82 and Pro Invitational.

Right: Randall Owens Shaun’s off to Bali coverage of 1982 Bali Who contest in his West Coast Tubes column. Image courtesy of Independent Newspaper.

Dunsborough’s Peter ‘Squiz’ Yeomans (age 18) was a finalist in the Bali Who 82 contest.

Peter Yeomans: I rode a Murray Smith 5’9“ twinnie with channels and placed equal 3rd in the final, which was held in onshore conditions. John Shindig and Paul Cunningham were hotties at that time.

Shaun Atkinson: I’m not sure who won the Bali Who pro surfing comp in the intervening years 1979 -81, but I remember a guy by the name of Chris Matters won it one of those years.

Editor: If you know the results of the 1979-81 Bali Who contests, please let us know.

Shaun Atkinson is an artist (painter) and has been exhibiting nationally and internationally since 1975. He has travelled extensively, living abroad both in Europe and Asia. Shaun exhibited his paintings in Bali 2002 & 2004 and produced a catalogue on the Sea Temple show.

Shaun now resides at Margaret River and you can see his art work at Jah Roc Galleries in Margaret River.






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Living in the South West in the 70s & 80s by Julie Favell

Queensland surfer Mark Favell made his first trip to WA with Jeff Carroll and his brother Steve in the early 70s. The lads settled in the South West at Dunsborough.

Julie Wakefield moved from Queensland to WA in 1973. Initially she lived in Scarborough, but only six weeks after arriving, she moved down South where she met and subsequently married Mark Favell.

These are Julie’s 70s & 80s South West recollections and photos….

In the early 70s we lived at Mark’s dad’s place in Beach Road at Dunsborough with Andy Jones. We all worked at the Dunsborough Bakery.

The house is still there, we checked it out when we visited the South West in 2015.

Photo: Early 1970s Mark’s dad’s house in Dunsborough. Julie Favell pic.

L-R Jack Farrell, unknown, Andy Jones, Mark Favell and Kerri.

This photo was taken around early to mid-70s, it was taken in Dunsborough in one of the many other houses we lived in. North Street I think!

Photo: Mid-70s Julie Favell in North St Dunsborough. Julie Favell pic.

We used to work night shift until dawn in the Dunsborough Bakery then Mark, Andy Jones and Neil Juster would go surfing. In the next shot, ‘Granite’ the dog was named after ‘Granites’ surf break at Noosa Queensland.

Photo: 1973-74 Neil Juster & Mark Favell on Yallingup Beach with Granite the dog. Julie Favell pic.

Photo: 1970s Mark Favell surfing solid Yallingup. Julie Favell pic.

Mark is surfing in the slot on the first wave on the left.

Photos: Early 70s Mark Favell surfing Yallingup. Julie Favell pics

Mark had a 1958 VW Beetle, which from memory was a fully imported vehicle from Europe, supposedly as the story went. I think it was purchased off one of the Vidler boys. Photo does not show the larger tyres we used to drive up the dirt track to Three Bears.

Photo: Mark’s 1958 VW Beetle at Eagle bay. Julie Favell pic.

Photos: 1970s Mark Favell surfing Three Bears. Julie Favell pics.

Photos: 1970s Three Bears surfing pics. Julie Favell pics.

Top left: Peter Wallace. Other surfers unidentified.

Bottom left: small day Bears Bombie with Cape Clairault (Injidup point) in the back ground.

Photo: mid 70s Mark Favell surfing Injidup Car Park. Julie Favell pic.

This surfing shot of Mark is labelled Rocky Point, but it was actually the Farm.

Photo: mid 70s Mark Favell surfing the Farm at Bunker bay. Julie Favell pic.

Photo: 1970s dammed creek behind The Farm surf break at Bunkers Bay. Julie Favell pic.

In the late 70s we managed a property at Eagle Bay on 40 acres which now is an estate. The old house we lived in was up a bit on the hill, with three cottages on the water’s edge, no electricity, kero fridges, kero lamps, wood stove.

Photo: Late 70s our house and Mark’s VW beetle at Eagle Bay. Julie Favell pic.

Photos: Late 70s Views from our house a bit up the hill at Eagle Bay. Julie Favell pics.

Left: view over Geo Bay from our house verandah.

Right: bush walk from our house down to cottages at Eagle Bay.

Photo: Late 1970s one of the cottages at Eagle Bay and Southey the dog. Julie Favell pic.

Jerry and Claire Guinness owned and managed Dunsborough Store/Post Office. Claire also did a Newsletter for Dunsborough for many years. Jerry was a Councillor for Busselton Shire. Mark & I worked for them in the store, on their Eagle Bay property and their farm on Commonage Road.

Photos: Late 70s Guinness property on the hill at Eagle Bay. Julie Favell pic.

Left: view of the only house on the beach at Eagle Bay and Jerry & Claire Guinness’s new home on the hill to the right.

Right: view over Eagle Bay from Guinness property on the hill.

This photo shows Mark with Andrew Jones and his new Ducati motor bike. I think from memory, Andrew had at least two bikes (both Ducati’s) during that period.

