Interclub comps make a comeback in ’71 by Errol Considine

In December 1971 West End Board Club, led by Peter Bevan, put together a bid to revive the prestigious annual Interclub competition, which had previously been a celebrated annual feature event.

The Interclub had fallen away with the demise of original WA Surfriders’ Association (WASRA) affiliated clubs like Scarborough, North End, Cottesloe and Yallingup …and then the short-lived second generation clubs like North Coast.

A new wave of clubs saw West End spring up, and then a new bunch of young guys revived Cottesloe club.

Dolphins was a club based in Scarborough/Trigg/North Beach and had survived and kicked on from the early days.

The trio of clubs combined to field teams for the 1971 Interclub event.

Peter Bevan lined up the sponsors, did the artwork for a program/brochure, and got the printing done cheaply through his contacts as a graphic designer. He was working as a Press artist at WA Newspapers but had started doing some private design and print jobs – and would leave The West the following year and start up his own design and advertising agency.

Images: 1971 Interclub competition Sponsors. Errol Considine image.

I wrote the copy for the Interclub program and lined up the newspaper coverage in the sports pages of the Weekend News (published in Saturday in Perth) and Sunday Times.

I wrote in the Interclub program/brochure, in part:

“Surfboard design has gone through many radical changes…along with these changes has come the demise of both our local club and competition scene.

“Clubs that were once rich and strong have since dissolved or gone into a dormant state of non-activity and new clubs have sprung up…

“The 1971 STW 9 club championship is an attempt to rejuvenate the competition scene and revitalise the role of clubs in our scene…”

Image: 1971 Interclub competition Brochure. Errol Considine image.

West End Board Club also staged a BBQ with drinks and a rock band on Jim House’s farm near Yallingup, which was on the opposite side of Caves Road near what is now Cullens Wines and a brewery. The show was a ripper and ran like clockwork ….except for the small but important facet of our fairly amateurish security which meant there were heaps of gate crashers who didn’t pay the $1 entrance fee – we lost money on the gig!

Image: 1971 Interclub competition Program listing Prizes, Show, The Contest, riders and judges. Errol Considine image.

Image: 1971 Interclub Contest Rules. Image extracted from Contest Program.

Image: 1971 Interclub contest Riders and Judges. Image extracted from Contest Program.

I have kept these press clippings in my scrap book because I wrote and phoned in the stories to the “Weekend News” and “Sunday Times”…… email back then, had to go up to the Yalls servo shop and use the pay phone box to dictate the text …

Image: 1971 Errol’s Day #1 contest review in Weekend News. Image courtesy Errol Considine.

The waves at Yallingup were pretty crappy, but Cottesloe blitzed the point’s board. They had a super team with great surfers like Ricky Lobe, Ian and Bruce Hocking, Barry Day, Mark and Paul O’Callaghan, Al Fixter, Wes Bable, Peter ‘Rinso’ Wise, Ian Mitchell and Phil Taylor. Most of whom featured strongly in State titles.

Image: 1971 Interclub competition results courtesy of The Sunday Times.

Somehow Tony Hardy was in the Cottesloe Club too – even though he spent just about every weekend surfing down south and didn’t get into the water that often in Perth. And Tony was shaping at Blaxell Surfboards and his boss Tom Blaxell was a Dolphins man – dunno how that happened?!

Image: 1971 Blaxell Surfboards advt featuring Peter Bevan surfing and shapers Tony Hardy and Tom Hoye. Errol Considine image.

As a postscript to the event, Peter Bevan was named as WASRA’s ‘Surfer of the Year’ in recognition of his “contribution to the sport” led by his prominent role in making the 1971 Interclub happen.

WASRA President Dr Ron Naylor said Peter had contributed greatly to a change of public attitude to the sport which had been “long overdue”. This included getting high profile sponsors like Channel 9 on board for the Interclub.

The Surfer of the Year was pretty prestigious. Fred Annesley won the inaugural award in 1969, followed by Ian Cairns the following year.

Image: 1971 Peter Bevan named WA Surfer of Year in Daily News article by Errol Considine. Image courtesy of Errol Considine.

Despite all the hard work put into the ’71 event, it was a one-off and the Interclub fell away again after that as a headliner on the WASRA competitions calendar.





1976 Spring Surfing Titles held at Injidup

The 1976 WA Spring Surfing Titles were held in good waves at Injidup Car Park. Surf photographer Ric Chan was there to capture the action in and out of the water.

Please let us know if you can identify any of the competitors….Ric took the pics but 4 decades on, he can’t remember!

Photo: 1976 Injidup Spring Titles.

Left: Wave line-up & spectators. Right: the late Steve Fordham with cheer squad.


Photo: 1976 Injidup Spring Titles unidentified competitor.