Photo: Late 70s Mark Favell and Andrew Jones with his new toy on the Guinness farm Commonage Road Dunsborough. Julie Favell pic.

In the late 70s Mark and I worked at the Dunsborough Bakery and Caves House Hotel.

Goog was still alive then and he was the owner of Caves House. Well it was two brothers, but we never meet the other brother, as he had passed away before I started working there. Caves pub was managed by Wendy & then Em.

I remember at the same time we had offered to purchase the Bakery in Forrestfield from Colin White. Em was going to retire. Not sure how many knew this, but Em approached me to manage Caves House, I was honoured to have been asked, love that place. Sadly I had to decline as we had already agreed to purchase Forrestfield Bakery.

It was a shock to me when visiting Caves House in 2015. The road no longer goes around Caves House anymore, plus all the other additions. Inside the pub was two separate rooms, main bar and lounge, both had separate external entries.

We use to love listening to Nancy and Vance Burrow’s band with lead vocals by Gina Pannone at Caves Hotel sessions.

Circa 1980 Mark & I built a house, which I designed in Chester Way, Dunsborough. It is still there today. This photo was taken in 2015 when I finally got back to visit the SW after all those years.

Photo: 2015 the house Julie designed and built (circa 1980) Chester Way Dunsborough. Julie Favel pic.

Circa 1984 we lived at Smiths Beach on top of hill in a double A frame house which is still there, I checked it out last trip to the SW. It was then owned by Colin and Marion White which was another property we looked after, as Colin and Marion sold Dunsborough Bakery and moved up to Forrestfield as they purchased another Bakery, which eventually Colin sold to us and Dave Dwyer.

Claire Guinness has since passed away, Jerry last I heard, when he dropped in a few years ago was living at Tea Gardens, NSW. Colin White has passed away. Marks Dad is still with us and now lives in England. Mark has one brother Ray lives in Queensland. Marks mother passed away a few years ago (lived in Queensland).

Mark passed away on 5 November 2006. A ceremony (Jeff Carroll did the ceremony) was held at his other favourite beach Mudjimba Beach on the Sunshine Coast and his ashes spread over the ocean by our two sons Adam and Connor. They were joined by many friends forming the traditional surfing circle, equally we sent some ashes to WA where Mark’s Dad John Favell, Andy Jones and a SW crew spread his ashes at Yalls, with an ending note “Eternally surfing East to West”.

Mark and I have two sons. Adam was born in 1983 Busselton Hospital and Connor born in 1990 Nambour Hospital. Adam now lives in Lithgow NSW and Connor did until 2 years ago, but now lives in Scarborough WA.

Photo: Dec 2016 Julie & Mark’s sons Adam & Connor Favell.

Currently I am living just on western edge of Blue Mountains at Lithgow in NSW. I have lived there for 15 years with my husband Chris. We are both involved in the Lithgow Environment Group which was started by us and a few others concerned for the natural areas and coal mining here. The Group had its 10 year anniversary last year.





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Some memories of early Three Bears by Errol Considine

It must have been late 1971 or early 1972 my surfing buddy Peter Bevan found out about Three Bears – from memory, either George Simpson told him, or maybe the word had come from Tom Hoye who was working at Blaxell’s in Osborne Park…and we had all just ordered our first Hoye boards – down rails, chamfered nose, raked single fin…stoked!

Up until I read the recent Surfing Down South article about when George Simpson, Mick Gracie and Mark Rudenberg had found Bear in August ’71, I’d always been under the impression that we first rode the fabled break only a few weeks after the boys had first discovered it ….but it now seems apparently that was not the case!

Most weekends Peter Bevan, Chuck Morton-Stewart and I would drive down south on Friday night, camp on the grass at Yallingup with sleeping bags and air mattresses, surf all day if we could, and hit the pub on Saturday night ….and then surf again next day before driving home Sunday night, stuffed (and broke)!

We had gone to Hale School together and all landed jobs as cadets at WA Newspapers – Chuck (West Australian) and me (Daily News) as journos, and Peter as a press artist, covering both papers.

After we heard about this new spot called “Three Bears”, on our next weekend trip south we headed straight for Sugarloaf Rock on Saturday morning; parked PB’s Holden panel van; and headed back towards Yallingup cutting through the sharp coastal scrub on the sand dunes ridge line along the clifftops. I remember it was summer  – hot (boardies only – no wetties), offshore (ENE) and bugger all swell at Yalls … perfect conditions for Bears, as we were soon to find out.

The trek on the cliff ridgeline was an absolute killer. As anybody who experienced it back then would recall, the flies were in plague proportions. You had to walk with towels over your head…despite this, you usually still managed to swallow one or two of the little buggers along the way!  The back of the guy walking in front of you was just black – blanketed in bushflies!

I also recall seeing a few dugites across the narrow clifftop pathway, which called for some quick evasive footwork!!

We couldn’t believe it when we got there, how epic it was. What an adventure we all shared back then as surf secrets of the Capes coast slowly opened up and provided us with all its treasures.

That first day, it stayed offshore and we surfed until we couldn’t paddle anymore.

We then had to make that gruelling walk back ….and as Stewart Bettenay recounted in his Bears’ memories – we didn’t take any food or water….young, strong, fit and…stupid!

Slaked, sunburnt, stuffed and stoked!

When we finally staggered back to the car, it was then a cannonball run back to Dunsborough Bakery where we almost scoffed down a pile of pies and cakes, and just about swallowed whole some cans of cold Coke….with our hunger and thirst slaked we were sunburnt, stuffed and stoked.

From memory, that first summer we pretty much only rode the left at Momma’s and occasionally drifted across to catch a few rights at Babys’.

Later came the trips to Bears flogging and pushing Tom Blaxell’s panel van, or a mate’s VW Beetle, up the really steep sand hill at the back of Rabbit’s to get there ….very few people had 4WDs back then.

And later, the new track opened up through the fields (off the Yallingup-Dunsborough road) and through the bush, with a few farmers’ gates to open and shut along the way.

On one of our next trips south on that first Bears’ summer – it might have even been the very next weekend after that first trek – we took along photographer Ian Ferguson who had also been at school with us, and surfed for a while, and was a cadet snapper at WA Newspapers…the photo taken by Ian shows me on my new Blaxell Hoye surfboard at small, clean Bears.

Photo: 1971-72 Errol surfing his new Blaxell Hoye surfboard at Bears. Ian Ferguson pic.

All these years later, I can’t count the number of great sessions we’ve had at Bears since early 1970s.

These days, having done quite a bit of travelling around the world, I can now also more fully appreciate how absolutely bloody awesome and amazing that Cape Naturaliste end of the coast is – especially the stunning stretch of beach with its three distinct breaks.

We were all so lucky to get it with just us and our mates back in those earlier times. But I still get the huge buzz of excitement when driving over the hill and seeing the incoming Indian Ocean swell lines ….although those visits are now unfortunately few and far between.



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1970s Blackie the dog by Ian ‘Prive’ Morris

In the mid 70’s I was working as a brickie with Peter ‘Mac’ McDonald and Darren ‘Buggsy’ Edwards at Yallingup. Buggsy now trains Police in self-defence!

Photo: 1975 Prive’s bricklaying team and others on Peter Dyson’s property at Northcliffe. Peter Mac pic.

L-R Chris ‘Greeny’ Green, Hans Kopp, Ian ‘Prive’ Morris, Daryl ‘Buggsy’ Edwards and Peter Mac.

We were building John ‘Dandaragan’ Robinson’s house on Wardenup Crescent and a stray dog found our brick laying team. We called him Blackie cos’ he was black.

We used to throw bricks into trees and Blackie would climb the tree – amazing like – it’s a rare dog that climbs trees – and bring the brick back down. Blackie entertained us during smokos…and brickies need entertainment!

Photo: Mid 1970s Yalls Blackie the dog fetching a brick in a tree.  Prive pic.

On a weekend trip, Bruce King, Sharon ‘Shaz’ Day (now Barratt), Steve ‘Blue’ Nicholson, Mark Rudenberg & I drove to Perth in my blue HR panel van (shagging wagon). Blackie came for the drive and entertained us on the trip.

We drove on South West Highway and had a beer / middy at every pub en route. We also decided to souvenir a glass or ash tray at every venue. By the time we got to Perth we were pissed. We ended up at the White Sands pub in Scarborough and souvenired small liqueur bottles from the bottle department. We then proceeded to drink more at the Sunday Session.

Photo: 1972 Sharon Day & Blue Nicholson leaning on Prive’s blue panel van at Yallingup. Prive pic

Blackie & I separated when I travelled overseas with Graham ‘Guru’ Lesley. From there-on Bob Monkman took on Blackie.

Photo: 1975 Guru with original family at Komala Indah Losmens in Bali. Prive pic.

Apparently after a few months, Blackie found another owner and left Bobbo.

Blackie chose his owners, reminiscent of the famous Red Dog up north.

We used to have a lot of fun with that dog, back when we were bricklayers!


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1976 Ian ‘Kanga’ Cairns & Tony Hardy surfing North Point – Ric Chan images

Surf photographer Ric Chan captured these images of WA’s finest surfers of the 70s Ian ‘Kanga’ Cairns and Tony Hardy charging solid waves at North Point in 1976.

Both Kanga & Tony won WA State Surfing Titles and were finalists at the National level.

Ian went to Hawaii and in December 1973 and won the Smirnoff Pro event at Sunset Beach from Hawaiian Jeff Hakman. He won other big events in the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship in 1975 and World Cup events in 1976 and 1980. Source: Wikipedia.

Photo: 1976 Ian Cairns #1


Photo: 1976 Ian Cairns #2


Photo: 1976 Ian Cairns #3


Photo: 1976 Ian Cairns #4


Photo: 1976 Ian Cairns #5


Photo: 1976 Ian Cairns #6


Photo: 1976 Tony Hardy #1


Photo: 1976 Tony Hardy #2


Photo: 1976 Tony Hardy #3


Photo: 1976 Tony Hardy #4


Photo: 1976 Tony Hardy #5


Photo: 1976 Tony Hardy #6