Photo: 1976 Injidup Spring Titles unidentified spectators on the hill.


Photos: 1976 Injidup Spring Titles unidentified competitors.


Photo: 1976 Injidup Spring Titles unidentified spectators in car park.


Photos: 1976 Injidup Spring Titles unidentified competitors.


Photo: 1976 Injidup Spring Titles Peter Bevan & unidentified.


Photos: 1976 Injidup Spring Titles Peter Bevan surfing the left.


Photo: 1976 Injidup Spring Titles spectators on the hill including Terry Jacks & Hume Heatley (left) and Norm Bateman (centre with long hair & beard).


Photos: 1976 Injidup Spring Titles unidentified competitors.




Ric Chan has left the building.

Veteran NZ surf photographer Ric Chan has ended his whirlwind WA tour and flown back to NZ.

Before he left WA, former Surfboard Manufacturer Tom Blaxell roped the Chinaman into a night out at the Universal Bar in Northbridge with some old surfing mates.

A good time was had by all, apparently.

Tom Blaxell: ”Ric is good company anytime, and for a septuagenarian very youthful, adventurous and outgoing . Quite inspiring really.”

Photo: Ric and the boys at the Universal Bar. L-R Paul Cotton, Tom Blaxell, Ric Chan, Jock Campbell & Peter Bevan. Photo courtesy of the German barmaid!

2015 Ric Chan at the Universal Bar Northbridge with Paul Cotton, Tom Blaxell, Jock Cambell & Peter Bevan - T Blaxell1


1960-70s Trainer Bros

Scarborough brothers Ken & Brian Trainer were members of the Scarborough Board Club in the 60-70s.  Their father Percy Trainer was the inaugural President of WASRA from 1962-64. Ken Trainer also held the position of WASRA President in 1976. Both Percy and Ken have been awarded life membership of Surfing WA for services to surfing. Refer Surfing WA Celebrating 50 Years book for more details.

The Trainer family made their first trip to the South West in 1958 (Brian was aged 10). They stayed at Yallingup in Surf Side Store accommodation built by the Hammond family. The brothers spent a lot of their youth chasing waves in the South West. South Point at Cowaramup Bay was Ken’s favourite surf spot.

Photos: 1966-70 photo compilation of younger brother Brian. Top (left) 1966 Brian & Percy Trainer at Scarborough – Brian Trainer pic. Top (right) 1969 Brian with new Midget Farrelly stringer-less surfboard at South Point – Brian Trainer pic. Bottom (left) 1969 Brian at Geraldton – Brian Trainer pic. Bottom (right) 1970 Yalls State Titles L-R Neil Sadlier, Brian & Gavin McCaughey – Ric Chan pic.

1966-70 Brian Trainer compliation #1

Photos: 1977-78 photo compilation of older brother Ken officiating at WASRA functions. Top (left) 1977 Ken at Hang 10/WASRA School Surfing Championships held at Trigg- Ric Chan pic, Top (right) 1978 Ken at Aust Surfing Titles held at South Point – Ric Chan, Bottom (left) 1978 WASRA Awards Night L-R Peter Dyson, Ken Trainer, Mike McAliffe & John Shanahan – Ric Chan pic, Bottom (right) 1978 WASRA Awards Night L-R Peter Bevan & Ken – Ric Chan pic

1977-78 Ken Trainer compilation #1



1970s Spectators, Judges & Competitors at State Surfing Titles held Margaret River.

Surf Photographer/Journalist Ric Chan captured these images of spectators, judges & competitors at State Surfing Titles held at Margaret River during the 1970s.

1. Spectators

Spectators watching the 1973 State Surfing Titles held at Margaret River’s Main Break. L-R Doug White (journalist), Linda Wright, Colin Ladhams, Pat Cairns, Barry Day & Guy Quackenbush (State body boarder). Photo credit Ric Chan.

1973 Marg River State Titles L-R Doug White, Linda Wright, unknown, Pat Cairns, Barry Day & unknown - Ric Chan img888A

2. Judges

Contest judges & assistants officiating at the 1972 State Surfing Titles held at Margaret River. L-R Kaye & Bill Gibson, Colin Ladhams, Peter Bevan, Judy (Shaun Atkinson’s girl friend) and Murray Smith in front.  Photo credit Ric Chan .

1972 MR State Titles Bill & Kaye Gibson, Col Ladhams, P Bevan, unknown,  M Smith front - Ric Chan img252

3. Competitors

1977 State Titles at Margaret River. (Top pic) Competitors keenly watching the action in the water at Margaret River. Includes Sam Sadleir, Bill Oddy with binoculars, Colin Earle & Greg Laurenson in front. Others unidentified. (Bottom pic) The action in the water, unidentified girls frolicking in the shallows. Photo credits Ric Chan

1977 Marg River State Titles compilation #1